How to Install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector on your Phone || Mobile Repair

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What is temple glass and tempered glass installation

Method of applying tempered glass: A glass is used for protection on the display of the mobile, it is called tempered glass. Tempered glass is applied so that if your phone falls down then the display of the phone does not break. When the tempered glass breaks, the display remains safe from below.

What are the types of tempered glass?

There are two types of tempered glass, one is normal and one is full. Normal tempered glass does not cover the entire screen.

It is slightly smaller than the screen of the phone. In this the protection of the phone is less.

When the phone falls down, if the phone falls completely, then the display will break from the corner and the temple will be saved.

The advantage of this glass is only if the phone falls straight on you, otherwise there is a risk of display in it.

And the second one is full screen full screen. In this tempered glass, it covers the entire screen.

Your phone has maximum protection in this temple glass. It is not that this tempered glass never breaks or even tempered ones break but the display survives to a great extent.

Therefore, this tempered glass is more beneficial than normal tempered.

The price of this tempered glass starts from ₹ 100 and there are many other quality tempered ones. The better the quality, the better the material will be felt.

How is tempered glass applied?

To apply tempered glass, first clean the phone’s screen thoroughly.

How to clean phone screen?

To clean the screen of the phone, use a soft cloth so that there are no scratches on the screen of the phone.

Keep the phone on a soft wake so that there is no scratch under the phone.

You can use thinner to clean the phone. The specialty of thinner is that it flies away on its own after sometime.

Like petrol flies. You cannot use petrol here at all. Petrol can cause problems in the phone.

You only use thinner to clean it.

A liquid gel also comes to clean the screen of the phone, that gel can also be used.

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To apply tempered glass, you have to keep in mind that the tempered glass has to be applied correctly in the first time because if you repeatedly take off the tempered glass and put it again, then its gum gets spoiled and it reduces its stickiness. Try to put the tempered glass straight and without dust at first.

How many types of tempered glass are there?

  1. Normal tempered glass
  2. Mobile buff guard
  3. Mobile screen guard
  4. Mobile pet guard
  5. Hammer proof tempered glass
  6. Mirror tempered glass

Normal tempered glass has become that which is slightly smaller than the screen, it is called normal tempered glass.

The BUFF guard is not made of glass, it is made of plastic. It is twisted and its advantage is that it is quite thin.

Due to which the touch is better in running. Touch key working is better. That’s why many people prefer to install bus guards.

In comparison, TEMPERED glass is thicker. In which there is a slight difference in touch sensitivity.

Mobile screen guard is also similar to BUFF guard. The beans are just like tempered glass, but they are not of glass.

Made of thin paper, plastic type. Touch works very well in it. But it does not save the screen from falling.

So if you want to play touch well, then put a screen guard and if you want to save the display, then use tempered glass.

Inside the PET guard we find the guard of the whole screen. Comes with strips cut for the side.

Which we can also stick on the side. It can also be pasted on the screen and there is also a PROPER CUTTING paper for the back.

The whole phone can be protected. But it does not have any protection to break if it falls.

Just in this the whole phone gets protected. Due to which the phone remains brand new. There are no scratches.

Inside the hammer proof guard comes those guards which do not break in any condition. But their truth is that the display of the phone, there is less protection in it.

Because they are very thin. Their only specialty is that they themselves never break.

Their flexibility is very high. Being flexible to a great extent, it does not protect the display of the phone much.

It can bend quite a bit. But it is not unbreakable. Breaks happen.

If you bend too much, you will also break.

The advantage of this is that the touch of your phone runs very well and it does not break.

That’s why they are called hammer proof guards .

Mirror tempered glasses are those that are exactly like glass.

When you turn on the display of the phone, it becomes visible through them and when you turn off the display of the phone, it becomes a mirror.

In this, you start seeing your own face. That’s why they are called mirror glasses .