how to repair laptop speaker

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 147 total views Just like there is a speaker inside the mobile, just as there is a speaker inside the laptop, there are two speakers inside the laptop. If the speaker of the laptop is damaged, then I have to check both the Sikar. Sometimes the speaker gets repaired. We also have to do it. Today, … Read more

How to earphone speaker repair

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 711 total views Air phone speakers can be repaired. But first we have to check whether the speaker is bad or not. To check the speaker of the air phone, first of all you check the air phone by placing it inside another phone. And check whether the voice is coming in the speaker in that … Read more

How to fix Phone Speaker not Working | Phone speaker Repair

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 2,331 total views There are two types of speakers in any smartphone, the first is at the top and the second is at the bottom. In the first type, when we get a call from someone, we hear the voice of the front, then the speaker from which we hear the voice of the front. That … Read more