How IC Reballing is done in Mobile Repairing || Mobile Repair Course

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Hello friends in this blog we will learn what is IC Reballing inside smart phone when we open the phone to do repairing then the phone’s display is there, there is battery and there is a motherboard in black color above the mother board. Square ICs are installed, some components are installed, so those ICs of black color are installed, if they get damaged, then such a change has to be done.

To make such a change, we should have a new IC, only then we are able to change the IC, but what happens many times, we do not get a new one or can say that such a thing is not available in the market, so what will we do in this condition?

So in this condition, if we have any other SIM company’s SIM model, then we can use it by removing the SIM IC which is installed at the same place from the motherboard of that phone, to use we have to reball that IC first to reball Only after that we can put that such on the other motherboard, this is called IC reballing.

Now we will also learn how to do such bowling curry, I will teach you how to do high serie bowling through this blog. To learn high serie bowling, first you have to know that what is IC, there are many components inside the mother board. And by mixing many components, one such is made, as many such components can work, so such is called integrated circuit.

Before learning high serie speaking, we should know when IC rebaling is needed, first of all suppose speaker is not working in our phone, first of all we have to change speaker, after changing speaker, if there is no sound, then we have to From the speaker to the IC, the complaints are to be checked in the middle, after checking them, suppose there is no sound, then after that we have to check like this, by applying paste on it, we have to hit it lightly.

Even after hitting, suppose the speaker is not working, then in this condition we have to change that IC. There are also two ways to change. The first is to take a new IC from the market and change it, suppose the IC is not available in the market. So we have another sim phone, then by withdrawing money from that phone, we can put it in our phone.

But it can never be taken off directly and installed in another phone, before applying such, we have to prepare that IC, to say, it means to reball like this, reball means small balls of the shoulder are made on top of the ic balls. After the bolls have to be made, we can apply the ic.

One more thing, even if you get a new IC from the market, then it is already spoken, but the temperature of the words that are made on it is very high and the temperature of the words we make is low, it means That is, to say from high-temperature means that you will have to hit more on that IC, then if there is a hit of sticking on the motherboard, then it sticks even after applying a little hit, then the IC that you get from the market If its hit value is high, then even if you apply it by relabeling it, then it will stick well, then even there you will need to learn recording.

So let us now learn how to do such a bowling, the first thing we have to change is to remove that IC, after removing it, we have to clean it, why tweezer like this to clean To catch it, a good quality post has to be put on it, with the help of iron, we have to remove the solder on that IC, this work has to be done very slowly, if you apply iron over the IC with more force, then on top of it Bunny spoke can be joined together, if she spoke, then your such rivet will not be good, so clean it with light hands.

To clean such, we can also use desoldering wire, keeping such a place in one place, we can also clean the whole shoulder with soldering wire, but keep in mind that we do not have to rub such a lot when it will be clean after that. We will need a stencil, stencil means to make such steel nets come in which holes are made, they have such rivets

These electricity are available in the market, their price can be 200 or 300 or limit up to 500 600, so to make such, we first have to clean it, when ours will be clean, there is a special mesh for it by keeping it in one place. Have to take that branch, there should not be anything stuck in the holes inside the mesh, if anything is stuck then we have to clean that charlie with the help of petrol

After cleaning the mesh is to be placed on the IC and it is to be seen that out of all the holes inside the mesh, every single word of IC should be visible in the middle of those clues, not a single word from here to there. It should be, if at all 24 will be visible from inside the speaker below, only then you will take 5 to 10 minutes to set it, if it is not set, then when you learn it will take less time but first you will have Time has to be taken to set the mesh well

After setting, with the help of the teacher, keep the magic stick around the IC, with the help of Twitter, press the mesh, do not press too much so that the mesh placed on the IC rises from the middle, after pressing, we put the soldering paste here. But will use the sorting paste is a post in which the shoulder is melted or grinded and mixed with the paste, when it is hit, it comes in the form of a shoulder, then the soldering paste has to be applied on the mesh, which is on top of the mesh. are holes

Voting paste goes inside the phone hold, with the help of our finger or surgical blade, we will get that paste on the mesh, when we bring the paste from all sides, then from where there is a hole, the paste which is there will go inside and up With the help of hot gun, we will apply hot air equally to all the holes.

For this, we do not have to keep the hit more than the limit, we have to keep the medium hit and keep the air only medium, starting the brick from one corner and spreading it over the whole AC, the best trick for such bowling is that you are on one corner. Apply it in advance, as soon as the words will be made, you have to take the smd further, in this way you will make it like this in the first time, the mesh does not even rise up

When all the words are visible to you, which is due to the deterioration of the soldering paste, as soon as there is a mistake on the soldering paste, the points made above the IC below, which can hold the order, become Siddhi Bole on them because when we hit If you apply it, the shoulder takes a round shape, then it becomes a small ball on top of it.

When all the words are made, then we can separate the mesh from the IC, to separate it, as soon as it becomes like this, we have to pour some petrol on it, keep in mind that if it is hot and you put petrol on it then it will be bad If possible, let it cool down a bit first, when it cools down, then the mesh has to be separated from the IC comfortably.

If it is not getting separated, then you have to cut the extra shoulder on top of the mesh with the help of surgical blade, when the extra shoulder is cut, then it will separate itself from below, after separation, apply a light hit on the IC by applying pace. And this has to be held with the help of the teacher, by applying a hit, all the words will come in their shape and this has to be seen carefully, if a half word becomes small or big on top of it, then you cannot apply it like this.

In this condition, you will have to do all the purchases again, you will have to clean it again, set the mesh again and remove again by applying sorting best, until all the words become equal, you have to keep making such, it is faster than your practice. The work gets done, remember that unless the spoke is equal, we do not have to put it like this, when we remove the IC, then we have to use less heat so that our IC does not get damaged.

When the IC is revolved, then the points made on the mother board have to be cleaned from the picture, but there we have to take care in the same way that if someone talks about it, why does it join when we came to the help of the run. If we spy more loudly, then the color there will come down and say, then we have to keep in mind whether you clean the words two to three times 10 times 15 times but have to do it comfortably

No words should be connected with each other, if the words are added, then the words of the IC chip will also be joined together, although there is a solution to this problem, we talk about it but first you have to keep in mind that the said Do not connect, when the place is cleared, then it has to be kept in the right direction on top of it, a mark of a dot is made on it, we have to note it before taking it off, then after speaking like this, the IC in the same traction Have to keep and hit with the help of MD

The hit which is first has to be kept low and the air has to be kept very low so that when you apply it, it should be shaken from your position, before keeping like this, we have to use a little paste also, apply a little paste and keep it from the eye so that Take it like this and stick to it well, after keeping it like this, we have to start the heater lightly.

When we felt that a little had come that we have started speaking happy, then we have to increase the two slightly and give the air a little bigger and apply equal amount of air at the center on the four corners of it and after a while smd is to be seen side by side whether it is pasted or not if such is pasted

So again by applying paste on it, with the help of smd, light air has to be applied. Come it means it has been done in such a correct way

All the words have been connected, it must be seen by burning it, it is confirmed how it has been done and is coming on its own position, so this is the end of our blog till such a bidding, I hope you have come. Have learned well about C about such bowling and about applying such, the more you practice, the more your hands will become clear.