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First of all let me tell you what you will learn in this blog. In this blog, I will tell you about the solutions of network problem in any smart phone and will also tell what are the problems related to the network and what are their solutions.

First of all, we know which smartphones fall in the China Mobile category. So see friends, 90% of all phones come in China Mobile category. Because the phones of almost all the companies are made in China only. Even if it is not Apple. The assembly of all phones is done in China only. So today in this blog we will know about network solution in almost all smartphones.

How does the network section work?

Any smartphone has a network IC. After the network IC, the PFO IC is installed. The network IC gets power from the power IC and the PFO IC gets power from the network IC. The supply from the PFO IC goes through some components to the antenna switch. And there is a wire attached to the antenna switch. The other part of that wire is attached to the charging card. There are some components on the charging card. Where the wire is attached. From there, the network PINS are made on top of the charging card through those components. The network supply goes over those pins. Those pins are connected with the body. from which the network comes.

Network problem in any smart phone is hardware or software . How can this be detected ? 

See network problem in any smartphone to check whether the problem is hardware or software. So for that you have to first go to the dial pad inside the phone, after going to the dial pad, you have to dial there star *#06# and after that you have to see that the IMEI NO of the phone there. The number is showing or not. 

There you will see two IMEI numbers. You have to check whether both the IMEI numbers are different or not. If they are different then it is correct. And if they are coming exactly the same then there is a software problem and if those IMEI numbers are exactly zero, then there is a software problem and if it is not there, then there is IMEI number in proper digits. And both the IMEI numbers are different. So after that go to the next step.

After that you have to go to Settings and go to Network Options. There you have to do a manual search and see whether the networks of different companies are being searched in the phone or not. And if it is happening, how many are happening? If there are less operator searches, then the problem is with the hardware, and the IC in the hardware is correct and there is a problem of supply.

We will learn to repair that too and if there are no network shows at all or tower shows of any company are not happening at all. Then there may be an IC problem. He also has to open the phone and check it. But you can have an idea what error is coming there. According to that, you can tell the customer the money, or you can get help in repairing the phone.

See, if the problem is with the software, then to solve it, first of all go to the settings and reset the network setting and see if the problem is solved by this. If not, then you flash the phone again, meaning the complete software inside the phone. Get it installed again.

Keep in mind that doing this will erase the data of your phone. So make a backup first. Because later there is no data left and after doing a full reset of the phone, all these solutions solve the network problem. If not, then hardware check will have to be done.

How to fix network problem in hardware

See, to fix the network problem in hardware, first of all we have to open the phone. After that we have to see if charging is detected inside this phone or not. Charging is not detected inside some phones.

In them the network section is inside the motherboard itself. If the charging card is attached separately. So you have to check the network wire first. Whether the network wire is attached to the motherboard properly above the charging card. If it is not installed then install it properly and check the network. After that, you have to take out the network wire and check the continuity of the wire by keeping the multimeter on continuity mode. whether the continuum from one end to the other is true or not. If the continuity is not correct then change that wire.

To check the wire, we have to check the center point of the wire with a multimeter. The center point is to be checked at both the ends. Do not check the outside point. If continuity is coming then that is correct. After that, all the components you have installed around the antenna switch above the mother board. Have a look at them with a tweezer. And turn on the phone and check the network. On which component the network is coming after attaching the tweezer.

If the network comes after attaching a tweezer to any component, then from there we have to repair the supply and if the supply cannot be repaired, then from there the jumper wire has to be installed directly on the charging card. Or the jumper wire has to be installed from where the supply is missing. This will solve the network problem and if the network is coming down in a phone then that problem also gets solved by this.

If a network wire gets cracked, how is it repaired ?

See if the network wire cracks or breaks. So first of all you try to change the network wire. If by chance you do not have a network wire, then you can also put a jumper wire there. To install the jumper wire, you have to put the jumper wire at the point between the antenna switch. And on the other hand, the jumper wire has to be installed at the point between the antenna switch itself. If the network wire is broken from one side and it is fine from the other side, then that side is fine.

It has to be put on one side and you have to peel that wire from the other side and after peeling, take out the center wire. The wire which will be in the side has to be ignored and the one that will come out at the center point has to be rubbed and paste on it, put the shoulder on it and a jumper wire has to be put there.

That jumper wire is to be attached to the point between the antenna switch. The print on which the supply will be coming out from the middle point. There the jumper wire has to be attached, this will bring the network.

If the network IC in a smartphone is damaged, then how can it be repaired?

See, to repair network IC, first of all you have to check whether the network IC is bad or not. After confirming completely, the network IC has to be repaired. First of all, apply a good quality paste on your PFO IC and hit it lightly. When you hit the IC, do not move the IC.

Only heat (Hot Eve) has to be applied, after applying the hit, the network has to be checked. If the network comes, then it is fine. Otherwise the power IC has to be checked. Meaning the network IC has to be checked. You have to see once by applying heat on the network IC also. If it doesn’t work, the IC will have to be changed. The network IC can also be removed and installed from any other phone. But the condition is that its number should be SAME.

If the number of the IC will be the same then only you can put the network IC of the phone in your phone on any other side. To install the IC, the old IC has to be REBOLL first. You have to apply IC only after re-balling. After changing the IC, the problem will be solved. If still not, then the main power IC in the motherboard has to be changed. Because the network IC gets power from the main power IC only. Due to which many times the power IC also gets damaged.

But while changing the power IC, the phone may also be dead. So you have to give the risk to the customer first. Because in this process the phones get dated many times. And it doesn’t run again.

If a network problem occurs after changing the charging card, how can it be repaired?

If there is a network problem after changing the charging card, then you will have to supply direct supply from the antenna switch. Or you will have to remove the components from the old charging card and put it on the new charging card or you can solve the problem by installing a jumper wire.

How to install jumper wire?

With the help of a multimeter, you have to check the supply of the point in the middle of the antenna switch by putting it on continuity mode. After checking the point at which the supply will be coming. The network leaves are mounted on top of the charging card by placing a jumper wire at that point. The leaf on which the main supply will be coming.

A jumper has to be put there. This will eliminate the role of the middle components. And the supply will be direct. This will fix the network.