How to use soldering iron & flux in Mobile Phone repairing?

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Looking at the title, you must be feeling that what will you get to learn about iron, then let me tell you that if you know how to operate iron in mobile repairing, then you can do many things with iron only, even those from smd You can also do work with the help of iron, so I will share with you the experience related to iron as much as possible, then in this we will learn which is the best company’s iron, which type of iron is good for you and which ones There are things that you can do with the help of iron and how that work is done, we will learn about all these things well in this blog.

Various types of irons are used in mobile repairing such as thick bit iron and fine bit iron.

There are some things that we can do only with a motivated iron and there are some things that we should do only with brake iron, although many mechanics do all kinds of work with all types of iron, but if we do it right. If we use iron for the right work, then there is no damage to that part like suppose we have to take off a component, then we use smd to take off the component but smd it heat is applied on the motherboard

Due to which the phone can also be dead, now here we will learn how you can remove the complaint from the iron. Putting the bitcoin on one side of the component, the component is to be raised from one side; not to lift it high;

So we have to lift the component from the other side by placing the iron on the component and with the help of tweezer, put the component on the side, if you practice in it, then you can easily remove the component without miss some time in it the risk of the motherboard There is zero and the component can also be re-inserted because when you lift the component from one side, after lifting the component, check the motherboard with a multimeter, if the shorting has come out then it is ok to press the other wise component back with an iron can be reapplied.

Now I am going to teach you a very amazing thing that you will not get to learn anywhere, now we will learn how to remove the charging jack from iron, wherever you are, take a mobile repairing course, no matter how many videos you watch. Lo in that you will find only one thing that the charging jack is removed from smd itself but I will teach you that jack can also be removed from iron.

And that too in a very easy way to take off the jack from the iron, first we have to apply paste on the charging jack, after applying the paste, you have to use a big iron here, that means the iron with a thick beat, now we have to take the de soldering wire We will remove this check from Disorder in Virus.

To take off the charging jack from the de-soldering wire, first of all we have to put the soldering wire on the photo around the charging jack, after placing some paste on the dish holding wire so that it can be easily heated After applying the paste, put the big iron bit on the soldering wire and slide it lightly so that the desoldering wire will heat up, after heating, slide the wire to the support point of the charging jack

Due to which the shoulder above the jack will come on the soldering wire, after that the part which is afraid of being scared has to be cut with scissors, then again to take the desoldering wire, apply paste on it and keep it again on that part where We have to take off the shoulder, while doing this, we have to lift the solder from all sides, when we feel that the shoulder has come off, all has come on the dissolving wire, then we have to lift the charging jack and in this condition the phone’s Nothing gets damaged and at the same place now we will learn how to install the new charging jack with the help of iron.

By the way, to install the charging jack, you have to cut its legs, after cutting the legs, when we put the charging jack, then the charging jack breaks in a few days because its support is not cheap in the pits made inside the motherboard, due to which Charging jack breaks quickly, so if you also install the charging jack with the help of soldering wire, then its life will be very long, now leave the charging jack and trap it in its place and with the help of iron by applying paste, lightly shoulder it. It has to be given so that the charging jack will be fully fitted and will not break quickly.

The pins behind the charging jack have to be soldered with a fine iron, to solder, we have to apply paste there and with the help of a tweezer, press each pin from above, touching the iron on the pin you will press If so, it will become shoulder in the suppressed condition.

In this way, you can put the charging jack in a good way, it is very important to have a shoulder at the back, so that the USB connection in the charging jack remains correct and fast charging works properly.

You must have seen a fault in mobile repairing that many phones show charging on off but do not show charging when turned on, then you can solve it in this way by attaching all the teams behind this problem can be solved. Is.

Now we will learn whether ic can be removed with the help of iron, if it can be removed then how?

To remove someone with the help of iron, first of all we have to use pest of good quality, the best is to put it on the IC and here we will use big iron, keeping the iron on top of it, we have made good quality here. Shoulder is to be used, the shoulder has to be taken on top of it to the iron, as soon as the solder touches the iron, it will get hot immediately and with the help of tweezer, it has to be lifted up.

It is not that you can remove every ic with the help of iron, it is possible but there is a high risk of getting printed in it, if you use this method, then you use only to remove small size IC. Or if you want to remove it like this, then you will have to use a high watt iron which is very hot and the bit has to be kept thick.

Now we will learn that how the displays which are installed with iron are removed and installed?

To take off the display, first we have to apply a lot of paste on the display leaf. To hold the display, put it on the shoulder iron and slide it repeatedly from the beginning to the front.

As you keep sliding the display has to be raised, if the display is not rising up, then here we will use a little more shoulder, when you put the shoulder more, the address will rise up but it does not have to drag the leaf, sliding again and again You have to take the iron forward and the whole display will be separated from the motherboard in a while and after that, clean the shoulder itself from the iron.

Now let me tell you how to attach the new display to your motherboard, the new display does not have a shoulder, first of all you have to solder the display card by applying paste and the first point is to connect it with the motherboard. Points are not to be added together, only the first point is to be added

The reason for this is that by adding the first point, you can move the display card back and forth, if you add all the prints, then if the display is teddy then you will not be able to straighten it, only add 1 point and then add the last point And the display has to be checked whether the display is successful or not, if the display is straight after connecting the first and last, then you have to shoulder all the points with iron, here you have to use opener or use twizer to solder To do

Pressing each print of the display card with the twizer, you have to go on soldering it with the iron, in this way the display will run in the first time itself. If you just solder with an iron, without using a tweezer, sometimes the display won’t attach or the prints will be removed in a few days. So you use opener or twizer to solder, press on top to iron, shoulder each print.

Now we have learned how to use iron. Now we will know which one iron will be best for you, which I recommend.

The first choice is if you want to use fine iron, then you use Tony’s 30 watt iron, this iron is a very good iron, its life is also very long and it is very hot, so you can easily attach any wire. And on the second number comes the iron with a thick bit of solder, if you buy this iron once, then you will hardly need to get another iron soon because this iron is the best iron from my experience, with this iron you will not get any You can do the work too.