How to repair mobile phone network?

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To do network repair, first of all we have to check the phone that what is the problem in the network as if we will get a phone call for the network, then we have to first go to the dial pad in the phone and dial * # 06. After dialing there we will show the IMEI number of the phone.

If there is IMEI NO. If it is not showing then this problem will be software and if IMEI number is showing there then the problem will be hardware. We will understand the solution of both the problems one by one.

If the network problem in the phone is fixed in software, then how to fix it in hardware. Before we fix in hardware, we have to go to the settings of the phone. After going to the setting, first of all we have to go to the SIM option.

There we have to see whether the network of the phone or the operator of the phone is showing. If the operator of the phone is showing and the network is not coming then

It means network problem. If the operator of the phone is not showing and there is writing INSERT SIM then it means that there is a problem of SIM tray in the motherboard, in this condition we will check the SIM tray in the mother board.

For this, either that SIM tray will have to be repaired or it will have to be changed. The outer sim tray can also be a problem. If operator name is coming in SIM option but network is not coming then now we will see further solution.

First of all we will check the network wire in the mother board. Most motherboards have a stripped network wire. So we’ll check that network wire. Check that one end is attached to both the charging port and the other end which is around the antenna switch on the mother board, to ensure that it is properly attached to both the motherboard and the charging port. No, if not, then attach it properly.

If there is a broken network wire or it is not able to connect properly. So we’ll remove the network wire over there. It has two solutions, first one can put new network wire and second one can put jumper wire there. To install jumper wire,

There a round point, ANTINA SWITCH is made, there is a point inside it. That is the main point, by setting the multimeter on continuity mode, by placing a wire of the multimeter on that 1 point, we will check around that point from where that point is going outside.

After finding that point, we will shoulder the jumper wire with that point. Just like in the charging compartment where the network wire is to be attached.

The point in between will be found by finding the point outside the multimeter. There the other end of the jumper wire has to be shouldered. After installing the jumper wire with the help of paste, we will check the network, in most cases, the problem of the network gets solved in this way, sometimes the network wire breaks from one side,

If it is correct from the other side, then you have to peel the wire with a surgical blade from the side where the network wire is DMAGE and take out the center part.

By attaching only one SINGLE jumper wire to it, tapering over it and attaching the other end of the jumper wire to the middle point where the network wire was to be attached, you can solve the network problem.

This is the solution to the network wire related problem, if the network does not come from this solution, then we will solve it further. Next we have to check antenna SWITCH. In the middle of the antenna SWITCH, we have to check the network by attaching a very fine tweezer.

If there is a network coming with a very fine tweezer, then we can put a direct jumper wire from there and put it on the charging bar. If there is no network coming after attaching the tweezer, then we have smaller ICs ahead of it. There are CAPACITOR around it, you can check the network by attaching tweezer there.

If the network comes after doing ATTACH there, then by attaching a jumper wire from there, you can put it on direct charging. If the network is not coming even there, then we will check the IC. There are two types of ICs. One is PFO network IC.

Even after changing this IC, the network comes. By applying paste on it, networks can come by applying light hits. If the network does not come in this way also then

Beyond that, the power IC is installed, which gives power to the PFO. He can also come to the network by changing the IC or by applying light hits on it. By doing all these solutions 100% network comes.

After checking the network wire, we have to see that if there is any resistance broken in the series, then we can direct the jumper wire instead of the resistance there. Even after directing the registration, the network gets resolved.

Network’s IC NEW are also available and can be installed from other motherboards as well. To do IC change, by checking the number of IC with the help of MICROSCOPE, another IC of SAME number can also be installed by removing it from any other phone. But always remove the IC and install it by REBALL. WITHOUT REBALL If the IC is installed, then the chances of its operation are very less.