How to improve BGA IC Reballing Sucess Rate?

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Tools and materials Used

  • Bga reballing stencil
  • Microscope
  • Tweezers
  • Solder paste
  • Hot air gun

when reball the chips, we should choose the non-deformable BGA reballing stencil that has good toughness and high precision.high quality bga stencil has more accurate hole positions.the good stencil has perfect cutouts, and the cutouts are relatively large, which can prevent the chip from being crushed and short circuited during reballing.

the solder wont stick to the stencil during reballing, which improves the efficiency. the solder balls are formed at one time using the good stencil, there no need to rework, and rhe balls are bright ,full, and well-formed

the good stencil can be easily separated from the chips after reballing.

good stencil assures the efficiency, and result of the reballing, choose your reballing stencil carefully, it’s worth the effort