How to Fix smart phone charger port/jeck

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Today in this blog, I will tell you some such tricks and tips. After knowing Jin, if you have a charging jack or charging socket in any smartphone or any device. So you will be able to repair it easily. You will understand its mechanism, after understanding it, you will be able to repair the charging jack in any smartphone or in any device.

So to know this, you read this blog completely. After reading this blog, you will not need to learn anything anywhere. You will know about the solution of all the problems directly related to the charging jack.

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What are the types of charging jacks

See, the charging jack is different in every device. Everyone has different working. And due to the presence of many types of charging jacks, you all have to learn in different ways. Only after knowing about all these you will be able to repair the charging jack. But if you know how the charging jack works, then you will be able to repair any charging jack you come across.

How does the charging jack work in any smart phone ?

See there are 5 point mains in any charging jack. The first is plus the remaining 3, for data transfer. Or for USB connectivity and the fourth point after that is ground. So in any phone or in any smartphone or device, the charging jack has the most main points. plus and minus.

So we just have to focus more on plus and minus. In which charging jack, which point is plus. And which is a minus. If we knew this. So we will be able to repair the charging jack easily.

What are the problems related to charging jack?

 what are their solutions. Now we will know about all of them one by one in complete detail.

First start with the basic level and then move to the advanced level.

If the charging jack or charging socket in a smartphone sometimes works and never works, then what is its solution?

If the charging jack in a smartphone is causing problems. Meaning sometimes works never doesn’t. So in this condition the charging jack is not completely damaged. The charging jack can be repaired in this condition. To repair, first of all clean the charging jack thoroughly with the help of petrol.

Points are made behind the charging jack. Clean them thoroughly and there is a plastic part inside the charging jack. There are connecting pins on it. If there is dust or rust on them, then the charging does not work properly. So you clean it thoroughly with the help of tweezer or with the help of brush. You can check after cleaning. The problem will be solved and the second solution is to resold the charging jack again.

Meaning the supply pins are behind the charging jack. Resold them again with the help of the shoulder. Even after this, the charging jack starts working again.

If you have to move your charging cable or bend the charging cable to charge the phone. So what is his solution?

In this condition, most of the problem is with the cable. First of all try to change the cable. If the solution is solved by changing the cable, then it is fine. Otherwise, first of all clean the charging jack. Whatever dust is in it. Take him out. You can use petrol for cleaning. Even after cleaning, if the same problem remains.

Then the charging jack has to be changed by opening the phone. By the way, in 90% of the cases, this problem gets fixed by cleaning or by changing the charging cable.

To change the charging jack, how is the charging jack separated from the motherboard or how the charging jack is taken out of the motherboard?

See there are two ways to separate the charging jack from the motherboard. The first way is, you can separate the charging jack from the motherboard with the help of smd. And there is another way. You can also separate the charging jack from the motherboard with the help of de-soldering wire. So let’s know about the first way: To separate the charging jack with the help of smd, first of all you have to paste around the charging jack. And the motherboard has to be tightened in the PCB stand.

After that, the hit in smd has to be increased. And keep the air a little low. Hot air is to be applied over the charging jack. Take care that the wind does not hit any components around. Only on the charging jack. That’s when the charging jack will heat up. So with the help of tweezer, the charging jack is separated from the motherboard. And the second way that we remove from D soldering wire is that by dipping the D soldering wire in the paste, that D soldering wire wherever the shoulder is attached.

Keeping the big iron there, touch the disorder. Due to which the de soldering wire gets hot. And whatever the shoulder is used to connect the charging go. It comes on the D soldering wire and it removes the shoulder from the mother board. And the charging jack gets separated from the motherboard.

Phones in which the charging jack is not located above the mother board, but on the charging flex. How to replace or repair the charging jack in those phones? like vivo V3

Look friends, this is a very important question. It is very important to know about this. Because in today’s time whenever there is a problem of charging jack in any phone. So you go to the market with your phone. So most of the mechanics in the market change the charging flex of your phone. The mechanic has the advantage of this.

Because in this he does not have to work hard. He removes the entire flex and changes it. But let me tell you that the flex which is installed inside your phone. There’s a lot going on inside that flex. You have only one problem. Like the problem of charging jack has come or the problem of mic has come. So you get the whole flex changed in this condition.

But what does it harm: The flex that is installed inside your phone. The components of the company are mounted on it. Which are for the network in your phone. are for mike. are for charging. And many more things happen. Which runs on that flex only. So when you get the flex changed. So the flex mechanic installed in your phone.

That copy is available in the market. is not original. So there may be problems in many of your functions in that. Or will come in a short time. So you try this. Don’t change the flex. You get the same flex repaired. If the charging jack is bad. So you just change the charging jack. If the mic is bad. So just get the mic repaired.

Leave the rest of the things as they are. Because if once the charging flex changed. So after that the problem starts coming in the phone. Therefore, if there is a problem of charging jack in any phone. And that charging jack is located above the charging flex. So you repair the same flex. So that there will be no problem in the phone later.

How to repair charging port of electric hot bag

The most important thing is that the electric hot bag runs on AC current. Meaning it gets direct AC current.

If the charging wire of the electric hot back is damaged then you can connect any two pin wire directly to the hot bag. With this he will start hitting.

By the way, 3 points are made in it. So that we do not get electrocuted. So in this you can use two pins. plus and minus.

If it is not correct even after changing the wire. Then this bag has to be opened. There is a charging circuit inside it. On top of that we have to check what has gone wrong. If so the connector is bad. So we can connect it directly. If there is a problem with the circuit other than that. Then you will have to change the bag.

How much does it cost to get or replace the charging jack?

See, in this blog I will clear both the things. If so, this blog is facing some normal issue. Who wants to get his phone’s charging jack repaired? And second if a mechanic is studying. Which repairs the charging jack itself. So for both I will tell. First of all, if someone wants to repair the charging jack. So the cost of charging jack for that can range from ₹ 10 to ₹ 100 as well. Or it can be from ₹ 100 to ₹ 200.

If the flex needs to be changed for the charging jack. So the cost of Flex can be from ₹ 100 to ₹ 500 or even from ₹ 500 to 1000. In this almost all types of charging flex are available.

 Now the second condition, if someone wants to get the charging jack repaired. So how much money will it cost?

 See if you will get the charging jack changed. So it can be taken at least 200 to ₹ 300 and maximum 500 to 1000. And if you talk about charging flex. If the charging flex has to be changed. So for that you may have to pay ₹ 500 to ₹ 1500 as well. It keeps happening more or less according to different models. And the other also depends on the quality. If the charging is flex original. So it gets expensive. If it’s cheap. So it is also available in low price.

There is a twist of quality in it. So I hope you have got the idea. That if you yourself have to repair the charging jack. So how much will it cost you? And if you want to do it. So how much will it cost you?

How can we open our smartphone or any device to change the charging port?

See, to change the charging port, the device has to be opened. There are two types of devices. The first in which screws are attached. The other which is locked directly from the lock system. Phones that are locked from the screw system, then their first screws will have to be opened. And before opening the screw, you have to remove the battery.

After opening the screw, you can separate the body with the help of an opener or with the help of a nail. While disassembling the body, you have to pay attention, wherever the volume button or power button is located. There you do not have to put the opener too deep. The opener has to be put inside the body very little. So that there is no damage from inside and one thing has to be taken care of in the mobile. That you do not put too much emphasis on anywhere.

If you push harder. This means that there is a screw in there. You have to open the phone with a light hand. Where it would be worth opening. He will open. If not opening. So that means there is a problem there. Or is there a screw etc. So when you open the back panel. So you have to see that the charging port,

If the side of the motherboard is attached, then you have to remove the motherboard. If there is a charging port on the other side. So all you have to do is disconnect the battery. Do not take out the battery. Only the battery has to be disconnected. And by taking out the charging flex, the charging jack has to be changed.

If the USB port inside the power bank is not working properly, then how to fix it?

There are 4 points in the USB port inside the power bank. You rub those points with the help of a blade, or with the help of a surgical blade. Clean it thoroughly and raise those four points a bit. What will happen with this, the USB cable will become tight. And the charging port will be fine.

If the charging port of any tab is broken and broken and gone inside. So how can it be repaired and how much will it cost to repair it?

If the charging port of any tab is broken. So he will have to change. It cannot be repaired. The charging port has to be installed new. To change this, first of all, the back panel of the tab has to be opened. There are no hitches in it. There are screws inside some tabs. You have to see that.

After that, after opening the back panel, the motherboard has to be taken out. Disconnect the battery from the motherboard. And by removing the charging port with the help of smd, a new charging port has to be installed. Inside the tab there are mostly only two point men of plus and minus. Even if the rest of the points are not taken. Even then the charging port works. But all the points are necessary inside the mobile phone. So you will just attach plus and minus to the tab to change the charging port,

So the charging port works properly. But the charging port has to be firmly attached inside the tab. Because it does not have much support and it breaks quickly. That’s why it has to be soldered properly. So that it doesn’t break again quickly.

And to get it repaired, it may cost you between three hundred to ₹ 500 or 500 to 1000 rupees. It may be more or less according to different tabs. If you have to change the charging port alone, then it costs around 500. If some flex has to be changed etc. So it can cost more, it can also come more than 1000 rupees.

What to do if the charging port burns out?

See if the charging port gets burnt then there is no problem. You simply open the phone and take out the charging port and clean it thoroughly and put it on charging again. The charging port will be gone. If the charging port does not work, then you can solve this problem by changing the charging IC.

Look at the phones with keypads. In them, if the pins behind the charging port become short among themselves. So the keyboard stops working, so if changing the charging port is causing the problem with the keyboard. So you plug the charging port well again. And separate all the points. The keyboard will power right after the charging port is correct.

How do you find if the problem is with my Type C cable or charging port Moreover you got the port replaced a month ago and you Does anybody have a quick fix with type C Chargers?

The phone that has a Type C connector. If he is facing the problem of charging port. So its solution is that you take a good quality charging cable and secondly do not change the type C charging jack. The phone which has a Type C charging jack.

Change the entire flex in them. The problem will be solved and the flex changes that will happen should be of good quality. Or must be original. Then it works. If it will have normal flex. So it doesn’t work properly. And if the cable will be of normal quality. Even then the problem remains. So try both of you solution. Problem will be solved.

If a smartphone is having slow charging then how to repair it

See if slow charging is happening in a smartphone. So to solve it, first of all, use a good quality USB cable. Second that you are using adoptor. When using adoptor. It must be original. And the adoptor also matters. And after that you can repair the phone. To repair the phone, you have to check the charging jack. If 2 points of the charging jack will be attached.

plus and minus. So the charging will be slow. All the points of the charging jack are necessary for fast charging. If not all points will be attached. So the charging will be slow. To check this, you have to try connecting USB. If your phone is connecting with computer. So the charging jack is correct.

If the computer is giving any error or USB is not connecting. So the charging will be slow. You get the charging jack changed. If the problem is not solved even after changing the charging jack. So some components are installed behind the charging jack. If it becomes short. Even then the charging becomes slow. So in this condition they have to be removed. Or they have to change. If even this does not solve the problem.

So after that the charging IC has to be checked. If it’s getting hot. So he will have to change. The charging IC does not get repaired. He has to change. So you have to try all these solutions. Any one solution will solve your problem. Slow charging will be fine. The phone will start charging fast.

What is the solution if a smart phone is charging when switched off but not charging when switched on?

(Actually, the user who has the problem: Mobile Charge Problem charge takes place when mobile switch off but no charging take place when mobile is on)

When a smart phone is charging when it is switched off and not charging when it is switched on, then its actual problem is the charging jack connectivity. The charging jack has 5 points for connection. The first and last ones are plus and minus. This gives voltage to the phone. But those are the remaining 3 points.

If it is not attached then the phone will not show charging when switched on. So if a phone is not showing charging when switched on, then first of all check the remaining 3 points. Their problem is in 90% of the cases. If the charging doesn’t work right after repairing them, then try changing the charging jack once. If the charging jack is not there even after changing, then the charging IC has to be checked. Which charging jack will you change?

It should be of perfect quality. If it will be of normal quality, then 5 pins are given in it. But she doesn’t work. Out of that, only the first and last one works, if possible, change the original jack. This will solve this problem. If a user wants to get his phone repaired for this problem. So first try to change the original cable. Sometimes this problem is also solved by the problem of cable.

If a smart phone stops turning off on charging, then how do you repair it?

(Actually, the user who has the problem: I had kept for charging my mobile vivo y83 pro but now its not working switched off)

See if the switch off stops when a smart phone is charged. So actually he is hanging. And to normalize it, you have to press and hold the power button and volume plus button together. When you press both these buttons together, the phone will restart in a few seconds and your phone will be back to normal.

When battery is charging Why not showing the input voltage range in mobile phone?

Watch when a phone is charging. So the company has made a limit of charging in it. If the company has made its limit 4 volts. Then no matter how many volt charger you put. It will not go more than 4 volts. And if any phone has the function of fast charging. So the same will fast charge.

Otherwise any phone if there is no fast charging. Has normal charging. So no matter which charger you put. It will not cause any damage to the phone. Therefore, the voltage option is not given inside the phone. How much voltage is coming? It is internally fixed that the same voltage will come in this phone.

So there is nothing to worry about. What voltage charger should be installed in which phone? The bus charger should be original or of good quality. In those which are normal chargers, sometimes the AC current goes along with the DC current. Due to which the phones get damaged. Otherwise, if the charger is original, then it does not harm any phone.

If the battery of your phone is new and still the battery backup is giving less then what is the solution for it

Well, there is no proper solution to this problem. Still, there are some remedies that you can try. For treatment, first of all, you should do a full reset of your phone. At least download the second application. Go to the third company and get it installed through software.

Fourth, if there is a problem of battery by chance, then in the new phone you get six months of warranty of the battery, you should try to replace the battery once. If still the problem is not solved, then the phone may also be shorting. You can get the phone replaced from the company.

Charging indicator not showing in new smart phone why?

If a phone has a charging indicator light. But if it is not burning then its solution is to update your phone software. Or get the software installed again. Due to this the indicator light starts flashing. And by going to the setting, there is also an option of light indication.

You enable it and the question that why this light indication is not coming in today’s smartphone, then the answer is that when you charge, you see their indication inside the display itself. Therefore, the indication light is not given above it.

Vivo v11pro dual engine charging not working in my mobile

The phone which has the option of fast charging. The same phone has fast charging. If a phone does not have fast charging support. Or if a phone does not support fast charging. So put any charger in that phone.

The charging speed will remain the same and secondly, if a phone has the option of fast charging, then you will have to install a charger with fast charging in it. If you put a normal charger, then it will have normal charging.

If there is a network problem on changing the charging address in any smart phone, then how can it be repaired?

If there is a network problem on changing the charging address in a smart phone. So to repair it, you have to see that a network wire is attached to that charging card. Below that point, network points are made on top of the charging card. Till there the supply has to be made. Where the network wire is attached.

There you have to put the jumper wire and put it on the direct, end point. Where the network will attach to the point body, this will correct the network. Why does this happen, because the capacitors or resistors that are installed in the new charging card. Their value is not the same as the original charging card. So there is a network problem in it.

You can solve the network problem by inserting jumper wire. Or you can pick up the components from the old charging card and apply it to the new card. By which the supply will be correct. Then the network problem will also be solved.

What happens if a torch light short circuit I used mobile adapter to charge that torch and now the torch is not working I am not sure whether it will work if I change just the battery or could be something else damaged?

Using a mobile charger causes the battery to die. You take out the battery and boost it again the battery will start working.

Is there any problem when live mobile charging wire touches tile flooring?

No it doesn’t cause any problem. If the wire is touching the floor then it won’t be a problem. Because it has plus and minus DC current and there is no sense of meaning in it. When we talk about AC current then it can cause problem. But there is no such problem in DC current.

If the charging jack comes out while installing the charging jack in a smartphone, then how can it be repaired?

See if the print goes out while installing the charging jack, then there is no problem. Those prints are supplied behind those prints. If you clean it carefully, you will see the print coming out. By rubbing them with the help of a surgical blade, the prints come out from below. And by applying paste on them, jumper wire can be installed with the help of shoulder. And the prints whose prints are not visible, some components are attached behind them. They are supplied on those components. From there you can also attach jumper wires to them.

How to update mobile circle at the time of mobile recharge it not reflecting the circle or showing wrong circle or operator?

This is a software problem, go to the service center and get your smartphone updated by software, this problem will be solved.

My mobile charging in green light but not charged what is the problem

This is a battery problem. To solve this, you have to get the battery replaced. Replacing the battery will solve this problem.

My Mobile data is not working properly even after charging it how can it be solved

To solve this, first of all, do a full reset of your phone. Not restarting, resetting. In which all the data on your phone will be erased. Doing this in 90% of the cases will solve your problem. If it still doesn’t work then get your phone software reinstalled. That will solve the problem.

After charging Why smartphones get battery low in 20 mins What’s the problem battery is new

In this condition the battery needs to be changed. Battery health has degraded. When you get the battery replaced, your problem will be solved. If you purchase the phone, it becomes more than 1 year. Then its battery gets damaged. The battery of any phone lasts only for 1 year or maximum 2 years. After that he has to get changed. In the rest of the phones, it can be damaged even before 1 year. Because in today’s time 4G is a smartphone. Their usage is huge. Therefore, the life of the battery has become very less than before.

Changing of charging board in Mobile will cause any problem? Or Not

Changing the charging board does not cause any problem. Just keep in mind that the charging board you are getting changed should be original or should be of good quality. Because there are many things inside it. Like mic network speaker etc.

if any Lenovo mobile suddenly stopped working and not charging then How can it be repaired

If a smartphone suddenly goes dead. So most of the problem is with the battery. To solve this, you have to open the phone. And the battery has to be boosted. After boosting the battery, put the phone on charge. If the phone turns on then it is okay other wise you have to connect the charger first to solve this. After that the battery has to be attached. With this the charging starts immediately. By doing this the phone will be turned on again.

Before doing all this, keep the multimeter on continuity mode and also check the shorting in the phone. If there is no shorting in the phone, the value is coming around three hundred on one side and zero on one side. So the phone is right. There is no shorting in it. Now you can try boosting the battery.