How to fix and Remove SMD components from Motherboard ?

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How to remove SMD components

There are many components on the motherboard, the method of installation and unloading is different, so we will learn one by one how these components are properly unloaded and installed without causing any damage.

SMD components

First of all we will talk about charging jack, charging jack is lowered in two ways, with the help of desoldering wire and s.m.d. with the help of. To remove the charging jack from the de-soldering wire, paste the de-soldering wire and place it on the support made around the jack and heat it with a large iron.

On heating, the shoulder which will be around the charging jack, it will come on the de soldering wire and in this way gradually we have to bring the whole shoulder on that wire, as the shoulder will come on the desoldering wire, the charging jack will become loose. The desoldering wire has to be cleaned with the help of scissors, after cutting the part that is filled with the shoulder, again putting the desoldering wire in the paste and removing the shoulder from the iron again.

When the shoulder is removed, the charging jack will automatically release from the motherboard and thus the charging jack can be detached from the motherboard and the other way around is through s.m.d. To remove the charging jack from the SMD, fix the motherboard in the PCB stand and cover the rest of the SMD components with golden tape around the charging jack.

After covering the component s.m.d. You have to put a light heat on the charging jack and lift the charging jack with the help of a tweezer, after lifting, clean all the points with the help of an iron by applying paste and after that now we will learn to install a new charging jack. How is it, to install a new charging jack, paste the shoulder lightly by applying paste on all the points of the charging jack,

After that, placing the charging jack on top of the motherboard and connecting it to the shoulder, keep in mind that the points behind the charging jack should not be attached to each other, all should be connected to different shoulders, if a complaint connects. That can cause problems if any points are joined together so you can pull them back apart with the help of de soldering wire.

Now let’s talk about how the digital mic that is installed on the motherboard is removed and installed s.m.d. to remove the digital mic. The heater is placed over the mic with the help of a hit, the mic is lifted with the help of a tweezer and then the new mic is placed under the shoulder by applying a light best and then first a light hit is applied on the motherboard. Is

When the shoulder is melted, it may not be placed over the molten shoulder, as soon as the mic is placed above the hit is removed. As soon as the mic sticks, the hit has to be removed, in this way the mic will not get spoiled.

Transistor is installed inside the mic, it gets damaged only by a light seat, so this is the way to put the mic and you can attach the mic to the second jumper wire by putting a jumper under the mic on one side and jumper above the motherboard on the other side Can be typed by wire and then tape can be placed on the mic. Both of these methods can be used to attach the mic.

Now let’s talk about how the resistance and capacitor are removed and applied, we can also use iron to remove the resistance and s.m.d. You can also use the iron by attaching it to one side of the resistance and lifting it up, here we will use a little paste as soon as the resistance is loosened from one side

It is lifted up and then the resistance is lifted with the help of a tweezer by attaching an iron from the other side, this will not spoil the resistance, in the same way the capacitor can also be separated and installed. By applying paste, the resistance is attached to the iron by keeping it in its position, keep in mind that the tweezer we use to apply the resistance and capacitor should be fine.

Now we will learn how to remove the display connector or touch connector from the motherboard and how to remove most of the s.m.d. It is used only if these connectors are of iPhones, then we can remove them without spoiling them because the connectors of the iPhones can tolerate the hit but the display connectors of the normal smartphones do not tolerate the hit. We do

To take them off, when we apply paste on them and hit them from above, they get burnt, then they are removed like this, but before taking them off, the rest of the things have to be saved by placing golden tape around them. After applying a light best, the jack is lifted with the help of a tweezer when it becomes completely hot, we s.m.d. to take it off. will use only

To put these connectors again, we will clean the place thoroughly and after the place is cleared, keeping the connector in the right position, attach the end corners of the four sides with a fine iron first, here we will first put the connector on the top and then Will attach to iron, after connecting siraj from one side, check the position if by chance the position moves slightly

So we can set it now, after setting it a little, the other end is also to be connected and after joining both, all the middle points have to be shouldered with the help of a fine tweezer, keep in mind that the shoulder does not have to be too much, the connector should not be hit much. You have to attach the shoulder with very light hands, do not press all three with iron because if you press, the connector gets damaged, just have to attach all the three and have to check with the help of lens, drink from the shoulder among themselves. Should not be joined, if someone gets upset then you can separate it with the help of de-soldering wire.

Now we will learn how to separate the volume button and power button from the motherboard and how to separate the volume button and power button First of all we have to cover the components around the buttons with golden tape. Before fixing the motherboard in the PCB stand and

The hit has to be kept fast, the air has to be kept low and the air has to be kept on the top of the button and with the help of the teacher, slowly raise the button, keep in mind that the buttons attached to the company are very firmly placed because these buttons have their own hands. Hand pressure has to come, so it takes some time to take them off, but if they keep getting hit continuously, then they come off. Have to solder them.

Now we will learn how to separate the buttons with cards in which the power button, volume button are assembled, they are separated from the motherboard. To separate these, the card is connected with the motherboard. Paste has to be applied on it. After applying the paste, all the points have to be heated equally with a big iron. The iron has to be kept running from the first point to the last point and here we will use a little more shoulder as soon as all the points become hot. The leaf is lifted up with the help of a tweezer.

To find the new one, first the card has to be lightly shouldered and after that all the points are added back with the help of iron by placing it in the right position. If there is a slight fear at first, then the address will stick properly, otherwise the address does not stick, so before attaching, apply paste on the bottom and top of the leaf and apply a light shoulder.