How to repair speaker wire | speaker repair

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The wire of any speaker can be repaired. To repair the wire of the speaker, first of all we need to check the speaker wire whether the speaker wire is defective or not. Sometimes the speaker itself is bad, so to check it, you have to open the speaker first. The cover that is installed above the speaker has to be opened. After removing the cover you will get 2 points above the speaker.

One is plus and the other is -. Put the multimeter on the continuity mode above both points and place it on the speaker. If the sound of the beep comes, then the speaker is right. If the sound of the beep does not come, then the speaker itself is bad. If the beep sounds, then we will change the wire. So now you know in which condition you have to change the wire of the speaker.

Now we know when we have to repair the wire of the speaker.

The wire has to be checked with a multimeter to repair the speaker wire. There are multiple wires inside the speaker wire. We have to check which of these wire is bad. Each wire has to beep from multimeter to continuity mode with the sound of a beep.

But here we are learning how to repair wire.

The wire has to be cut from where the wire will deteriorate. There are multiple wires inside the main wire after cutting. They have to be peeled with the help of cigarette lighters, after peeling, the color is applied on top of the wire, that color has to be removed as well. Then a test has to be done on it. After applying the paste, the shoulder can now be applied over it. With the help of shoulder and iron, the wire has to be re-attached to the speaker. You can also change the wire in the same way.

Many times the connector that is attached to the wire is defective. So it gets new connectors to change it. You will get 3 points in it, one of them is a point main and the remaining 2 points are plus and minus. The speaker wire consists of four stars, one of which is not colored. Those who do not have color, they have to be added together and those who do not have color have to be added separately.

In this way it becomes 4 to 3 wires and all three wires have to be connected to the connector. The command point inside the connector has to be connected on top of the two wires and the individual points will be attached on top of the separate points. In this way you can also change the connector.

By the way, to connect any wire, we can also connect it by hand. But to connect the headphone or airphone or any speaker wire, you should always seek the help of the shoulder. Because if you connect the wire by hand, the sound can be different.

So always take the help of shoulder to connect the speaker phone or headphone wire and connect the wire from the same.

It does not make a difference in the sound and the speaker plays perfectly