How to fix Phone Speaker not Working | Phone speaker Repair

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There are two types of speakers in any smartphone, the first is at the top and the second is at the bottom. In the first type, when we get a call from someone, we hear the voice of the front, then the speaker from which we hear the voice of the front. That speaker is called ear speaker. Or we call him the receiver and there is another from which when we listen to the songs.

That speaker is called a ringer. It is called a ringer because it rings a ring. That’s why it is called a ringer. So here your confusion ends. What is a speaker and what is a ringer? From which the voice of the front comes, it is called the speaker and from which the sound of the song comes, it is called the ringer.

See, there are many problems related to speaker and ringer, we will learn about those problems and their solutions in full detail.

The problems that come related to the speaker:

  1. The first problem is that the sound does not come from the speaker at all.
  2. The second problem is that the sound from the speaker is very low.
  3. The third problem is that if the sound comes from the speaker then it is loud but the sound is not clear. We do not understand the voice of the front, what is being said.
  4. And the fourth problem is that the voice of the front will come for 1 or 2 minutes after that it will stop completely.

Now we will know about all these problems one by one, why this problem occurs and what is their solution.

How to check speaker or ringer of any smartphone and how to fix it?

Look at all the problems I have mentioned above, no matter what the problem may come. To check it, first of all you have to open the phone. After that you have to put the multimeter on continuity mode. Means keep it on the sound of beep.

Due to which when we attach plus and minus, then the sound of beep comes. The multimeter has to be set at that point. After that, the first thing to do is to attach both the wires of the multimeter to both the points of the speaker. If there is a beep sound, then the speaker is correct. And if there is no beep sound, then the speaker is bad. There is no beep sound in some conditions. Even if there is no beep sound, the speaker is correct.

But in 95% of cases, if there is no beep sound, it means that the speaker is damaged. Now suppose you have checked the speaker. After that you know about how to check the motherboard. To check the motherboard, put the multimeter on continuity mode. After that, the plus wire of the multimeter has to be placed on the ground of the motherboard. And the negative wire, the point where the speaker is being attached, has to be placed at both the points one by one. And check the value. If the value is coming at both the points, then the motherboard is correct.

Means the supply is correct at point 1 from the audio IC. If the value is not coming at any of the two points, then that point is spoiled. To correct that point, you have to check all the components from the audio IC, to all the components in between that point.

If the components are correct, then there is a problem with the audio IC in that condition. Then we have to either repair or replace the audio IC. This solution is applicable for both ringer and speaker. Whether the speaker of the phone gets damaged or the ringer of the phone gets damaged. You have to apply the same solution in both the conditions. If you check the speaker in this way, then you will know the problem related to the speaker. And you will be able to solve it.

Now I will tell you some such points, which are shortcuts. If you know them, then you will definitely get help while repairing your mobile.

Suppose you find out that the sound IC has gone bad. So you haven’t changed that IC already. Before you change the ic, you have to repair it once. To repair, you have to paste on that IC. The injections that are available in the market, or any paste of good quality, you have to apply on the IC and then on all the corners of that IC, or say that on top of that IC, s.m.d. With the help of, or with the help of hot air gun, from which we take out the jack, etc., we have to hit the IC lightly with it.

First you have to hit. And after the IC cools down, turn on the phone and check the speaker. If the problem goes away, that’s a good thing. If the problem does not go away, then you have to apply the paste again on it. And on top of that the heat has to be given a little bigger. And when hit, with the help of tweezer you have to shake the ic a little. The ic has to move at the same time as you are hitting. It is also called IC jerk.

The ic has to be moved a little. So that the soldering bolts at the bottom return to their place. And if a word is not attached, then it will be attached again. And in some cases by applying a hit, the audio ICs are restarted. So you must try this solution once. Ringer IC may also be fine by this.

Suppose the audio IC is correct and the speaker is also correct then what to do?

See if the speaker is correct and the audio IC is also correct, then you have to check the points of the speaker. The supply is to be checked at those points, whether the supply is coming to both those points or not. If the supply is not coming, then we have to make up that supply.

To create the supply, we have to put the multi meter on continuity mode. And one wire of the multimeter has to be attached to the plus point. And check on the mother board where that point is going. Suppose a beep is coming over a point, that means that component is beeping on one side from the ringer point, then you have to see the point of the multimeter on the other side.

If beep is coming on both sides then it is ok, if beep is not coming then we have to direct that component. Or have to change. Similarly, if a component is installed in parlel, that is, a capacitor is attached, then if that capacitor is shot, the ringer will not work. So you have to remove that capacitor in this condition. If you remove that capacitor, the supply will be fine.

This will trigger the ringer again. You just have to take care of this thing, that no matter what you do, whether you check the capacitor or direct the resistance. You have to create a supply over both those points. Which comes from ic to there. After making the supply, you have to clean those points thoroughly. After cleaning, attach the speaker to see. The sound will come.

How to amplify the sound of any smartphone? And if the sound is not coming clearly in any smartphone, then how to fix it? And if there is disturbance in sound in a smartphone, then how to fix it?

See if the sound is not coming clear, then to solve this you have to first clean the speaker properly. Now for how to clean, you have to open the phone. After opening the phone, the speaker has to be taken out from the motherboard.

Means to take it out of the body. To take it out of the body, you have to first hit the speaker lightly. So that the tape under it gets loose. When the tape is loose, only then do you have to take the speaker out. When you take the speaker out. After that a mesh is attached inside the body. You have to clean that mesh. Now what is the right way to clean.

You have to apply a little thinner on that mesh. And with the help of a brush, all the dust on that mesh has to be removed. You have to look at the body by lifting it up, and see if you can see through that mesh. You have to clean that mesh until you can see through that mesh.

When you can see through the mesh, you’ll need to re-fit the speaker. This will increase the sound of the speaker and the voice will also come clear.

The second solution is that if anything sticks on the ringer, the sound is not clear. What happens sometimes is that something sticks to the ringer, so if we remove that dust, the sound of the ringer becomes correct. Because there is a magnet inside the ringer and because of that magnet anything can stick to the speaker.

So if anything sticks to the speaker, the sound will not come right out of the speaker. So you clean the speaker thoroughly. This allows the speaker’s voice to be clearer.

The third solution is that even if the speaker remains loose in the body, the sound does not come out clearly from the speaker. You can try to loose the speaker, try it tight, many times doing this like this makes the speaker go away. And his voice becomes clear. You can also try this solution.

If bluetooth of any phone has stopped pairing with speaker and showing wrong passkey, how to fix it?

If this problem has come suddenly, then 90% of this problem is software. To solve this, first of all, try a full reset of the phone. If this problem is solved after doing a full reset. So that’s a good thing. If it doesn’t. So get the phone flashed again.

Meaning get its software installed again. You can visit the service center to install the software. Or you can also get it done from the mobile market. The risk is less in the service center. Because many times the phone gets dead while doing software. That’s why you try to get its software reinstalled from the service center.

If you get software from the market, then you have to go to the mechanic who does the software work. Most mechanics reset the phone and give it away. Due to which the problem of the phone will not be solved.

Unless the software is reinstalled on the phone, the problem will not be solved. Like there is a window inside a laptop or inside a PC. In the same way, there is software inside the phone. Which has its own Android version. These are flashed with the help of online tools. On some phones, you can do the software on your own. But for that you have to take help of internet.

The drivers for the phone will have to be installed. And to do software you have to find tools. With the help of that tool you will be able to install software in your phone.

Flash file of every phone is different. So this process has to be done very carefully. In this way, when you do the software of the phone, after that this problem related to Bluetooth will be solved.

If this problem is not solved even after doing software, then an IC of WiFi and Bluetooth is installed inside the motherboard. The IC has to be changed. To get the IC changed, you have to go to the mobile market itself. IC changing work is not done in the service center. He changes the whole motherboard. Therefore, once you go to the mobile market, you must get your phone checked.

Only after that you take the decision to change the mother board. I hope you have fully understood about the solution of this problem.

If you have ordered the phone online, and its big speaker is not working. So how can this be repaired?

This problem can also be caused by the speaker. And it could be the motherboard too. To fix this, first try to reset the phone. If the speaker does not play after resetting. Then open the phone. After opening, first of all, by placing the multimeter on continuity mode, attach it to both the points of the speaker. If so, the sound of beep is coming. So the speaker is right.

If the sound of beep is not coming. So the speaker is bad. Before checking the speaker, disassemble the speaker from the motherboard. Check only after disassembling. After checking if the speaker comes out right. So now we will check the motherboard.

To check the motherboard, the plus wire of the multimeter has to be placed on the ground anywhere on the motherboard. And – the wire has to be seen on both the points of the speaker one by one. If the value is coming on both. So the motherboard is correct. If the value is not coming on both. So there is a supply problem. After that we will check the supply.

From those points all the components come in the middle of the IC. We will check all those components one by one. If the components come out true. So after that comes IC. Before changing the IC, it is to be repaired and seen. To repair, by applying paste on the IC, hit it lightly. If the IC turns on by applying heat or there is a sound. Well then. Otherwise the IC will have to be changed. To change the IC, one has to find the IC of the same number.

The IC of the SAME number can be removed from any phone. The number of the IC must be exactly the same. Only then the IC will work. If even after doing all this there is no sound. So in this condition the motherboard itself has to be changed. Because after that comes the power IC. Or even by changing the power IC, the problem is solved. So with all these solutions you can check what is the problem with the speaker. One of these solutions will drive the speaker.

Try trying all the solutions one by one. First, do small solutions, then gradually move on to solutions. One or the other solution will make a sound.

If sound is coming from both earphones and mobile speaker then how can this problem be fixed?

If the sound is coming from both the phone and the speaker. So the headphone jack of the phone gets damaged. First of all, try repairing the headphone jack in this condition. This problem is also solved by cleaning it several times. To clean the headphone jack, put a little bit of petrol inside the headphones. And collect the air bird.

The cotton that is placed over the air bird. Take it off slightly from above. And by putting that air bird inside the headphone jack, spin it well.

If there will be dust in that headphone jack. So the air will come out with the help of the bird. And after that let it dry for some time. And then check with headphones on. Sometimes this solves the problem. If doing this way does not solve the problem. So open the phone and connect the headphone jack to s.m.d. Remove it with the help of a new headphone jack and install it.

You can also remove the old headphone jack with the help of a desoldering wire. Remove the old solder from the desolving wire. After that the headphone jack will automatically come out of the motherboard. And put the new headphone jack and solder it again. While cleaning, one thing has to be kept in mind, that petrol should not be poured too much. Because if you put more petrol. So he can also go inside the display. And this damages the display.

That’s why you use air bird only by putting petrol on the air bird. Any one of these solutions will solve your problem.

If by chance all these solutions do not solve the problem. So after that there are some components around the headphones. Check them out. If any of those components become short. Or the supply misses. So it has to be repaired. After that there is also the IC of the headphone. You can check by running the phone by touching on the motherboard, that if any IC is overheating during working time, then there may be a problem in that IC also. Or there may be water somewhere on top of the motherboard. Due to which this problem can come. So you will see all these solutions one by one. With one or the other solution your problem will be 100% solved.

If a smartphone automatically becomes hands free when making a call, then how to fix it?

If a smartphone automatically goes into handsfree mode when making a call. So the reason for this is that you try to reset it full. If doing a full reset does not solve the problem. So you flash it again and see. After reinstalling its software, this problem is solved. Because it is a problem of function. The speaker is working perfectly in its place. Only the function gets enabled automatically. So this being a function related problem, by installing software, this problem can be solved. Flash your phone again. This will solve your problem.

if your voice not going through on call in in any smartphone neither handheld nor on speaker phone whatsapp calling, Google assistant are working fine: How to fix it?

See, there are different solutions for different situations. For example, if you are facing this problem on WhatsApp calling. So the mic that works on WhatsApp calling. He works with hands free mic. There are two types of mics installed inside the phone. There is a mic in which we call,

At that time the voice goes to the front. And the second happens when we talk hands free. Or do whatsapp calling. works at that time. So if the hands free mic gets damaged in your phone. So you are not able to talk on WhatsApp calling. There is no sound to the front. Then you will have to repair the mic with handsfree. After that your problem will be solved.

And the second solution is that when we make a call on WhatsApp. So for that to use the mic by going to the phone’s settings, we have to give permission. If we have not given permission to the app. So that he can use the mic of our phone. So the mic will not work in that application.

So confirm these two things whether you have done both these things. Go to the WhatsApp setting of your phone and check the permissions whether you have allowed all the permissions or not. Switch off all the permissions and after that open the phone and check the hardware. The hardware consists of two mics. Check both. There will be a problem with one of the mics. Because of which this problem is coming.

You can also solve this problem with the headphone jack. If there is a problem with the headphone jack. Even then this problem can come. After doing the first two solutions. If the problem is not solved. So you will also have to clean the headphone jack thoroughly. Check it out by resold. Even that can solve your problem.