Google Analytics 4 -Universal Analytics will no longer process new data- No.1 solution

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How to solve Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023. Prepare now by setting up and switching over to a Google Analytics 4 property in Google Analytics.

Before understanding the problem which I have mentioned above, first we will know that

What is Google Analytics?

If you have a WordPress website, then Google Analytics 4 is such a tool with the help of which we can know how much traffic is coming to our website? Where can we even know where this traffic is coming from? Which country are you coming from? What kind of people are visiting our website? The users who are coming to our website, how long did they stay in our website.

Google tag manager

Earlier Google Analytics was directly connected with the website. But now Google Analytics is not directly connected with the website. According to Google’s new update, Google has launched Google Tag Manager. With the help of which many services of Google can be used simultaneously. Meaning that earlier you had to put the code of all the services that you have to use in the website WordPress. But now it is not so.

Now you have to use Change in Service, you have to put the HTML code of all of them in Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager will create a single quote, which you have to put in your website only once, after that all the services that you have entered in Google Tag Manager, all those services start working automatically.

Google tag manager

Its advantage is that it does not matter to the speed of our website, we have to put a single code in our website.

From July 1, 2023, Google has made a new change in Google Analytics. According to which you can no longer use the Universal property of Google Analytics, you will have to create a G4 property. Which is a new update from Google. In this article I will teach you how to do this because without learning it will be very difficult to do.

For this, first you have to login your Gmail ID in your Google Analytics. There you do not have to create an account again. The account will be the same as before. You just have to create a new property there. And to name it G4. There is no special change to be made here, but the name of the new property that you will create is to be named G4 so that we can use that property in Google Tag Manager.

After the property is created, you have to select the property and then click on Admin. After that you have to click on Data Stream. Below you will see the property that you have just created recent. Have to click on it. After that you have to click on Configure Tag Settings. After that you have to click on Install Manually. After clicking, you will see a JavaScript there, he has to copy all the code.

After copying, you have to login to WordPress of your website. After that you have to install the Insert Header and Footer plugin in your website. And paste that code in its under section. Within 24 hours you will see the jeeps and properties of Google Analytics.

2nd way – through Google Tag Manager.

First of all, login to your Google Tag Manager with your Gmail ID. After that I have to login to my website’s account which must have already been created there. After that I will see the option of New Tag there. After clicking on the new tag, you have to click on the g4 option of Google Analytics. Click on All Pages in Trading Options.

Google Tag Manager- data stream

Here you have to enter the measurement ID of Google Analytics and the name of the website. You will find the Measurement ID in the data stream option of Google Analytics.

Now the thing to think about is that after doing all this, how will the result appear in Google Analytics?

measurement ID of Google Analytics

See, first of all Google Analytics got connected with Tag Manager. Tag Manager’s code was already put in the website. If for some reason the code in Google Tag Manager gets deleted from your website, then I also tell you how you can see that code again from Google Tag Manager.

For that first you have to go to the home page of Google Tag Manager. After that click on your setting. After that there you will see installed Google Tag Manager. After that I will see a code there you have to paste that code in the header section of your WordPress.

This has to be done only once, after that whatever service you want to use this service, all those services have to put its code in your Google Tag Manager. After this all the services run through Google Tag Manager, this does not slow down the speed of our website.

html code for google analytics

So just now we read what is Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics and what is their use, what are they used for and how can you use all these services in your website.