How to Repair Charging Jack of any phone in less money. Follow The Steps Below

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Before learning to repair charging jacks, we need to know that all the charging JECKs that come in the market are identical in appearance from outside but all charging jacks are different from inside. All these charging jacks have different names like

V8, type c, v3, kg-800, m-600, vodafone, apple,
The highest running charging jacks of these are v8 and TYPE -C,

Although all the charging jacks are of different types but the formula to repair them is the same. The charging jack is a plus. -We can ground POINT anywhere and the director comes from the + VE supply charging IC, if we know how to operate a multimeter

We have to attach + VE POINT to the plus point of the charging jack by FIND and attach the -VE point to the ground. The 90% charging jack goes on from these 2 points, now the question arises that what is the work of the remaining POINTS made behind the charging jack. USB supply and fast charging runs from the rest of POINTS.

If you do not attach the rest of the points, then there will be no fast charging and no USB connector, OTG CABEL works only because of these points.

Now we know how the charging jack works, now we will know how the charging jack is put and how it is lowered. There are two ways to take off the charging jack, the first is s.m.d. Another method is with the help of desoldring wire.

Tools for repair mobile phone charging port

We will learn about both ways one by one. To unload CHARGING JECK the motherboard has to be FIXed in PCB STAND. After that whatever components or ices are attached around the charging jack, they have to be covered with something. After that a paste of good quality is to be applied on the charging jack.

In S.M.D, the air has to be kept low and the heat has to be raised slowly around the charging jack and slowly lift the charging jack with the help of tweezers.

The motherboard has to be allowed to cool after lifting the charging jack. When the MOTHERBOARD cools down, the MOTHERBOARD is to be removed from the PCB stand and the PRINTS cleaned with the help of iron. You can also do CLEANING with the help of petrol, there is absolutely no use of thinner at this place,

Now we have to REMOVE the old SOLDER thoroughly with the help of D-soldering wire so that CHARGING JECK can sit well inside. After clearing the place, the new JECK has to be placed inside and re-shouldered with the help of the shoulder, while making the shoulder, we have to use the paste so that the shoulder will fit well.

First we have to SOLDER the POINTS of the SPORT on the side of the charging jack, then we have to attach the POINTS of the supply. In this way you can put the charging jack of any company in a very easy way. But keep in mind that when you apply or take off the charging jack, MIC is installed around it, do not allow too much HEAT on it.

If it is subjected to HEAT then the MIC can deteriorate. If you remove the charging jack from the mother board without using a PCB stand, then the components on the other side of the charging jack, which are attached, can come off with something, so try to remove the charging jack by using PCB STAND.

Now we know how the charging jack actually works inside the SMARTPHONE. The VOLTAGE that comes in our house is AC voltage. When we attach the charger to it, it becomes CONVERT in DC VOLTAGE with the help of voltage charger. The OUTPUT of CHARGER is 5 to 7 volts.

When we attach the charger wire to the mobile phone, it goes directly to the IC located in the motherboard of the 5 VOLT mobile phone. The IC filters and reduces that voltage. After reduction, the battery directly passes the connector. The voltage from the battery connector goes to the battery which charges the battery of our phone.