How to fix Mobile power button/volume button not working?

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Mobile Button Repair


Power button: In any smartphone, there is a power button through which we turn the phone on and off. Lock unlock the phone.

Volume Button: In any smartphone, the volume button is the one by which we increase or decrease the volume of the phone.

Problems and their solutions

How to fix if the power button doesn’t work at all when you press it?

If the power button is not working at all when you press it. So to fix that you have to open the phone. First of all you open the phone. After that, 2 points of plus and minus are made behind the power button. Try attaching them with the help of tweezer. If the power button in the phone is working properly after shorting both the points with the tweezer. So the button is damaged. In this condition you have to change the power button.

If the power button works when pressed hard, how is it normalized or repaired?

If the power button is working by pressing hard. So this means that the power button is not completely damaged. It comes with two types of buttons. The first one is mounted on the motherboard. If so, the button above the motherboard works when you press hard. So this button cannot be repaired. It has to be changed.

Because these buttons are fixed. They cannot be opened. That’s why it is difficult to repair these buttons. So you just change this button. To change this you have to send s.m.d. Will need With the help of s.m.d., you can remove this button and put it again. You will use an iron to reapply.

Buttons can be applied very easily with iron. It will be better if you use a fine iron to put the buttons. And to apply the button, you use good quality paste. So that at least the shoulder can be buttoned more properly.

And the second one is the flex button. In which a separate flex is given. On top of which is a button. That flex is attached to the motherboard. Such buttons can be repaired. To repair it, a tape is attached over the flex. There are buttons on the bottom of that tape. The button has to be repaired by taking that tape off.

To repair the button, this button is cleaned with the help of a sharp object such as a surgical blade or tweezer. After cleaning, the button is put again. And the tape is re-glued over the button. If the tape gets damaged while taking it off. So here we can use another type as well. In this way you can repair the flex button.

The power button works fine when it works and sometimes stops or doesn’t work at all, what is the solution?

Let me explain to you what is the main reason for this. What happens in this is that the button has 2 points, plus and minus. That button attaches to the mother board and those points get rusted. Rust occurs because of the water vapor falling on the phone.

Due to which moisture gets inside the phone. Due to moisture, the points get rusty. Because current flows at these points. And this reduces the connectivity of the button.

When the connectivity is correct. Then the button works fine. When connectivity is not correct. Doesn’t work then. So the button will not work properly in this condition. never will never will. You will need to clean the button thoroughly to solve this. The attachment points that will be there after cleaning will have to be resold again. On resold again, the button will start working properly. If the button does not work after doing this solution, then it has to be changed.

Above we have learned about all the problems and solutions. They all apply to both the volume and power buttons. Therefore, even if there is a problem with the volume button, you can adopt the same solution. And if there is a problem with the power button, you can still apply the solutions.

How to fix dent on mobile volume button?

See what happens that when the phone falls down, the volume button and power button get dents and due to that dent, the volume button and power button are not working properly or become tight. So to solve this, today we will learn that if there is a dent on the volume button or power button, then how can they be fixed.

To solve this, first of all you have to open the phone completely. After opening the phone, the motherboard has to separate the battery from the phone. After that the button is installed inside the body. That button has to be taken out from the inside side. After taking out the volume button or power button, it has to be straightened very carefully.

To straighten the button, we can take the help of nose palas but keep in mind that these buttons are very delicate. If you put too much emphasis on it, it breaks. If it breaks then you will have to change the button.

So you straighten it very carefully. After straightening, fix the button again and close the body. The volume button will be corrected and due to dents, sometimes the body gets dented too. Due to which the buttons do not work properly. For that too you have to follow the same procedure.

The phone has to be opened and where there is a dent, remove it and fit the button again. Volume button or power button will start working properly. But this work has to be done by opening your phone. If you try from outside then the phone gets damaged.

The volume button and power button can also be treated from the back panel.

If your phone’s volume button or power button is broken, then you can change the back panel of your phone by going to the market, with the back panel, the volume button and power button are attached, so when you change the back panel, then on top of the body. The tents attached will also come out and the volume buttons will also be correct, for this you do not need to put a separate volume button or power button, you can change the back panel, this will solve the problem of your volume button and power button.

How much money does it take to change the back panel of any smartphone?

See mi, oppo, vivo, 1+ and all the other companies, their back panels are changed in the cost of less than two thousand. The rate changes according to the rest of the different markets. But changes aproximately below two thousand. But this does not happen in Apple phones. If you want to change the back panel in Apple’s phone, then you can spend more money. And its cost can also come between around 2000 to 10000.

If the power button or volume button of a smartphone is broken, then how to open the phone to fix it?

To open any smartphone, first of all you have to remove the back panel from the phone. To remove the back panel, the back panel is separated from the body with the help of an opener. The back panel of some smartphones has a back glass. First that glass is heated and removed. After that, screws are installed under it. The back panel is separated from the body by opening them. The space given between the back panel and the front panel,

Inside it with the help of our nails or with the help of an opener, we can check whether this back panel is removable or not. Some back panels have simple locks. They can be easily separated. After disassembling the back panel, you can repair the volume button and power button.

Can we repair the power button or volume button without opening the phone?

Yes, we can repair the power button and volume button without even opening the phone. For that you have to download an application on your phone. With the help of that application, you can switch off the phone from inside. And the volume button can also be used for that. There are many such applications available in the Play Store. With which we can control the power button and volume button.

If the on off button of a keypad phone or small phone is broken or damaged, how can the phone be turned on?

See if the switch on button of any keypad phone gets damaged. Or break. So to repair it you have to take that button out. After taking out the button, you will see a button in a silver colored round shape at the bottom. You have to lift that button up and then with the help of tweezer or with the help of any conductor metal, you have to shorten the point between it and the point on the side. After shorting your phone will be on.

For this, first of all, try charging your phone. If charging is showing on charging. But it is not turning on. So it would mean that your phone’s button itself is bad. So you can fix that button like this.

If your android mobile is stuck in safe mode and volume down button is not working properly, now you want to turn off the safe mood so what you should do?

First of all, we know how safe mod looks like?

When we turn on the phone and if we press the volume button while turning on, then our phone turns on in safe mode.

Or we can say that if we want to turn on our phone in saver mode, then when we turn on the phone, at the same time we press the volume button, then our phone will be turned on in only mode.

Now the problem is that if our volume button gets damaged and we have to turn off the safe mode. So how is it done. So to fix this, you have to fix the volume button first. How to fix volume buttons. I have given its solution in full detail above. You read this blog again.

You will understand in what ways the volume button can be repaired. After fixing or after removing the volume button when you will turn on the phone. Then your phone will turn on in normal mode. Safe Mode will be turned off.