How To Remove Broken Tempered Glass From Any Mobile Screen At Home? [Easy Way]

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 881 total views Many times what happens is that we do not change it for a long time by applying a template glass on our phone. Due to which that tempered glass sticks to our phone badly and then when that tempered glass is completely damaged, then we go to change it, then when that tempered … Read more

What is Tempered Glass and what is the difference between 11d/6D/9H/5D?

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 492 total views Tempered glass is used to protect the smartphone’s screen. The display of any mobile is made of glass and when the phone falls down, the first display of the phone breaks, no matter how expensive the phone of any company is, if it falls down, its screen will be broken at some time … Read more

How to apply/put 11d/6D/9H/5D tempered glass screen protector?

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 1,371 total views To apply tempered glass, first of all, some important things about the tempered glass you are applying. The tempered glass you are applying should be of full size. If he grows up a little smaller than your phone, after a later application, it does not appear again and it deteriorates. Therefore, before putting … Read more

Which Tempered Glass is Best between 11d/6D/9H/5D?

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 1,329 total views I will tell you about the specialty of all tempered glass. After that you have to decide which tempered will be right for your phone. Because all tempered glass is good in its own place. But what kind of protection we need for our phone depends on which tempered glass will be the … Read more

How to Install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector on your Phone || Mobile Repair

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 708 total views What is temple glass and tempered glass installation Method of applying tempered glass: A glass is used for protection on the display of the mobile, it is called tempered glass. Tempered glass is applied so that if your phone falls down then the display of the phone does not break. When the tempered … Read more