Mobile IC, Chip full dentification | Working | Types of mobile IC

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IC means Integrated Circuit and Integrated Circuit means, a combine circuit which is a small single part made by combining many parts. Which is called IC. IC is not a small one PART, it is an IC made up of small parts, which has the ability to perform many functions, that is why it is called IC.

Its full name is an integrated circuit

Many ICs are used in mobile or any device. It is mostly installed in the motherboard of the mobile. Mother board is also called PCB, not only in mobile but also in laptop PC and all the electronic items, ic is used in all of them.

PCB means printed circuit board and lines are printed inside the PCB and ICs are mounted on it. An IC is made by combining those small parts which we see in the mother board. . We cannot separate the IC into small parts by breaking it. By keeping small components inside the IC, it has to be functioned inside it. And the IC can perform the function of thousands of parts alone. That is why it is called IC or Integrated Circuit. Many ICs are used in mobiles, not just one IC.

Each IC has a different function. There is a different IC use for every function, how many ICs are used in a phone, it depends on the function of the mobile, for which purpose the mobile is to be used. If mobile is to be used only for basic function like calling function and not to use for any function like if there is no wifi or no bluetooth or there is no infrared then there will be less IC in that motherboard and in which motherboard Bluetooth enabled or camera installed.

Or if WiFi is installed, then the number of ICs increases in them. Inside that phone, you will get different ICs for all kinds of functions and from this blog, the ICs that are going to be used in every phone, small IC or big IC, will take information about all of them and apart from the main ic- Which ICs can be there, you will understand about them.

IC is used to do any particular work in any mobile. The IC which is engaged to use the network in the mobile, that IC will control only the network and the IC which is engaged for FM will control only the FM and whatever these different ICs are used for them. Numbers also vary.

But the basic ICs are the same in all phones, now let’s talk about what are the basic ones, like if there is a main IC, then you will get the same IC in other phones too. His company will be different but his functions will be the same. But if their numbers are different then you cannot take out one IC and use it in another phone because every company makes each IC differently. Its speed is different, its architecture is different, so you cannot use the IC used in one phone in another phone.

There can be three types of sections in any mobile, such as network section and network section, which means that the section which is located near the antenna, we will call that section the network section, around this network section there is a steel section. Now we know that how many ICs are installed in the network section, the job of the network section is to do network processing.

In network section you will find three ICs first is rf ic second is called pfo and pa and third ic is antenna switch then you will find these three types of ICs in network section. We will learn about this in detail but before that we get to know about the rest of the section. It is mostly at the top of the phone.

After this, what we will know about the second section, we will call it power and data section. The network section at the top and the power and data section in the middle.

There are many more in mobile such as SIM IC and Bluetooth IC, Camera IC, Audio IC, Light IC, Charging IC, FM IC. And apart from these, you can find many ICs in the phone. There are ICs around them, they are SIM ICs and the small ICs around the memory card are called memory card ICs and there is something like this around the camera, they control the camera if there is any text around. If it is not like this, then it is integrated inside the big IC, in the smartphones that are coming today, small ones are integrated inside the big IC, because of this, if there is any problem in them related to charging or taking the SIM, then we will get bigger. IC has to be changed.

First of all we talk about the IC of the network section, why is the network section created and what is its function, the function of the network section is to show the network and receive the call and forward the call and send messages It means to say that the network IC does the job of receiving and sending any signal.

If there is a problem in the network section then what kind of problems can the customer face such as network failure and network low and call not going while calling and call failure and call drop and phone hanging while calling You can come across this kind of problem if there is a problem in the network section.