How to Repair Face Id of iPhone?

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Hello friends today we will learn how to repair Face ID of iPhone X. Most of the two-three types of problems come in Face ID of iPhone X, sometimes that problem is also fixed and sometimes it is not fixed. Whenever you come across the problem of iPhone Face ID, first of all you have to check Have to do which is coming in it because they are resolved according to different types of air.

For this, first of all, we have to go to the mobile’s setting. After going to the setting, we have to go to the option of Face ID, there to click on Setup Face ID, from there you will know its error. Many times it will come that Face ID setup. It is not happening many times the camera will be running, but you guys have the problem of down, in this way there are many other problems in which there is a problem of Face ID.

First of all, we have to open the iPhone X, to open it, two pages are given at the bottom of the iPhone. If so, it becomes very difficult to open them, so they have to open both of them equally, which is our screwdriver, it should be of good condition.

Many times if our screwdriver is old or bad, then the page becomes free from it, then we have trouble opening the page, we can cut the stomach on the normal phone, we can forcefully lift the display but in iPhone X we do this. We cannot cut it because its display is very expensive, I will also tell you that if the stomach gets upset then how can you remove that page.

First of all, we make the same thing that if the page becomes free from you or if the stomach is already free, then how will you open the page in this condition, to open the page, you have to first apply a good quality paste on the stomach. After that the iron that hits the most will have to be taken

You will have to share that page by placing the shoulder on top of that page with an iron, when the shoulder is placed on top of that page, after that you will have to put the ploughing end on the surgical blade and apply a good quality paste on it. Put some surgical blades on top of that page and connect them together with the help of iron, as soon as they are joined, let them cool down Swing the surgical blade, the page will open slowly, this way you can easily remove the bad page.

After opening the page, now we have to raise the display of the iPhone, we can also lift the display of the iPhone up with the help of vacuum or we can also lift it with the help of nails, some people have to lift the rest with the help of our blood. You can keep in mind that if the iPhone X is opening for the first time, then there is a paste on it, you will have to hit the display a little.

If you do not hit then the display will hardly open, it is okay, so if you forcefully open the display incorrectly, then a line may come in it and the display may also be damaged. You can also hit the display with a blower or a heating machine.

There are four or five sensors inside the iPhone X, when those sensors are fully connected, only then Face ID will run, then there is a problem with any of those sensors or any other problem, which we will learn about when that problem Only then Face ID is fine.

In this, first we have to remove the connector of the touch, then remove the display, then remove the battery and then remove the face ID jack. Have to check it out.

First of all, we have to check the face ID strip inside the display, there are two or three things inside the strip, as due to the twist, it is stripped breaks, to take it out, three screens are placed on top of this strip. Open them and take out the strip, the screwdriver of these skrue is different, there is no normal screwdriver.

One thing has to be remembered in this, the box which is installed above it, it has a calling speaker, it has to be removed from the side with great safety because it has face lock and sensor, it has a calling sensor. You can hit it with Bilhaur. You can also remove it by doing and with the help of tweezer it can be removed in the only way. It has to be taken care of more because this strip is very delicate.

The golden color in it is also the mic and the one on which a small box of black color is made, that is the sensor, we call it ambient light sensor, there is a calling sensor on the side if we see the problem there. If the leaf that is there is broken, then how will we solve it

How to fix Face ID card disconnected on iPhone X

If the Face ID card is cut or already cut in iPhone X, then to solve it, we need to have an original Face ID address. does not work inside, so old leaves have to be repaired

To repair it, we need another card, if you get an original card from the market, then you can repair the address of Face ID from it, otherwise, if the new address is fresh, then you cannot repair Face ID with it. Because they don’t work, you need the original cards for this.

So let us now learn that if we have another original address, then how will we repair the Face ID of iPhone X, for this there are two sensors on the top of the Face ID, one is the calling sensor and one is the sensor of Face ID. Both of them have to be removed from the old card and fixed on the new card.

Face ID goes with it, keep in mind that the components that we take off and put on other Face ID have to be applied very carefully because if that component gets damaged while removing that sensor, then you can never repair Face ID again. Therefore, by heating the leaves very carefully, some special machines come for them, with the help of which we can easily heat the leaves and take off those sensors and apply them on other leaves.

If there is a problem with the strip, then you can bypass this script by removing these sensors and putting them on the other leaves is called leaf bypass. After passing the bye, you have to re-fit the card properly. Before fitting, the camera lens which are inside the display have to be cleaned thoroughly with the help of ear bud, if they are not clean then Face ID work. does not have connectors

They also have to be attached well to the side of the display or side, after attaching, the husband that is attached to them, which keeps the connectors pressed, has a lot of role, that husband has to be fitted if the husband is not attached then the future The problem may come again. The last thing we have to do after installing all the connectors is the battery connector.

The problem that comes with Face ID in iPhone

  • face id is not available.
  • face id unlock failed.
  • face id not working. face id has been disabled.
  • face id is not available ty setting up face id later.
  • reset face id.
  • Face ID has been disabled.

What are the parts that may have to be replaced in the problem of Face ID?

  • dot Projector.
  • Flood Illuminator.
  • Ambient Light Sensor.
  • Proximity Sensor.
  • Infrared Camera.
  • flexible strip face id