How to speaker repair coil & connection

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There is a coil inside any speaker. Whose speaker works. A kel is a bunch made by besically rounding a long wire.

Now we will learn how to repair a speaker coil connection

First of all, there is a raised part in the middle of the speaker, it has to be removed. After unloading, two wires come out of the coil which is very thin wire. Many times we have to connect these wires due to the sound coming out or if the wires are broken in the same way.

To connect the wire, there is a glue of black color over the wire and it has to be removed from any thing.

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How to check the coil of any speaker

To check, we will use a 20 volt battery. The speaker wire has to be attached above the battery. If the speaker is correct, then the speaker will fall down.

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Now we will use the jumper wire to connect the wire. Remove the color from both ends of the jumper wire so that solder can be affixed to it.

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We can use any wire here. It is not necessary that we use jumper wire only.

This will look something like this after connecting the wire. Surplus wire has to be cut with a cutter.

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In the same way, connect the other wire as well. After connecting the wire, the speaker has to be checked with a 20 volt battery. Do not have to keep the battery connected continuously, just have to be sided as soon as you are attached. And this has to be done 2-3 times

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After that the cover over the coil has to be kept back up.

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The old glue attachment used to stick the cover has to be cleaned. And the vapis have to be affixed to the fevistick. And keep it for 1 to 2 hours.

Now your speaker’s call is fixed. Now the right voice will come out of it.