How to change the body of any Smart Phone

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Before changing the body of any smartphone, we need to know that the body which is available in the market and the body which is already installed in our smartphone, both are same or different.

Look, the body available in the market has many types of quality such as A grade body, triple A grade and in this way mobile bodies are available in this grade. Which is a triple A great body. It is a very good quality body. But it is not original. In that and the body which is already installed in our smartphone. There is a slight difference in that and the things in which there is a difference

Like the volume button, power button and fittings, you will see the difference in these things and the plastic used in it is much weaker than the original body. Meaning it breaks quickly. Like the original body does not crack when it falls down. But when we get the body changed later. One, the color of that body comes off quickly and on the other hand, it cracks quickly when it falls down.

After that you also get the original body from the market. How to identify the original body. To identify if you are getting a body in which some parts are already fixed. Or its color has come off a little. So you understand that this body is hundred percent original. You check the date etc. on that body.

If there are no dents etc. on that body. So you get that body inserted. Because that body is original. The fitting of that body will come just right. Now the question arises that where do the original bodies come from. So the answer is that there are big markets like Delhi market. Parts of old phones are sold there. So the bodies of those phones are sold separately and the motherboards are sold separately and all the parts are sold separately.

Because of which we get their original body. There is no tracing scene in this. You can use these body without any tension. But if you buy old motherboard. So there may be risk in that. But apart from the motherboard, there is no risk of any party. There is no tracing in it. So now you know what is the difference between original body and copy body. So after this we will learn how the body is changed.

How to change the body of any smartphone

To change the body of any smartphone, first of all you should have a good quality body. In some places the body is also called housing. The back body is also called the back panel. The middle body is called the middle. And the front body is called the display frame.

First of all we will start with the phone with the keypad

To change the body of a phone with a keypad, first of all, let us see which phones come in a phone with a keypad. As did the old Nokia phones. The body of such phones can be changed. Now after that we have to see whether we have to change the front back or change the middle in these phones. So their front back and middle are found separately and the complete body is also available.

If you want to change the front then you get that too and if you want to change the complete body then you get that too. But in these phones when we change the body then their keypad does not work. That’s why you try to change your complete body. The quality is good in the complete body, but their fitting does not come. So if the middle is correct then you keep the middle as the original. Change only front back but when we change front back then keypad doesn’t work in that. Therefore, while changing the front back, keep the keypad old, because the old keypad is original, even if the color is lost from it.

Now let’s talk about how to change the body of big phones. Big phones like Mi phones, OnePlus phones, Samsung phones, Oppo phones, to change their body, you have to first see what you have to change, because their body is divided into some parts. . Like frame, middle, back panel, back glass, in this way we will learn to change all the parts one by one.

First of all we talk about the back panel, see there are two types of back panels. One became the back panel, one became the back glass. In the back glass, the phone whose back glass is of glass. If it breaks, it can be replaced separately. To change it, you have to heat the back glass with the help of hot gun. And with the help of the opener, the back glass has to be taken out and then after cleaning it thoroughly, stick the new glass there.

Before installing the new glass, we have to clean the back panel thoroughly. As if there is no piece of glass on it because if there is any piece of glass then the new back panel breaks quickly and we will use glue here to stick the back glass.

After that we talk about the middle. To change the middle, first the back panel of the phone is opened. After that the back panel is removed. Inside the back panel are the volume buttons and the power button. Front and back both rest on the middle. If the middle is broken, then the whole body cannot fit. So the middle is changed.

Now we talk about Friend Prem the display is fixed inside Friend Prem, so changing the front prem is a bit risky because to change it we have to take out the display first. Only after that we can change the front frame. The best way to change the front frame is if by chance the glass of your display gets cracked or the display gets cracked.

At that time when you change the display, at the same time get the front frame of your phone changed. There is no risk at that time. Because to change the display, the display has to be removed. At the same time the front frame also changes. If the friend frame is correct then the life of the display is maintained. Because the display rests on this frame. If it is cracked from somewhere, then the display will also deteriorate quickly. That’s why it is very important to have the front frame right.

Can the volume button and power button of either body be changed separately ?

Yes, the volume button and power button of any smartphone can be changed separately. Before today, whenever the volume button and power button had to be changed, for that we had to change the complete body itself. But now volume buttons and power buttons are available separately in the market. They can be changed and their quality is also the same. They do this work just as they do the original work.

How much does it cost to change the body and how much does it cost to change the volume button and power button

See, the charges for body change are different. For example, if we have to change the back panel, then it comes between 500 to 1000. The back panels of some smartphones also come in less than 500. After that the cost of the middle falls between 400 to 800 and after that the cost of the front frame also comes in between thousand to 1500, because for this the display has to be taken out. But if you get it changed while changing the display, then it will not cost you so much. After that let’s talk about Volume Button and Power Button. To change the volume button and power button, it may cost you between 200 to 500.

All these charges have been told according to the mobile market. It has nothing to do with the service center. It takes a lot of money to get the parts changed in the service center as they have the parts hundred percent original and their working style is very different from the market.