How to Replace Non-Removable Battery in Smartphone?

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There are two types of batteries inside the phone.

One is removable battery and the other is non-removable battery.

Removable battery

Means the battery which can be easily removed, whose back panel is covered with a lid, which can be removed by everyone. This battery is not attached with the phone. No tool is needed to remove it, anyone can remove it.

Non removable battery

Means the battery which cannot be removed easily, whose back panel does not have a lid. Which not everyone can take out. This battery is attached to the phone. To remove it, a tool is needed, not everyone can remove it.

In the removable battery, which were earlier phones such as Nokia phones, Samsung phones means phones with keypad, the battery was removable in those phones, it could be easily removed and changed. Such as Nokia 1100 Samsung 3220 Nokia 3310 etc.

We can change REMOVEABLE BATTERY on our own by buying it from the market or ordering it online. We do not need to go to the market to change it. We can change these batteries ourselves. To change, we have to remove the panel and take out the battery from the back and put the new battery.

Now let us learn how to change non-removable battery. To change the non-removable battery, first we have to open the phone. After opening the phone, the battery has to be separated from the motherboard. To disassemble we just have to detach the battery connector from the motherboard. After removing the battery connector, the bottom of the battery is taped from the company’s side.

It is left EXTRA on the outside. Holding that tape, we have to pull it out very slowly. If that TEP comes out properly without breaking, the battery can be easily picked up. try that the tape comes out without breaking if the tape breaks then put a little bit of petrol under the battery or

CLEANER is available in the market, from which the battery can be removed easily. Only a drop or two has to be put under the battery and the battery has to be raised slowly, in this way we can remove the old battery without damaging it, keeping in mind that there is acid inside the battery. If a TWIZER or opener is put in the battery, then the battery may explode there.

It starts sparking and smoke starts coming out. The battery will continue to burn until all the acid in it is gone. This can also burn the phone. So use TOOLS to remove it. If you remove the battery without tools or knowledge, it may be at risk.

You can remove the battery even if you don’t have a cleaner. To remove the battery, put the phone upside down on the heating machine. HEATING MACHINE means vacuum machine by which we heat the display and take it out. Heater is installed in this machine. Put the phone on top of it, keep it upside down or upright as you wish, there is no problem in it.

The battery has to be heated, when hot, the tape under the battery melts and the battery can be removed very easily Out of them petrol or cleaner goes behind the display which can damage the display.

When removing the battery, do not allow the battery to twist too much, if the battery gets too twisted, then after that the battery backup makes a difference. Therefore, it should not be allowed to bend too much, if it bends a little, then there is no problem, it can be straightened again, but if it bends more than the limit, the backup of the battery is reduced.

If the battery is bent too much, then how is it straightened, to straighten the battery, the battery can be straightened with the help of a roller by placing the battery on a straight surface.

With this roller you can straighten the battery. Do not press the roller too much, rolling the roller two-three times makes the battery straight.

Now we have learned how to remove the battery, how to straighten it, now if we have to re-insert the battery or put in a new battery, then how to put it in because the tape which is under it will get damaged. Is. But when we put new battery or put old battery again

So the new tape does not come together, so to put the battery, we have to put tape or glue under it. The battery can also be reattached with tape. And the battery can also be re-attached with glue. But first you have to put the connector of the battery, then you have to tape the battery down and stick the battery,

Because after sticking several times, the battery leaf cannot reach the mother board connector, so first attach the connector and then connect the battery with tape.

Battery sticks with this glue in half an hour and this glue becomes rubbery after drying. In the future, we can remove the battery without damaging it. This GLUE does not cause any damage to the battery.