Mobile Secret Codes | All most advanced secret codes | Android Hidden Codes And Hacks

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*#0*# – With this code you can check the touch of the phone, this code works only in Samsung phones, with this code you can check the touch of the phone, check the front camera, back You can check the camera, Check both the bottom buttons, Check the proximity sensor, Check the speaker, Check the receiver, Check the light dimming of the display, Check vibration, Display You can check the color of the phone and check all types of sensors, you will need this code when you go to buy a second hand phone, then with this code you can check the whole phone internally.

*#*#4636#*#* -Display information about Phone, Battery and Usage statistics You can find out about it.

*#*#7780#*#* -Resting your phone to factory state-Only deletes application data and applications- With this code you can reset the phone, it will not reset the whole phone, only the phone’s settings will be reset, the data will not reset This code works on most Samsung small keypad phones. This is useful when suppose your phone is locked but the phone is running then when you reset in chatting then you have to enter the code there but this With the help of the code, you can set the directory without entering the code of the phone, with the help of your dial pad.

  • XIAOMI – *#*#64663#*#*
  • SAMSUNG – *#0*#
  • OPPO – *#808#
  • VIVO – *#558#
  • ONE PLUS – *#808*#

*#06# -for all mobiles — for showing imei number.. with this code you can find imei number of any phone.

*2767*3855# -It’s a complete wiping of your mobile also it reinstalls the phones firmware ..This code will reset the whole phone and will still install again.

Secret h.ack 1: Whenever you do software for a phone, with the help of your laptop or PC, then when you give the file in the flash tool and the phone has to be connected, then how to connect the phone there Some important things to do is that if the phone is your media tech, then you do not have to press any button there, just remove the battery and re-insert it and connect the USB cable, the software of the phone will be done.

If your phone is connected with spreadtrum ic then to do software in that phone you have to connect usb by pressing volume plus or volume – after that the software of the phone will be there.

If your phone is connected with qualcom ic then you have to connect usb by pressing both volume plus and volume – buttons together this will put your phone in EDL mode and software of the phone.

Secret h.ack 2,If you have to factory reset any phone, then you have to switch off that phone and after that just press and hold the volume plus and after that you have to turn on the phone as soon as the phone logo appears, you have to press the volume plus You have to keep and release the power button, after some time there will be an Android car logo and you will get the option A to reset, keep in mind that touch does not work in these options, you have to operate this button with the volume button only. In many phones, this function works with the back button, home button and reset button. Press and hold one button and the power button at the same time, the phone will restart and as soon as it vibrates, for restart, just like you did by pressing polyplus and power again, let go of powerWill come again with factory reset.

FRP : What is the meaning of FRP FRP means that when the Gmail ID is installed in the phone, then we reset the phone, then when you turn on the phone, the option of Gmail ID will come there until you get the old Gmail. If you do not enter the ID, the phone will not turn on, it means that the phone has FRP installed, to remove it, we have to go to the company or there are some third party softwares from the market, with the help of them we can remove the FRP or we ourselves If we remember the old Gmail ID, then along with the Gmail ID, we should also remember its password when you enter the Gmail ID and password in it, your phone will be on.