How to repair water damage phone?

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If a smartphone is not turned ON after falling into water, then how is it repaired?

In this blog, we will learn how to repair if your smartphone falls into water and the phone is not turned on after falling, or what should you do if your phone is not turned on after falling into water.

You have to avoid all these things

  • If your phone turns on after falling into water, switch it off immediately.
  • If your phone is not turning on after falling in water, do not try to turn it on again and again.
  • Do not charge the phone
  • If you can disconnect the phone battery, then disconnect the battery immediately.
  • Dry the phone in the sun.
  • Do not take the phone to an authorized company. Because the people of the company change the part which has water on it. Do not repair
  • Take your phone to the local mobile market. From there, get your phone open and get the phone cleaned thoroughly. Which will prevent your phone from getting damaged

What are the things you have to take care of before getting the phone fixed.

♻ If a mechanic is reading this blog, then some important things for him ☟

1. Mother board has to be separated from the phone.☝

2. With the help of this hot air gun ☝, hot air is to be installed all over your motherboard. So that wherever the water is placed above the motherboard, it will dry up

3. Hot air gun has to be installed on every part of the phone with the help of hot air gun.☟

How to repair a water damage phone?

4. After removing the covers on the sections above the mother board, the IC below is also to be dried with a hot air gun and cleaning with the help of petrol.

5. The mother board will also have to be cleaned from the bottom because the bottom also has IC.

There are a few things to keep in mind while cleaning.

♻ Petrol should not be installed on the camera because the camera is damaged by petrol.

You have to clean all these PARTS.☟

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Watch this video carefully to remove all covers. After watching the video you will know how to remove the covers

Can a phone’s display damage due to falling in water?

There are two types of display in the Phone:

  1. First is LCD
  2. Second is LED

1. If your phone has an LCD, then the reflector of the LCD may be defective.

2. clean the connector and resold the connector. This will keep the display running properly.

After falling into the water, if the problem of hands free jeck is coming in your phone or the problem is coming in the headphone jack, then how is it repaired?

Which will let you know how to repair the headphone jack

After falling in water, if your phone is experiencing hands free, headphone is not running or earphones are not running.

Or if the headphone sign is coming up, then in this condition you have to clean the headphone jeck with the help of earbird.

You can use petrol on top of the earbird. Can use felcon. If you want to know how to clean the headphone jack with the help of earbird, then you can watch the video below. ☟

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