How to Swap iPhone Motherboard || Motherboard Swapping

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 5,542 total views,  2 views today When your iPhone’s motherboard breaks down completely। water damage,motherboard circuit damage for example,you need to swap the motherboard chips to make your iPhone back to work.swap motherboard requires certain skills and corresponding tools to this blog we demonstrate how to use motherboard repair tools to swap iPhone motherboard chips while … Read more

How does iPhone motherboard works?

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 2,832 total views iPhone motherboard working Repairing always starts with the battery connector. Whether it is an Android phone or an Apple phone. Be it any company phone. If you want to check the phone, then we will start with the battery connector itself. There are 3 points of battery connector, first +ve, second -ve and … Read more

How to fix and Remove SMD components from Motherboard ?

SMD components

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 719 total views How to remove SMD components There are many components on the motherboard, the method of installation and unloading is different, so we will learn one by one how these components are properly unloaded and installed without causing any damage. First of all we will talk about charging jack, charging jack is lowered in … Read more

How to repair mobile phone network?

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 1,463 total views,  1 views today To do network repair, first of all we have to check the phone that what is the problem in the network as if we will get a phone call for the network, then we have to first go to the dial pad in the phone and dial * # 06. After … Read more

How to change/ Repair Battery Connector of any Smartphone

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 3,201 total views,  1 views today First of all, we know that what is a battery connector? Any smartphone has a motherboard and a battery is attached to that motherboard. A part is installed to connect the battery to the motherboard. That part is called the battery connector. It is different in all smartphones. The battery connector … Read more

How to Convert All Digital Mic to 2 Pin Universal Mic | Mic Repair

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 2,014 total views Today we will learn in this blog that if we want to install universal mic in any phone then how can it be installed. The earlier phones used to have universal mic, which had two stars, one was plus one, the key plus was of red color and – was of black color, … Read more

How to repair charging connector?

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 2,655 total views Repair Charging Connector Before learning how to repair charging jack, it is very important for us to know that all the charging jacks of all the smartphones that come in the market are similar in appearance from outside but all the charging jacks are of different types from inside. All these charging jacks … Read more

How is the Multimeter Used? | Mobile Repair

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 4,456 total views What is Multimeter and how to use it? Although multimeter is used in many places, but in this blog we will learn how and where multimeter is used to repair mobile phone. After knowing all the functions about which I will tell you, you will know how to use multimeter in mobile repairing. … Read more

How to Install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector on your Phone || Mobile Repair

mobile tempered glass

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 709 total views,  1 views today What is temple glass and tempered glass installation Method of applying tempered glass: A glass is used for protection on the display of the mobile, it is called tempered glass. Tempered glass is applied so that if your phone falls down then the display of the phone does not break. When … Read more