How to check Airpods battery % on android Smartphone

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Today in this article we are going to learn that if you want to check the original airpods battery inside the Android phone, then how can you check it? Because if you use the original battery in Apple’s phone, then you do not need any application.

This feature is already present in Apple phones. With the help of which as soon as you open the lid of the airpods, the notification popup automatically comes inside the phone. In which you get to know the battery percentage of the airpods, how much percent of the airpod’s battery is left at this time.

Now I will provide you links of some applications, with the help of which you will be able to check the battery percentage of original airpods in any of your android phone. You just have to install any one of these applications and you have to OK whatever permission will be asked, after that as soon as you open the airpods, you will know the battery percentage inside the phone.

  1. PodAir – AirPods Battery Level
airpods battery

2. AirBattery

airpods battery

3. AirDroid | An AirPod Battery App

airpods battery

4. MaterialPods: AirPods battery

airpods battery

5. AndroPods – use Airpods on Android

airpods battery

6. Pods Battery – AirPods Battery

airpods battery

Is the original airpods battery percentage accurate inside the Android phone or not?

For original airpod battery percentage, the applications inside the android phone are not accurate hundred percent, there is a little bit of lie in them, the hundred percent is only you will get it only in the apple phone and inside the android phone, this application works a little slow, when the apple phone Inside you get it in very fast processing.

In these applications you will get the notification of charging when you will put charging in airpods then you will know about the charging in this application and when you take out a stick of airpods from airpods then at that time you will know from the application that in that stick What percentage is left? When you take out the second stick, its percentage will come.

So in this way you get complete information but for this you have some permissions, they have to be allowed and it is also somewhat risky but it does not have any problem.

You can allow them without worry and only after allowing this application will give you the result.

How to check airpods pro battery on android

Hello friends, I have told you about all the above applications, after installing those applications correctly and after giving necessary permissions, you can know the battery percentage of airpods pro from these applications only.

Inside your Android phone it is not necessary that you have only Apple’s phone. You can use these applications inside any phone to find out the battery percentage of your original airpods and also to find out how much of your airpods is charged.

what is the difference between airpods 2 and Pro

There is not much difference between airpods 2 and airpods pro. The biggest difference among them is that there is no rubber on the stick of airpods 2, due to which you can hear outside sound by putting airpods 2 on it. Whereas the airpods pro has rubber inside, due to which you cannot hear the sound outside. Although you can also hear outside sound inside airpods pro.

But for that there is a special feature inside airpods pro, with the help of which you will be able to hear the outside sound, but you will not be able to do this naturally, for this you will have to use airpods 2 only if you want to hear the outside sound naturally. If we talk about the comfort, then airpods 2 gives more comfort than airpods pro.

The battery inside the rest of the airpods pro gives more backup as compared to airpods 2

How to check airpods battery without case

It is not possible to know the battery percentage of airpods or airpods pro without case. But if you have connected airpods and the box of airpods is left at home or somewhere away, then in that condition as long as your airpods are connected, you will get to know the battery percentage.

But to check battery percentage it is very important for you to have a case because when you open the cover of the case only then you get notification or popup show of battery percentage of airpods 2 or airpods pro so it is very important that you have case. It should.