All Android Mobile Display Leight Solution

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There is a light IC inside every motherboard.

A large IC gives voltage to that small light IC. Which is the main light IC. The output voltage that comes out of that IC is AC voltage. A diet is followed after IC.

The function of diode is that it converts AC voltage into DC voltage.

After the diode, a capacitor is installed and after that a coil is installed, both of them are connected in series.

Diodes and coils are installed to filter the dc voltage. And after filtering, this voltage goes to the plus point of the LCD connector.

In the diagram, A means anode, it means positive pin.

There is also a negative pin inside the LCD connector, above it is written k which means cathode which means negative pin.

This pin is not directly negative. This voltage comes through the light IC.

And this negative voltage to the IC comes through a resistance

And one end of this resistance is attached to the ground. And the other end is connected to the ground pin of the light IC.

This resistance is of 10 or 5 ohms.

The control line also comes out from 1 point inside the light IC, which is connected with the power IC, inside some Sonu this line is connected with the CPU.

Inside this line there is resistance in a series and near the power IC also there is resistance in a series.

The name of this line is pwm out.

Light IC gets permission or gets enabled from this line, due to which light IC starts working.

So till now we have known then what happens in the section of Light IC and how it works.

Now we will know what problems related to light IC come from and how to solve them.

The biggest problem that comes related to the light section will be that the graphics will be visible inside the display but the light will not come.

Lack of graphics and lack of light in LCD can come from this kind of problem.

The BPH line also comes out from point 1 of Ic. When shooting is done in this line, the problem of graphics comes. Meaning when there is a problem with graphics, then we will check the BPH line.

The cuckoo gets voltage from the BPH line. And the hotspot voltage comes out from the coil and goes to the IC and goes from the IC to the diod.

Here ic switching works. A small coil and a capacitor are attached to the big coil, you cannot short the coil. It is only replaced.

You can remove the capacitor if it is shot. Inside the light, a line comes from the PMIC, above that point we have to check the voltage, to check the voltage, the phone has to be called and the graphics have to be turned on, as soon as the graphics are on, the voltage is to be checked at that point if there If 1 point 8 volt is coming then it means pm IC is correct.

So in this condition we have to change the flight IC.

what is GR value

GR value means ground reading. Meaning when we check the value at any point by keeping the multimeter on the continuity mode, that value is called GR value.

If we want to change any component in the light section then you can change it by removing the same section component from any other motherboard but the compliant section should be because the DC voltage generated in the light section is very high if There, if you put a component making money for the low voltage one, then it will be short as soon as it is installed because the DC voltage generated here can also be from 30 to 40 volts.

To check this, you mix the sign of the display because if the size of the display is the same then the size of the light will also be the same, then you can use the components of that phone in other phones, it should not happen that you are the component on the phone with the keypad. If you are putting it in Android phone then it will not work.

If there is a problem of light in a phone, then first of all you have to check the voltage in the display connector, because if the IC is making voltage, then whether the voltage is coming over the display connector, then from there you can find out the problem. If voltage is being generated then there may be a problem of the display, but if the voltage is not being generated then there may be such a problem. The voltage point of the light inside the display connector is mostly the first or second.

If C1 b1 is written above IC in the diagram like this then it means it is a ball IC and if 1234 is written then it means it is a pin IC.

The voltage from the bph line to the IC is called input voltage.

The voltage that comes on one side of the coil is the input voltage and the voltage that comes out on the other side acts as a switching.

If there is a negative point line inside the IC, then it is called a feedback line, even if there is no resistance in that line, even then that point is not directly negative because the resistance used in it is that of the IC. It’s embedded inside.