How Does Share Market Works & What is LTP, CMP, LTQ, LTT?

How Does Share Market Works, and what is LTP, CMP, LTQ, LTT?

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 111 total views Share Market Share market and stock market are the same thing. Today we will discuss about 3 points. what is share? What is share market and how to trade in it? What are the requirements for trading in the stock market? To grow any company, money is needed for which small parts of … Read more

What is Share Market in english

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 1,268 total views,  1 views today Share market NSE and BSE are two big stock exchange companies in the share market. Where the stock transactions take place. The job of these companies is to take a stop from the sailor and give it to the buyer. Totall is 23 stock exchange company. But India has the highest … Read more

How to check Airpods battery % on android Smartphone

airpods battery

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 131 total views Today in this article we are going to learn that if you want to check the original airpods battery inside the Android phone, then how can you check it? Because if you use the original battery in Apple’s phone, then you do not need any application. This feature is already present in Apple … Read more

How does the display light section work in Android mobile?

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 1,260 total views,  1 views today Display light section In the earlier keypad phones, the light which was installed was very less, so the back light of the director display was lit only due to the voltage of the battery. But in today’s Android phones, there is a lot of light inside the display. Which does not … Read more

Easy way to understand Light section | All mobile light problem fix

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 1,359 total views,  1 views today Inside the display battery connector are 3 points of light. One is anode and one is cathode and the third point is pm out. The anode is the plus point and the cathode is the minus point. Pm out is the line of the signal. Where A is written in the … Read more

What is True Tone in Apple and should we use True Tone?

True tone

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 233 total views,  1 views today Today in this article we will learn what is Trutone. How is True Tone used and what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of True Tone. So today we will know about this in this article. The feature of True Tone was introduced with the iPhone 8 and after the iPhone 8, … Read more

Motherboard Swapping Tips & Tricks While Installing CPU Inside Any Motherboard

Important Tips & Tricks While Installing CPU Inside Any Motherboard

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 381 total views,  1 views today Motherboard Swapping Android Mobile Encrypted Data Recover Emmc And CPU Replacement. First of all we will see that if there is no shorting inside any motherboard and it is not able to turn on. So first of all, we have to change the pm ic and all the power ICs that … Read more

How to fix mobile network in any smartphone

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 226 total views Mobile Network Solution Today I will teach you in this article that how to fix mobile network in any smartphone if one or two networks are coming in your phone or else the whole network is coming in someone’s phone but one or two networks are coming in your phone. Only networks are … Read more