Mobile phone transistor full guide

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Today in this article we will learn what is the function of transistor in mobile phone and how to check transistor.

First let me tell you how the transistor looks like.

The transistor is mostly black in appearance and has two legs on one side and one leg on one side.

The way there is 1 point, it is called collector.
On the other hand there are 2 points. 1 point is called base.

And the second point is called e meter.

Now we will know what is the function of transistor inside any smartphone.

But before that, we will now know how the transistor inside any smartphone is checked with the help of a multimeter.

Putting the multimeter on the continuum mode, keeping both the wires of the multimeter on the collector and the base, the reading will come on one side and the value will not come on one side.

If the reading is not coming on the collector and base, then you can check the reading by placing both the wires of the multimeter on the base and the emeter.

If the multimeter is beeping at the bottom point along the base, then the transistor may be shorted. And if no reading is coming then the transistor becomes open.

In this condition also we have to change the transistor.

Now we know what is the function of transistor inside our smartphone.

Transistor does the work of switching in our phone. It provides supply to the motherboard.

Just like when we press the on-off switch inside the motherboard, at that time just like the button works, in the same way, the transistor also gives the same supply as the switch.