How to fix if your phone becomes full short || How to fix phone when it is full short

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Today in this blog you will learn that if the mobile phone has become short then how to fix it, whether the phone is of any company, whether it is android or apple. You can easily find the place of short or remove the shorting.

reason of shorting

First we will know why mobile SHORT happens and what is its reason and in which position shorting can happen. We can remove it very easily, we will learn this in full detail. So first we learn what is shorting and how to check whether there is shorting inside the phone or not. Learn about it and this information is very important for you.

After reading this blog, you can remove the shorting in a pinch.

In this your phone will not be damaged and it will not waste much time. Where is the shorting in the mobile, shorting in any component or shorting in any IC, wherever there is shorting, you can find it in 1 minute.

Information about mother board

So let us learn the easiest trick to repair short phone. How does the power flow from the battery connector to the power ic. It is very easy. You don’t have to panic. The battery connector has three pins, two pins are mains, one is +ve and one is -ve. Voltage is supplied inside the board through -ve and +ve, the rest of the pins, which we call BSI pins, work to deliver the information of the battery to the processor. The information of charging from BSI point goes to the motherboard.

The current goes from 3.7 to 4.4 volts directly into the plus point. There is always 0 voltage at the minus point. Whatever voltage it is, it is at the plus of the battery connector. If you put the wire of multimeter on BSI and minus then no voltage will come and when you put my meter wire on – and plus then voltage will come.

There are two components attached to the plus line of the battery connector. Both the components are in parallel condition. One of these is a capacitor and one is a diode. Both of these have one end connected to the plus and one end to the minus and the plus supply may also have a fuse in series, which has a LOW value. There may also be a coil in the series. Friends, if there is a problem of shorting in a phone, then it is only because of the parallel component. Never happens because of the series component. So you have to check only the parallel component.

Shorting means the addition of plus and minus.

How to find

When a component becomes short, the battery voltage is not able to go beyond that component and in that condition the phone becomes dead. Any component, whether it is a capacitor or a diode, in the parallel, if it gets shorted So in that condition the phone shows shorting. If any component of the series goes bad then the phone never shorts out.

When you put the multimeter wire on the plus and minus side of the batting network, if no value is coming in both the sides, then it means that some component of the series is burnt. And if there is a beep sound when the multimeter wire is connected to the plus and minus side of the battery connector, then some component of the parallel is damaged.

The reason for shorting can be somewhere near the battery connector, because the plus of the battery connector is supplied to many ICs such as Light IC, Network IC, Bluetooth IC, Power IC, Charging IC, EMMC IC, CPU network, SIM tray, all these are supplied with battery, so if there is shorting around the battery connector that is fine but now how do we know that there is shorting. Where because if there is a shorting in any component, then the battery will show shorting on the connector, then in this condition if we remove all the components one by one then it will become very difficult for us. So today we will understand a simple way for this.

So how can you repair it very easily, in this blog we will learn that.

There are some such ICs in the mother board which are directly supplied 5 volts. Such as Light IC, Network IC, Bluetooth IC, Charging IC and Power IC, when the voltage goes through the power IC to what it is, then it becomes less than 5 volts. Like SIM tray, CPU, eMMC, network, the voltage that reaches them is reached through power IC.

Like the voltage we give from the battery connector first comes to the power IC, the voltage from the power IC goes to the power switch. When we turn the switch ON, the power IC sends voltage to different sections. In this, the primary voltage that comes from the battery connector to the power IC, we will call it the primary voltage and the power that goes beyond the IC to the rest of the IC, we will call it secondary voltage.

Two reasons of shorting

So friends, there are two reasons for being SHORTING, the first reason is for component SHORTING and the second reason can be power IC or any IC primary voltage can also be bad. So in this condition also SHORTING takes place.

To find out whether IC is SHORT or component SHORT then it is almost impossible to find out with multimeter we can say that very difficult. To solve this we will give some voltage to the plus point of the battery connector. That voltage can range from 2 VOLT to 3 VOLT.

Can we remove shorting by dc machine

We can also give this voltage from a DC machine, but the ampere of a DC machine ranges from 1 ampere to 2 ampere. Now when we give voltage to it, the voltage will go directly to the place where the SHORTING will take place. The rest won’t go anywhere. There it will go straight and pass from the ground.

We can supply up to three or four VOLTs from a DC machine. If we give more than this then IC of our phone can also burn. When we pass 3 volt current through battery connector and what is our dc machine it is 1 amp or 2 amp. Suppose our DC machine is of 2 amps, then when we pass 3 volt supply then 3VOLT * 2AMP = 6WATT.

To extract SHORTING, we need a machine of more ampere, so for this a new machine has come in the market, which we call SHORT KILLER and whose power is 20 ampere and its voltage is 5 volt tuck. Here we do not have to take more voltage, we have to take maximum 3 volts. We can also take 4 volts in it. But do not take above 4 volts if we take above 4 volts then our phone will burn. In this VOLTAGE will take 3VOLT and take 3 amps, then here when we will get 3V * 20AMP ​​= further output 60 WATT.

60 WATT can easily burn any component. When we will use SHORT KILLER. So the component will burn in 5 to 10 seconds. Then whether it is in any line, whether it is in the network line, whether it is in the component of the light IC, wherever it is, the component will automatically burn and the SHORTING will go out.

If any component does not result in shorting then :

If by chance no component is damaged then direct current will go inside the IC. The IC which is bad, it will not burn only HEAT. If any component is not burning, then we have to try different ICs by hand, which IC is getting hot, there is SHORTING in it, then if we replace that IC then our SHORTING will be removed.

If you do not have a short killer, then you can also make a short killer. HOW?

how to make short killer

To make SHORT KILLER, you will need two batteries which are 3 to 4 VOLT and 5 AMP. When you keep both the batteries, then both their pluses have to be connected together and the minuses have to be connected together. When you connect the plus and minus of both, then we have to take one WIRE from plus and one wire from -VE.

How does short killer work?

So here there is a VOLTAGE SAME which will be 3 to 4 VOLT and the ampere which is 5 AMP and 5 to 10 amp will become our SHORT KILLER. As soon as we put plus and minus on the battery connector, then if the component is SHORT then the component will burn. Otherwise, if the IC is hot, then we will also know about the IC, if any such SHORT happens.