Mobile Phone Repairing Tips, tutorial

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Today in this article I will tell you about such mobile repairing tips that you have never heard of before today and after having these mobile repairing tips, you are going to get a lot of help. So read this article completely. So that the solution of the problem you are facing in your smartphone will be found in this article itself. Whatever problem you are facing in your smartphone, I will try my best to cover all those problems in this article. I am writing this article from my experience of 10 years, so if you complete this article then you are going to get hundred percent help. So let’s start the mobile repairing tips.

Phones of many companies are running in the market such as Nokia Samsung, Matrola, Honor, iPhone and Nokia etc. And apart from these, there are many Chinese companies that are selling their smartphones at very cheap prices. Such as Acer, ASUS, Celkon, Dell, Gionee, Huawei, iBall, Intex, Carbon, Lava, Lenovo, Micromax, Oppo, Panasonic, Spice, Xiamoi, Xolo, ZTE, Blu etc.

Should you repair your damaged phone from an authorized service center or local mobile market?

Should you get your phone repaired from an authorized service center or from the local mobile phone market if it gets damaged? :-

Both the local mobile market and the authorized service center are right in their respective places. One of the biggest features of a service center is that only original spare parts are available there, apart from this, they do not have any other option, even if your budget is less. On the other hand, you get both the options in the local mobile phone market. There you get both the first copy and the original option.

authorized service center vs local mobile market,

But the problem comes that the common man who does not know anything about mobile repairing does not know the difference between the original and the duplicate spare part, due to which in the local mobile market you have to put a duplicate PAN card by telling you the original spare part. goes. And this problem comes to almost every person, that’s why I am making this article so that you can take the right decision to get your phone repaired.

In this article, I will tell you some such mobile repairing tips, after knowing which you will know which problem is solved, so let’s start.

What is the solution if the fingerprint sensor stops working due to mobile lamination?

Suppose the fingerprint of your phone is working perfectly and you have got it laminated. Fingerprint stopped working after lamination, the reason for this is because there is hot air on the fingerprint sensor, due to which the fingerprint has stopped working. To solve this, first remove the lamination on the fingerprint. Restart the phone. If the phone does not have the necessary data, then you can also try resetting the phone. If the fingerprint is not working even after doing all this, then you have to open the phone and reconnect the fingerprint. If even after this the fingerprint does not work, then the fingerprint has to be changed.

repair fingerprint sensor mobile phone

Note : If the fingerprint option has disappeared from the phone, then reconnecting the fingerprint can be the solution. And if the fingerprint option is coming but not working, then the fingerprint has been damaged due to hot air exposure and in this situation the fingerprint has to be changed.

How can I learn mobile repairing?

By the way, to do a mobile repairing course, you will have to go to an institute and pay a lot of money there, after that they will get you a mobile phone repairing course. There are mobile repairing institutes somewhere in every city. But I am giving you a free mobile repairing course in this website. And in this course I have told some such mobile repairing tips about which no other institute will tell you. Because that mobile repairing tips comes from experience after doing mobile repairing for a very long time. which I am telling you. Therefore, all the articles you are from in this website are related to all mobile repairing. You yourself should read all the articles in the website very carefully. And for this you do not have to pay any money to anyone, it is absolutely free.

Is mobile repairing easy?

Mobile repairing is a very difficult task for the person who does not know anything about mobile repairing because it is a very meticulous job. But even for this, there are some such mobile repairing tips, after knowing which mobile repairing can be easy for everyone, if you want to learn mobile repairing, then it will have to be learned for 2 to 3 months. After that you will have to practice for about 1 year, after that you can easily start mobile repairing. Therefore, follow all the mobile repairing tips I have told in this article carefully.

What are the most common phone repairs?

No matter what company the phone is, it is bound to go bad one day, if the phone keeps running then there is bound to be a problem in it, but it is not that all the phones are bad, which are more expensive phones, their life is longer. it occurs. There are different parameters for the life of the phone such as if the phone’s RAM is less than 2Gb then the phone will hang. You will not be able to install many applications in it, no matter how many GB of memory card you put in it. It won’t make any difference to him. He will hang up the phone. So if you are reading this article because you want to buy a new phone, then you should buy the phone whose ram is more than 2GB.

Most Android phones are bad. iPhones are less bad than Androids. But there is also a truth that when Android phones get damaged, it costs very little to get them repaired, whereas it costs a lot to get the iPhone repaired. iPhones are stronger than Android mobiles. But they have less features than Android, but all the features they have are very powerful.

How can I protect my phone from repairs?

There are different solutions for protecting different things. As I will now tell you some such tips to protect mobile in Mobile Repairing Tips, which if you follow then you will be able to protect your phone.

protect my phone

1st Mobile repairing tips: Mobile display

If you want to protect the screen of the phone, then you should keep tempered glass on the screen at all times and always keep the mobile in the cover because the body of the mobile is hard while the mobile cover is soft, due to which if who will fall down then The cover will not cause much damage. And because of the tempered glass, the screen will also be saved.

Mobile display protect

2nd Mobile repairing tips: Charging section and mobile battery

If you want to protect the battery and charging of your phone, then do not leave the mobile charged all night. When the mobile phone is fully charged, remove it from charging. Do not use the phone while you have charged the phone. By doing this the battery of the phone gets depleted very quickly.

Charging section and mobile battery

Third mobile repairing tips: Mobile Motherboard

If you want to keep the motherboard of the mobile right, then do not play too big games in the mobile. And do not use the phone while charging. Use the maximum volume of the speaker of the mobile. Turn the mobile volume up to 1-2 numbers lower than the last. Due to which the speaker of the mobile will not spoil soon. Make sure to restart the phone once in 24 hours. Again the software of the phone is not bad. Do a complete reset of the phone within 6 to 7 months, this will delete whatever virus is there in the phone. And the performance of the phone will also be right. The phone will not hang.

Mobile phone repairing tutorial

I have also created my own youtube channel to teach mobile repairing. Whose link I am giving you, by clicking on which you can watch many videos related to mobile repairing. This will also help you a lot. Which is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay anybody any money for this.

YouTube: LINK

I have given you the link of my YouTube channel above, on which you can click on the mobile repairing tips. And apart from this, you can read more mobile repairing blogs related to mobile repairing in this website, which I have written in very easy language.

Which course is best for mobile repairing?

See mobile repairing course can be done in two ways. First you can learn mobile repairing at anyone’s mobile shop. Second, you can learn from any mobile repairing institute. Let me tell you some things about both, after knowing which you will be able to decide for yourself what you should do. In the institute you are taught in full depth in books but you will not get much practical work there. Because there are some fixed topics that he will teach you about. After that you will have to start your own shop, working on which you will get experience.

best for mobile repairing,

Another way is that if you do a mobile repairing course at someone’s shop, then there you will get to see the work which is going on in today’s time. You will know about the problems that are coming in today’s smartphones in today’s time and what their solution is working in today’s time. But it may take you a lot of time, if you have to learn mobile repairing at someone’s shop, then keep in mind that some shop showing you mobile repairing should have a lot of experience in mobile repairing. And you should learn there from 6 months to 12 months.

Biggest Advantage:

The biggest advantage of learning mobile repairing from mobile repairing shop will be that you will get to learn about how to talk to the customers of mobile repairing clearly there and how much money has to be taken for which problem. You will also get to learn about it, which is very important in mobile repairing. There are advantages as well as disadvantages in mobile repairing, so you will get to learn from the mobile repairing shop how to deal with the customer in case of loss.

So now I have told you both ways, now you yourself will decide from where you should do mobile repairing course.

I have tried my best to cover all the topics of mobile repairing in this website. If you will also do mobile repairing course from this website which is absolutely free, you will also benefit a lot from it.

Should you repair your phone screen or buy a new one

If you think that after getting the phone’s screen repaired, the phone will not work as it used to, then this is your reason. If mobile repairing is done properly, then the mobile does not make any difference. Mobile becomes exactly as it was before. If you get a new phone then that too can be bad. I would recommend that you get your phone repaired by a good mechanic, it will be better for you.

phone screen crack

Original displays are also available in the local mobile market. Due to which there is no difference in the performance of your phone. I agree that many mechanics do more damage than repair the phone. But not all mechanics are the same. If you still do not believe then you can go to the service center. From there your phone will be repaired properly.

What to do before giving phone for repair

When you give your phone to a mechanic for repair, before that you have to check your phone thoroughly and get the mechanic also done. So that the things that are right in the phone, you get the right later also. While giving the phone, definitely take the slip of your phone from the shopkeeper, on which the IMEI number of your phone is written and the model number of the phone is also written.

What to do before giving phone for repair

And will try if the phone is repaired in front of you, it will be better. Mobile repairing should always be done at a fixed price. Because later most of the mechanics increase the price. Before giving it for mobile repairing, keep your SIM memory card and cover with you from the phone.

is it safe to leave phone at repair shop

It is not safe to give your phone to a shopkeeper for repair. But if you take care of all those things which I have mentioned in the above point then you will be absolutely risk free.

Can phone repair shops steal your data without password

If you don’t give your phone password to the repair shop, then they can’t steal your phone data. I would advise you that when you give your phone for repair, then you should not keep the password of your phone simple at all. Keep a little complicated that cannot be guessed.

Backup phone before repair

There are 2 sections in mobile repairing, one is hardware and the other is software. If you are getting your phone’s hardware section repaired, then your phone’s data does not go anywhere, it remains safe. And if you are getting your phone’s software section repaired, then your phone’s data may be lost or deleted in it. These things which I have told, it happens in the local mobile market.

Whereas if you get your phone repaired from a service center, then the data of your phone is deleted there, whether you get the hardware section repaired or software there. They delete the data of your phone in both the conditions. So if you are getting your phone repaired from a service center then you have to take the risk of your phone data. Or you can backup your phone data.


I hope you got to learn a lot from this article. If you liked this article or if you got any benefit from this article, then please share this article with your friends. The more you share, we get so much motivation. Thank you so much for even reading the article. In the future, you will continue to get this kind of genuine content continuously.

Writer: Deepak Nagpal