Download MOD APK Premium Apps for Android- Free

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 24 total views 1. VPNhub MOD APK VPNhub app is used to change the IP address in your Android phone. 2. VivaVideo PRO MOD APK VivaVideo app is used to edit video. 3. TubeMate TubeMate app is used to download YouTube videos. TubeMate app is used to download MP3 music from YouTube videos 4. Truecaller With … Read more

What is 11d Tempered Glass | 11d ,9d ,6d- 9H

What is 11d tempered glass

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 52 total views See friends, you must have bought a cheap phone and sometimes an expensive phone, then whenever you have bought a phone, you must have got tempered glass installed on it. When you go to a shop to get tempered glass installed, you are shown many types of tempered glasses there and there you … Read more

Mobile Phone Repairing Tips, tutorial

mobile repairing tips,

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 162 total views,  2 views today Today in this article I will tell you about such mobile repairing tips that you have never heard of before today and after having these mobile repairing tips, you are going to get a lot of help. So read this article completely. So that the solution of the problem you are … Read more

What is Futures and Options? Explain F&O Trading and Derivatives in Stock Market

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 163 total views Now let’s talk about how many types of derivatives are there. There are mainly 4 modes. Forwards, futures, options and swaps. In today’s blog we are going to discuss about forward and future and the good thing is that forward and future are almost the same. So you have understood one, the other … Read more

Intraday Staratagy for Earn 10-15k Daily || Share Market

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 84 total views,  1 views today Good channel and best channel to take knowledge of share market👇 Share market opens at 9:15am before 11am you will earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees In this website we will open the chart of the stock. Will set a time frame of 15 minutes In Tradingview’s chart, we … Read more

Hammer Candlestick Chart Patterns in the Stock Market || Share Market Tips

different type of candles in share market

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 164 total views 1. Hammer candlestick pattern This candle looks exactly like a hammer In Hammer candlestick, the upper part is called the upper wick and the lower part is also called the lower wick and the middle part is called the body. Its biggest identity will be that its lower stem will be longer and … Read more

Intraday Trading Tips for Beginners

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 1,080 total views,  1 views today Intraday trading strategy | day trading | earn money in stock market What is intraday trading?  What is intraday trading? What are the advantages of intraday trading What are the disadvantages of intraday trading Top 5 mistakes that people often make in intraday trading 3 things that you need to do … Read more

What is Share Market || Understand Stock Market Basics

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 210 total views,  3 views today Share market or stock market is considered to be a market which is actually a collection of many markets and exchanges. Where there is constant selling and buying of shares and this work is done by all the people of the world. Here only the shares of those companies are bought … Read more

How to Book Profit in Share Market

how to book profit in share market - Hindi

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 148 total views There are many ways to make profit in the share market, but its most important thing is that by buying shares of any company, you become the owner of that company. The more % you own the shares, the more % you become the owner. Earlier we had taken the example of hotel business. In which … Read more

What is share market, how it works and how to start share market trading?

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 690 total views,  1 views today Share Market : Share market and stock market both mean the same thing. Share market is made up of two words share and market where share means share and market means market. So Share Market means a market where (share) shares are sold and bought. Let us now understand about share … Read more