What is 11d Tempered Glass | 11d ,9d ,6d- 9H

What is 11d tempered glass

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 45 total views See friends, you must have bought a cheap phone and sometimes an expensive phone, then whenever you have bought a phone, you must have got tempered glass installed on it. When you go to a shop to get tempered glass installed, you are shown many types of tempered glasses there and there you … Read more

What is Tempered Glass and what is the difference between 11d/6D/9H/5D?

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 490 total views,  1 views today Tempered glass is used to protect the smartphone’s screen. The display of any mobile is made of glass and when the phone falls down, the first display of the phone breaks, no matter how expensive the phone of any company is, if it falls down, its screen will be broken at … Read more