How can we Laminate any Smart Phone or Laptop | Laptop lamination

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That’s why I am giving you the training to do lamination. Because if you do lamination of a smartphone without learning. So there may be a problem in the phone and if we do lamination of the laptop. So there can be problem in laptop also. So you must know the right way to do lamination if you don’t know the right way. So you will not be able to do the lamination properly and your laptop or smartphone may also get damaged. I will tell you step by step in this blog. By following which you will be able to do the lamination of any laptop or smartphone very beautifully without causing any harm.

First of all, we will know about the tools, which are used while doing lamination.

For lamination we need a wiper, but surgical blade, blade holder, hot gun, and a thinner bottle, and a plain surface area and dust free space.

Lamination Viper

Surgical Blade

Hot Air Gun

Thinner Bottle

To do the lamination of any smartphone, first of all we should know that how many types of lamination are there and which are .

There are different types of lamination such as match lamination, glossy lamination, super scratchless lamination, cold lamination

Glossy lamination means, through which it is clearly visible, this is called glossy lamination and its shine is very high, the second is matte lamination. Very little is visible through it. Its color is almost like white color. And then comes scratchless lamination. This lamination does not scratch, and it does not tear quickly and the fourth is cold lamination. In cold lamination you can also do without heating. It is stretchable. It can be extended by pulling it by hand. That’s why it is called cold lamination.

Matt Lamination

Glosy Lamination

How to do lamination of mobile phone?

To do lamination of mobile phone, first of all clean the phone thoroughly. After cleaning, put the phone on top of the lamination seat and cut the lamination paper according to the size of the phone. After that take off the lamination on top of the waste paper from one side. After taking off, sticking it on one side of the phone, slide it over the whole phone with the help of wiper. After sliding, expel as much air as possible with the help of a hot gun and with the help of your thumb. After removing the air, heat the lamination with a hot gun and pull the lamination from the sides to the front and when the lamination is done from all sides, the space between the phone with the help of surgical blade,

Accordingly, cutting has to be done with the help of lamination blade. After cutting, the waste paper has to be removed and there is another layer on top of the lamination. That too has to be taken off and whatever parts are there. Such as speaker, mic, back speaker, camera, thumb sensor, volume button, power button etc. all have to be cut. So that all the parts keep working properly. As the speaker is cut, only then the sound of the speaker will come. If the mic comes and cuts it, then the sound of the mic will come. In this way all the necessary things have to be cut. And after that, light heat has to be applied again on the phone. So that the lamination remains fixed, it does not come off on its own.

How is laptop lamination done?

To do laptop lamination, first of all we have to clean the laptop properly. After cleaning, the laptop size paper has to be cut. Lamination paper has to be glued from one side and slide it with the help of wiper. But when you slide, bubbles will appear in it. So what I will teach you, you have to follow it.

Laptop Lamination

If you do the lamination in that way, there will be no bubbles in the lamination and the lamination will be very clear. To do the lamination, first of all, the lamination has to be glued from one side. And keep in mind that there should be no dust anywhere and after that with the help of hot gun, the paper has to be heated and the wiper has to be slide only on the paper as hot and the wiper is not to be run on the cold paper at all. You have to heat the paper first and then move the wiper a bit and not slide the wiper forward. To slide from the bottom. Bubbles do not come from this. Very light lines will be visible. But she will be gone in a few days or so. But bubbles will not come in this process.

In this way, while heating the lamination, lamination has to be done on all the laptops and with the help of hot gun keep increasing the paper. And you have to do the cutting of lamination paper with the help of surgical blade only. Because cutting is done well from that only and after that the lamination is not to be done on the keyboard. Because the keyboard comes with a separate guard. And after that you do not have to do lamination over the display of the laptop. Because the display also comes with a separate guard. And after that the space on the side of the keyboard. There you have to do lamination. And here the lamination will be done by cutting paper. Won’t happen at once. First you have to do up, then down, then right and left.

In this way you can do complete lamination of laptop. There is no lamination on the bottom side of the laptop. And where would be the fan etc. There is no lamination to be done. I hope you have understood how to do lamination on laptop. If you lamination this way, there will be no bubbles in the lamination. And you will be able to do lamination.

You will find links to all the tools used for lamination within this block. You can buy all those tools by clicking on those links.