How is the Multimeter Used? | Mobile Repair

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What is Multimeter and how to use it?

Although multimeter is used in many places, but in this blog we will learn how and where multimeter is used to repair mobile phone. After knowing all the functions about which I will tell you, you will know how to use multimeter in mobile repairing.

Use of multimeter in mobile repairing

Here is the list of the main main functions about which you have to learn in this blog.

  1. Continuity
  2. The voltage
  3. Ampere
  4. Ohms

Continuity is the main function.

Where is Continuity used in mobile repairing?

Use of Continuity Suppose there is a line and we have to check whether this line is a break in the middle or not, Continuity is used for this, the main meaning of Continuity is that a line is running straight if it If there is a break somewhere in the line, it means there is no continuity here.

Where is continuity used in mobile repairing?

The registration is mounted on the mother board.

The resistance is shot, now we have to check whether this resistance is correct or not, then here we will set the multimeter to continuity and put both the virus of the multimeter on both sides of the resistance, which is one positive and one negative. , when we will put both the virus on both the ends of the register, then if beep sound then it means the registration is fine, means the continuity from one end of the resistance to the other end is correct and if the beep does not come then from one end If the continuity is not correct till the other end, then it means that the resistance is bad, then in this way we can use continuity to check the resistance.


The resistance is of black colour. The registration is done in series. The registration is done so that the value we need can go forward, if there is a resistance in a relationship, then it is necessary to put that registration there. If we remove the resistance, then the supply stops, the problem comes in the phone. We can also remove the registration and direct it. But on directing, the protection of the phone is reduced.

Therefore it is necessary to register. If we have to check whether the resistance is bad or not, we can do it by checking it by setting it on continuity mode with multimeter. If the sound of beep is heard then the registration is correct and if there is no sound of beep then the resistance is bad.

How is Capacitor Checked by Continuity Function?

To check capacitor with continuum function, when we put both the wires of multimeter on both ends of capacitor then capacitor is bad when beep sound and if no beep sound then capacitor is good because capacitor is not shorted So there should be no beep sound.


The capacitor is brown in colour. This capacitor is installed in parallel. This is applied so that if there is too much voltage in the mobile, the capacitors themselves short out, saving the phone.

Even if we remove the capacitor, the phone keeps running. But having capacitors is a must. Because if more voltage comes in the phone then only capacitors can save the phone. They themselves short out but do not allow much voltage to pass through.

Therefore capacitors are installed for the protection of the phone. The value of these is, if there are 3 bolts coming from behind, then if the value of the capacitor is 3: 5 V, then the capacitor will not allow more voltage than 3: 5 V, if the voltage comes more than 3: 5 V, then the capacitor itself will short. And there it will turn off the phone.

But the voltage will not go further. If the capacitor becomes SHORT, then we can check the capacitor in continuum mode. If beep (beep means beep sound) is coming then it means capacitor has been SHORT. In this condition, if we change the capacitor, then the phone turns on again.

How to check fuse in continuity mode?

Wires of Multimeter are placed on both sides of the Fuse, see if the sound of Beep comes, then the Fuse is right, otherwise the Fuse is bad. The fuse is always checked on continuity mode only.