How to change/ Repair Battery Connector of any Smartphone

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First of all, we know that what is a battery connector?

Any smartphone has a motherboard and a battery is attached to that motherboard. A part is installed to connect the battery to the motherboard. That part is called the battery connector. It is different in all smartphones. The battery connector of any smartphone is different from the battery connector of other phones and their working is also different. To check this, you should have knowledge of multimeter. Only then can you check the supply of the battery connector.

How to Use Multimeter to Check Battery Connector in Any Smart Phone?

The multimeter is to be put on continuity mode and attached to one of the terminals of the battery connector. To attach, you have to put the plus wire of the multimeter on the motherboard wherever it is grounded and attach the negative wire to one of the terminals of the battery connector. The terminal at which the supply will come means some value will show in the multimeter. That is the plus point and the point at which the beep will sound is ground and the rest of the points are the BSI points. Which helps in showing the percentage of the battery.

What are the types of battery connectors?

There are different types of battery connectors in all smartphones and the battery connector of any smart phone cannot be connected to another phone. But their working is same because all battery connector has 1 point of plus and one point of minus and rest of the points are BSI point and it happens in all smartphone. So if you understand its mechanism, then you will be able to repair the battery connector of any smartphone.

Battery connectors are also 2-pin, there are three-pin ones, there are 6-pin ones, there are 5 pin ones and I will explain to you all about how they work. The two pin battery connector has a 1 pin plus key and 1 minus key. After that there is a 3 pin battery connector.

It has a pin plus key, a BSI key and a ground key. After that there is a 5 pin battery connector in which the first two pins are plus, then 1 BSI pin and the last two pins are ground. After that there is a 4 pin battery connector. In that the first two drinks are of plus. Then two drinks are of BSI and then two drinks are of Ground.

Meaning all have 1 plus 1 – and a BSI, so there is no need to panic. No matter how many pins the battery connector has. The process is same in all.

If the battery connector of a smartphone is broken, how is it removed?

There are two ways to remove the battery connector. The first method is to apply paste on the battery collector and heat the de soldering wire with a large iron by placing the de soldering wire over the battery connector. This will put whatever shoulder is on the battery connector. That D will stick over the soldering wire and the battery connector will be empty.

When all the shoulder is removed then the battery connector will come out automatically and another way is to paste the battery connector on the s.m.d. Install the heater over the battery connector with the help of Meaning apply hot air over the battery connector. This allows the battery connector to be detached from the mother board. But there is a slight risk in this process, because when we apply heat on the battery connector, sometimes the heat also goes on the components around the battery connector.

Due to which there can also be a problem with the motherboard, so if possible, take the help of de-soldering wire. Take out the battery connector from it.

Always use the PCB stand to take the battery connector out of the motherboard. Because if you do not use the PCB stand then it gets the motherboard damaged because when you apply heat on the mother board then the whole motherboard gets hot and the motherboard keeps on shaking due to lack of six in one place and the rest. Components also go out and that can cause problems with the motherboard. So make sure to use a PCB stand.

How is the new battery connector put in place after the old battery connector has been removed?

To install the new battery connector, first clean the mother board thoroughly. After cleaning, apply paste on the place of the battery connector and after that put the battery connector in its position. Some holes are made to fix the battery connector in the mother board. There is solder on those holes. Clean that shoulder thoroughly with the help of de-soldering wire.

so that the battery connector can sit completely inside. When the shoulder is clean, the battery connector will fit in there. After fit, attach the battery connector with the help of shoulder and iron. The shoulder should not be applied too much. Absolutely less. Do not apply too little that it breaks on its own and not too much that it does not fit inside the motherboard body. So all things have to be done very carefully and in the right value and after installing the battery connector, clean the battery connector thoroughly with the help of petrol, so that after fitting there is no shorting etc. in the motherboard.

Can we s.m.d. Can I install the battery connector

Yes s.m.d. With the help of the battery connector can be installed. But before installing the battery connector, you have to cover all the components with golden tape around the battery connector and fix the motherboard in the PCB stand. So that the motherboard does not move.

After that you replaced the battery connector with s.m.d. When the motherboard gets a little hot, then with the help of a tweezer, the battery connector has to be put there. As soon as you place the batting nectar, s.m.d. have to be removed, as there is plastic inside the battery connector. He will melt. As soon as the battery connector will fit inside,

It has to be pressed and held for a couple of seconds. So that the motherboard cools down and as the motherboard cools down, the battery connector will be fixed in its position. In this process, you have to take care that the heat does not apply much on the battery connector, because it melts the battery connector from inside and does not work later.

How much does it cost to replace or repair the battery connector in any smart phone?

To change the battery connector in any smart phone, it costs between Rs 300 to 1000 and it can be less because the more risky the phone, the more money will be spent if the battery connector in the phone is changed. If the risk is less, then less money will be spent.

If the risk is high, then the cost may also increase. The battery connector is not changed at the service center. There the entire motherboard is replaced. So if you want to get the battery connector repaired, then you have to go to the local mobile market and there is no problem in it.

Can the Apple phone battery connector be changed or repaired and if so how

See, the battery connector of an Apple phone can change and that too easy. Because the battery connectors of Apple phones. The plastic used in them does not burn. Even if you apply heat on it, it does not burn. Therefore, the battery connector of Apple phones can be changed easily. But one of the specialties of Apple phones is that their motherboards are very small and there are many components around the battery connector.

In a normal Android phone, even if a component is removed, the phone continues to run. But if you have lost a single component in the Apple phone, then the Apple phone will not turn on and there will definitely be some problem in it. That’s why Apple phones are considered more risky.

Whenever you change the battery connector of an Apple phone, you have to do it very carefully. Because if there is an IC etc. on the underside of the battery connector, then you have to hit it very carefully. Therefore, the battery connector of the Apple phone can be changed but it is risky and it can cost up to 2000 or even ₹ 3000 to change it.

How to replace battery connector if it prints out when battery connector is changed?

See if the battery connector is changed or already printed, then you have to find the plus point. You will get the ground from anywhere. The best way to find the plus point is to take another motherboard and trace the plus point in it with the help of a multimeter and then print the jumper wire.

Put the jumper wire behind the battery connector by putting the battery connector and you can supply the plus point above the second battery connector without tracing it from the mother board. For that, there is a point named VBAT plus above the mother board. You’ll have to find him.

Where the testing points are made, there is also a battery plus point in between them. From there also you can give jumper wire. In this way prints can be made. If the battery connector is connected to the plus and minus, then it is okay. Other wise you will also have to trace the BSI points and for that you will need another motherboard or there are also circuit diagrams with their help you can also trace the printer. You have to find them from internet.