How to Fix No Service, 4g Network problem | Diagram Network Votage Tressing

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WTR ic is installed inside android phone. Around that comes the voltage across the capacitor. We can check this voltage by borneo diagram. From the diagram, we will also know where this voltage is coming from. If the voltage is not coming on the capacitor around the wtr, then the ic from which the voltage is coming, that ic is troubled.

While checking the voltage of the motherboard, the phone should be kept on or off

The phone should be on while checking the voltage. There is no need to install charging, just the battery should be connected.

What to do if we do not have a diagram to repair the motherboard

If you do not have the diagram, then take the same correct (ok) motherboard and check the voltage in it. To check the rest of the line, you will have to purchase the diagram.

The phone should be on while checking the voltage. The SIM must be inserted. And it is not sure that if the voltage is not coming on any capacitor, then the power ic itself is bad. To check proper voltage, you have to remove wtr and then check voltage.

How to identify check pfo and wtr?

The ic whose print is on the outside is called pfo. And after pfo, wtr is attached. If voltage is not coming to the capacitor around the pfo then the pfo is bad.

Sometimes if the voltage on a capacitor is getting more fluctuating then the IC around it is bad but it does not happen every time.

Suppose the voltage is not coming on any capacitor at all, then restart your phone and check the voltage again on that capacitor. It is not to be done at all that once you have to check and change the power directly, you have to confirm well whether the voltage is really coming on that capacitor.

If 4g network is not coming in a phone then how to fix it

If the voltage is coming right then we will see by changing the wtr ic. If 4G network is not coming in any phone, then you have to check the Votage of PFO. If voltage is not coming then you should work on power ic.