How to earphone speaker repair

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Air phone speakers can be repaired. But first we have to check whether the speaker is bad or not. To check the speaker of the air phone, first of all you check the air phone by placing it inside another phone. And check whether the voice is coming in the speaker in that phone as well. If the same problem is coming in other phones, then it means that the air phone is bad.

Now we will learn how to repair the earphone speaker

To repair the speaker of the air phone, first of all there are two stars above the speaker, to disconnect those wires from your speaker. We will use iron to separate it. With the help of iron, the wires have to be separated. Here we have to keep in mind that iron is not to be kept on the speaker for much longer.

Because if you keep the iron on the speaker for a long time, then the speaker may go bad. So first we have to confirm whether the speaker is bad or not. So do not touch the iron for that long.

We can also use good quality paste here. With the help of paste, the speaker wires are removed quickly.

After separating the wire from the speaker, keep the multimeter in continuity mode and attach both wires of the multimeter to both ends of the speaker. If the beep sounds, then the speaker is correct and if the beep does not sound then the speaker is bad. If the speaker turns out to be correct then you have to check the wire.

After checking the wire, separate the wire from the speaker and paste it again and check it by attaching it to the phone. No need to pack speaker to check. You can also check the speaker without packing.

Most speakers work when the wire is properly placed. If the speaker does not work in this way, then the wire has to be changed and if the wire does not work even if it is changed, then you have to change the speaker.

There is a box in the middle of the air phone. Even by opening that box, you have to see that many times the wire comes out inside that box. If this happens, it has to be added again. Also the speaker can be repaired.