How to apply/put 11d/6D/9H/5D tempered glass screen protector?

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To apply tempered glass, first of all, some important things about the tempered glass you are applying.

The tempered glass you are applying should be of full size. If he grows up a little smaller than your phone, after a later application, it does not appear again and it deteriorates. Therefore, before putting the tempered glass on top of the phone, check the size of the tempered glass thoroughly.

How to clean the phone screen to apply tempered glass?

When you apply tempered glass, you have to use the thinner to clean the screen of your phone.

And whatever cloth you use, it should be absolutely soft.

You have to place tempered glass in a place where there is no dust at all.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that if you do not clean the screen of the phone in a similar way, then after the installation of tempered glass, it is not very clear.

Now you have cleaned the screen of the phone and after cleaning the screen of the phone, there is a waste paper on top of the tempered glass, you have to remove that waste paper. After removing the waste paper, there is gum under the tempered glass. You do not have to touch that gum at all.

Because if you put your hand over the gum of that tempered glass, then your fingerprint marks will be printed on top of that tempered glass. Therefore, as soon as you have to remove that waste paper.

Template glass is to be placed on top of the phone screen as soon as it is removed. Before placing it, you have to confirm once again that there is no dust on the screen of the phone. If there is dust then you can still remove that dust because once the dust is down, then the tempered glass gets spoiled.

When you place the tempered glass on top of the phone screen, the tempered glass has to be pressed from one corner and the tape or gum of the tempered glass will automatically stick and fail on the top of the phone. Wherever the tape will stick from there, you have to push the tempered glass with your finger or with the help of a wiper.

So that the tape of the tempered glass sticks well. But I would advise you that once you allow the tempered glass to stick completely and see if there is any dust under the tempered glass, because even if the dust comes, it can be removed but if you have After that tempered glass is rubbed with your fingers or with a wiper, then it is difficult to remove the dust later and even if the dust is removed, the mark of that dust is still visible under the tempered glass.

If the tempered glass remains dusty after applying it, how can it be removed?

After applying tempered glass, if there is dust under it, then we will use lamination paper to remove it. The lamination paper has to be cut into very small parts and after cutting, the tempered glass has to be lifted slightly.

After lifting the top, where the dust is sticking on it, the tape of the lamination is to be taken above the dust and the tempered glass is to be put down. Due to which the dust lamination will stick on the paper and the lamination paper has to be pulled out from the outside. Will stick out with the dust and the tempered glass will be free

All the things that are required to apply tempered glass, I will tell you about all those tools below. You can purchase and use all these tools and with their help you will be able to install all kinds of tempered glass very easily.

how to remove bubbles from tempered glass

First of all, the reason for the air or bubble to remain under the tempered glass is that either you must have been dusted under the tempered glass or in the same way air comes under the tempered glass. So to remove it, you have to lift the tempered glass from the side where the wind has come.

Tempered glass is slightly flexible. So you can lift the tempered glass from one side. It will not break. After lifting, the place where there is air has to be pushed with the help of your thumb.

By which that air will go out. In this way you can remove the bubbles or air marks left under the tempered glass. But if there is a dust under it, no matter how much you try, you will not be able to remove the trace of that air.

So if air has come due to dust, then you have to take it out first with the help of lamination paper. So when the dust remains under the tempered glass, then confirm that there is no dust inside that bubble. If there is dust, do not press it. If you suppress it then neither dust will come out nor bubble will come out and that tempered glass will be spoiled.