How to repair Led bulb at Home | Local & Branded LED Bulb Repair

led bulb repair

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 482 total views,  1 views today Hello friends, in which article today we are going to learn that if any kind of LED bulb gets damaged in your house, then how can you repair it, whether it is LED bulb of local company or branded company. You will be able to repair all types of LED bulbs. … Read more

How to speaker repair at home

to speaker repair at home

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 122 total views,  1 views today How to speaker repair at home using paper To repair any speaker, one has to first separate the speaker from the speaker. After separating the pad, clean the speaker thoroughly and after that, cut a paper of the same size as the speaker. And it has to be installed in the … Read more

how to repair laptop speaker

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 146 total views,  2 views today Just like there is a speaker inside the mobile, just as there is a speaker inside the laptop, there are two speakers inside the laptop. If the speaker of the laptop is damaged, then I have to check both the Sikar. Sometimes the speaker gets repaired. We also have to do … Read more