Intraday Staratagy for Earn 10-15k Daily | Share Market

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Good channel and best channel to take knowledge of share market👇

Share market opens at 9:15am before 11am you will earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees In this website we will open the chart of the stock.

Will set a time frame of 15 minutes

In Tradingview’s chart, we will do a setup whose accuracy is almost correct.

Here we will use 2 moving averages.

First go to indicator, matrix staratagy >> then select moving average exponential (it has to be selected 2 times) >> then select volume (it has to be selected once)

We call these indicators as EMA. When you select these three emas, all three will appear above. Then click on the setting of the first indicator.

In the setting, you have to click on the input, the length of the input tab has to be made 50. From here you have to change its color and make it a little bold.

And the 50 line has to be made blue.

After that, by clicking on the setting of 2nd moving exponential, its length has to be made 200 and its color has to be changed too. The line with 200 has to be blackened.

So what is the strategy here that if the line with 50 ema crosses a green candle, then after crossing it will touch the line with 200 ema. So whenever the line with 50 ema crosses a green candle, you have to take entry there, put a stoplose at the point below that green candle and the target will be the 200 ema line.

Volume indicator also has to be turned on

By turning it on, the graph of the volume below will come. A line will appear on it. If the green candles are going above that line then the price will definitely touch the 200 ema passing through the 50 ema.

After turning on the volume, double tap on the volume graph below, then the setting will open. Volume MA has to be turned on.

Make a list of stocks. And you will put the indicators which are there in all the stocks.