How to Convert All Digital Mic to 2 Pin Universal Mic | Mic Repair

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Today we will learn in this blog that if we want to install universal mic in any phone then how can it be installed. The earlier phones used to have universal mic, which had two stars, one was plus one, the key plus was of red color and – was of black color, so we would have easily changed the universal mic. But today’s calls are coming

They do not have universal mic, they have such a mic, which we also call golden mic, which is not easy to change, not everyone is able to change and they are not easily available, so today we will learn that the phone which has golden mic installed Yes, how can universal mic be installed in his or her place.

To install universal mic, first we have to disassemble the motherboard of the smartphone, fix the motherboard in the PCB stand, after fixing the golden mic with the help of hot gun or s.m.d. After removing the golden mics, we will use the multimeter here.

With the help of the multimeter, we will find the point of Dante plus the point of the ground and the point of the ground in the points given below the golden mic. 3 points will be needed first data second plus which we can also call mic plus and third ground when we get to know about these 3 points then we can put universal mic.

There are many types of golden mic such as 6pin, 4 pin, 5pin etc.

Whatever the type of mic, there seems to be only one formula in it that we have to find the point of Dante, find the point of plus and find the point of the ground. I’ll tell you how he knows

We can easily find those three points with the help of multimeter, first we have to set the multimeter on continuity mode, after that attach the plus wire of the multimeter to the ground and attach the minus wire to the first point of the multimeter.

The value will be coming at the point, it will be the point of Mike plus and the value will not come at 1 point, it will be the point of Dante and the rest of the points will be ground, then we have to hit 1 point for the points which are grounded together, so here which is 2 Points are useful, they are mic plus and data, between these two points, we have to put a resistance which should be between 4K to 5K.

Now the problem comes from where to get the resistance coming between 4K to 5K, then the solution is that you pick up any motherboard which is damaged, find any distance of black color from it, check its value now. Value should be checked To check the value, ohm’s point is made inside the multimeter, the multimeter has to be set on the value of ohms, after setting the value, we have to attach both the wires of the multimeter on both sides of the resistance.

On attaching, the value will come from 5k to 4k, then we can use that resistance to install universal mic.

Now we have learned to find the resistance, now after getting the registration, we will learn about where to put the resistance, we had found the point of mic plus and data plus, we have to put this resistance between mike plus and tata after applying these Points have to be made one, with the help of resistance, there will be a resistance between them, whose value will be between 4k to 5k,

Now we have to take universal mic, attach the minus wire of universal mic to ground and attach the plus wire to one side of the resistance which we have placed in the middle, so in this way universal mic is very easy in place of golden mic. method can be applied.