How to repair earphones – Headphone jack at home | Best step by step

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Today we will go into this article that how to Repair Earphones. I will tell you about all the problems in earphones. And then I will give solutions about those problems one by one. After reading this article, all doubts related to your How to Repair Earphones will be cleared.

Before repairing any airphone, you have to confirm where the problem is. Many times the problem is not present in the airphone. The problem is in our phone, so it is very important to confirm whether our earphone is really bad or not.

First of all, check that the earphone in which the problem is coming, try that earphone in another phone. Check whether the same problem is coming in the other phone or not. If the same problem is coming in the other phone also, then it means that the earphone is bad and if the earphone is running correctly in the other phone then it will mean that your phone has a problem. The headphone jack of the phone can also be bad and the problem of the motherboard can also be. So we will go step by step, what is the solution for which problem?

How to repair earphones wire

If the wire of the airphone is damaged, then it has to be peeled and colored on top of the wire with the help of cigarette lighter. The solder can be applied by applying a paste to the wire after the color is removed. After that, with the help of the multimeter, check the wire by attaching the wire of the multimeter to both ends of the wire.

How to repair earphones,  how to repair damaged wire of airphone,

If the wire is damaged by checking with the multimeter, then the wire has to be changed.

When we insert the airphone inside the phone normally it does not work but if we shake the airphone jack then the airphone starts working properly.

In this condition, 100% is the problem of the jack. You do not need to open the phone to reapir it. Clean your jack with airbird. You can apply petrol on top of the airbird. You can also apply felcon cleaner. And with the help of twizer, all the soil trapped inside the jack has to be removed. After doing all this, your airphone will run even if you insert normal.

How to repair earphones at home if one is not working

If a speaker of an airphone is not running, the first thing to do is to attach the airphone to another phone. Then the jack has to be cleaned. Then you have to open an airphone speaker. It has to be checked with a multimeter. If the beep sounds on continuity mode then the speaker is correct otherwise the speaker is bad. If the speaker is bad then you can put the speaker of another airphone in this airphone. If the speaker is correct then the wire has to be changed

What to do if an airphone does not support a phone then how to repair earphones ?

Suppose you have purchased Samsung AKG earphone and if they are not supporting in your phone, then they will not normally support in your phone. Because its internal wiring is not supporting with your phone. Those who have a normal airphone are supported in almost all phones, but those who have the company’s airphones support only a few phones. Although this airphone does not work in all phones, but I tell you a trick that any airphone will run in any phone.

How to Repair Earphones,

You have to purchase this Car Bluetooth Device with Audio Receiver. You can also purchase from the market and you can also purchase from here. Attach any of your airphones inside it and attach it to your phone with the help of Bluetooth. By doing this, your airphone will start working. All functions will work correctly.

If the wire of a headphone or airphone is damaged, how is it repaired?

Cut the wire from where the wire is damaged. Cut and take off the top cover. After removing the cover, you will get four wires in it, the colors of the two wires will be different and two will have the same color, adding a little color before each of them and adding them together. You can use a cigarette lighter to remove color, or you can use a surgical blade. Use of good quality paste and iron and solder to connect the wire. This will make your airphone or headphone work again.

How to Open Any Headphone To repair.

To open any headphone, most of the sponges above the headphones have screws on the bottom of the headphone. You can open the headphones after opening those screws

How to fix earphones that do not work on call?

If a headphone does not work on making a call, first of all, go to the settings of the mobile phone and check the Bluetooth settings. She is given the option of calls in some phones. He has to turn on. After that, your headphones start working on calls.

How to repair a power button of an any bluetooth headset?

If the power bout of any headphone is damaged, first open the headphone. Wherever the power buttan is installed, it has to be replaced. In 99% of cases, replus occurs. Repair also occurs in 1% of cases.

How to repair headphones if the pin/charging pin is broken?

If the charging pin of a headphone is defective, then the charging pin has to be changed. In phones and headphones, the charger seems to be the same, but the way of repairing is different. Inside the phone, we have to attach all the pins of the charging jack but only positive and nagative pins have to be attached in the headphone. This is how the work goes on. Mostly when the pins of a headphone are bad, the prints also get bad, then you only have to find the positive print. Negative can also be found from somewhere.

How to fix the problem of volume changes constantly when earphones are plugged in?

If the volume is less when you install the airphones, then this problem is mostly on the motherboard. First you try to put the airphone in another phone, then after that the sound ic inside the phone is bad.

if ant Bluetooth headphones are not turning on even after to fix them

In 99% of the cases, the battery of blutooth handsets goes down. But it will not be charged with the charger, blutooth will have to be opened and the battery will have to be separated and boosted. Then the device will run. If it still does not work then shorting check with multimeter has to be done.

How to replace the battery of any Bluetooth headphones?

To change the battery of any Bluetooth, you have to keep in mind that the size of the battery you will change should be equal to the old battery. The Bluetooth battery has only two stars, one positive and the other negative. Place the positive wire in place of positive and place the negative wire in place of negative.

if any phone is still showing headphone mode or sign then how can we repair that

For this, if you want to repair your phone at your home, then it is available with many applications related to it in the Play Store. Through which you can make the headphone mark disappear and if you want to permanently fix it like who are normal. So the first thing you need to do is open the phone and clean the headphones properly. You can use petrol for cleaning. After cleaning it is to be dried with hot air and checked. If not fixed then the headphone jack has to be changed.

If the headphone is not detected even after the change, then the components are placed around the headphones. They have to check. If one of those components becomes short then it has to change. Or it has to be removed. In this way the headphone mark disappears from your phone and the phone comes in a normal condition.

When earphones connected but sound playing in speaker. how to fix it?

If the voice is coming from the speaker even when the air phone is installed, then the headphone jack of the mobile phone is bad in 99% of the cases.

How can I replace the speaker from cheap Bluetooth earphones to get better sound?

The speaker can be changed in any Bluetooth Air phone, but you must have the same side-side speaker. If there is too little difference in the side, then there will be no use to change. Sound will not be of good quality.

I hope that after reading this article, you have got a clear idea of how to repair earphones.