Motherboard Swapping Tips & Tricks While Installing CPU Inside Any Motherboard

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Motherboard Swapping

Android Mobile Encrypted Data Recover Emmc And CPU Replacement.

First of all we will see that if there is no shorting inside any motherboard and it is not able to turn on. So first of all, we have to change the pm ic and all the power ICs that are installed and see them by reballing. If our phone is not able to turn on even after changing them, then after that we have to reball CPU and emmc. We can directly reball the CPU. But emmc has to be programmed, but reballing emmc inside some phones also works.

While doing CPU reball, I will tell you about some important things that you should know about. Knowing these will help you a lot in reballing and reinstalling the CPU.

Repairing CPU and eMMC does not delete the data of any smartphone.

Today we will talk in this article that when you rabble and do platform, then you have to face different problems.

Whenever we take out the CPU from the motherboard, at that time we have to cover the rest of the IC and components well with silver tape.

emmc is made of glass. If heat gets on it, then it can spoil very quickly, so it has to be covered well.

If there is heat on the PM IC, then there may be graphics problem in your phone or there may also be a problem of charging.

emmc IC can be removed from one phone and installed in another phone, but before that emmc has to be earse, then we can put it in another phone.

By cleaning the rpm of Samsung’s eMMC ic, we can use it inside any motherboard.

If a phone is not turning on even after repairing or has been completely damaged, then the data of that phone can be saved by removing both the CPU and MMC IC of that phone and reballing it by putting it in another phone.

This is called motherboard swapping.

If this question is in your mind that the data of MMC inside any motherboard can be copied and put in another motherboard, then can the data of that phone be saved?

If a motherboard is completely damaged, can its data be saved?

Data cannot be shared by changing eMMC alone as it is encrypted with emmc

CPU and emmc both have to be changed then only we can save the data of a phone.

If we change emmc alone then when you turn the phone on the phone will go into recovery mode and ask for the password there and no one knows about that password but if you change all together Then the phone will be fully on.

To clean the IC in the motherboard, a good quality desoldring wire should be used.

clean the IC, quality desoldring wire

After installing the CPU and emmc ic, you can check by moving the emmc, while the CPU has to be moved very rarely or not at all. Because if you move a little more, then the CPU becomes short from below and it will not be able to turn on.

Do not clean the motherboard only after installing cpu and emmc. When the motherboard cools down, then the motherboard has to be cleaned.