how to repair laptop speaker

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Just like there is a speaker inside the mobile, just as there is a speaker inside the laptop, there are two speakers inside the laptop. If the speaker of the laptop is damaged, then I have to check both the Sikar. Sometimes the speaker gets repaired. We also have to do it.

Today, in this article, I will teach you that if you have a laptop and its speaker is not giving a good sound or its internal speaker is bad or the sound of your laptop’s speaker is bursting. So how to wrapper such laptop speaker. So let me teach you today how and what to do, it is very simple

To do this, you must have fevistick. I have spoken fevistic here and have not spoken feviquick.

fevistick for How to speaker repair of laptop

We use it to stick to simple plastic items. Let us know how to repair your laptop speaker in a very simple way.

The laptop has 2 speakers.

how to clean a laptop speaker, How to speaker repair of laptop

First of all you will disassemble your laptop and after disassembling you will see this kind of speaker. It often happens that the diafrem of the speaker bursts. There are small holes inside the diafrem. And the sound of the diafrem bursting causes the voice to deteriorate. This is the reason for the sound that starts bursting.

The first thing to do is to clean the dirt on the speaker with a clean brush.

how to clean a laptop speaker ,How to speaker repair of laptop

Brush is very smooth to clean. The brush should be soft. When the speaker is clean then you will see holes inside the speaker. Even if you do not see the hole, you have to fill your speaker completely with a favorite. If there is a hole in the middle too, then it is to be applied to the favist. Leave this for 4 to 5 hours after applying Favitic. Until then it has to do nothing. Let it dry.

how to clean a laptop speaker with soft brush, How to speaker repair of laptop

If the same problem is there in the left speaker too, we will clear it well and then we will fill it with a favicist.

Keep in mind that if the speaker falls, it deteriorates very quickly, then it has to be done very carefully.

It is not to be cleaned at all with screwdriver or any sharp thing because they cause holes inside the speaker.

If you do it well then in 99% of cases the speaker starts working perfectly.

So this is a very good way to repair the internal speaker of any laptop.

You do not need to change the speaker of the laptop. If you do a good job then your old speakers will be repaired.