5 steps to fix the phone damaged by water

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Hello friends , in this blog we will learn how to repair a smart phone if it falls in water. After falling in water, many problems arise. Like many smart phones keep moving even after falling in water.

Some smart phones get dead as soon as they fall in the water. Charging issue comes in some smart phones. Some smart phones start heating up. We will know the solution of all these problems in this blog. After reading this blog, no matter what kind of problem comes in WATER DAMAGE PROBLEM, you will be able to fix that problem.

When someone’s smart phone falls in water, they dry their phone in the sun or some people keep their phone in rice (RICE) for 1 day, this solution is successful 5% out of -100. The water dries up to an extent but there are some places inside the mobile such that the water in the gene does not dry up and it will damage the phone.

When you dry the phone in the sun, the phone will run once. But after some time there will be problem in that phone and that problem will not be normal. Later when you get its solution done then it will cost more. , So if ever your phone falls in water then it is 50% right to dry the phone in the sun. But after drying in the sun, once you go to a mechanic, open your phone completely and get it cleaned thoroughly. This brings the phone back to the normal condition. This is for ADVICE CUSTMERS. Not for shopkeepers. The shopkeeper already knows these facts, but the customers do not know.

Now let me teach you that if a smart phone falls into the water, then in which condition how to solve it –

If a SMART phone or any phone is still running after falling into the water. So how will you repair that phone in that condition. To repair the phone, first of all, you have to put the phone on the heating machine for some time, due to which its display will heat up and the water will dry out from the display. After placing the phone on the HEATING machine for two to four minutes, you have to open your phone. After opening, REMOVE the battery connector.

After separating the battery, all the conectors have to be removed from them. After removing the connections, take out the motherboard. After removing the motherboard, clean all the parts of the motherboard with a brush and petrol. Before cleaning, the area containing the camera, sensor and mic has to be SAFE from the mother board. Take out the camera and tape it over the mic .

The motherboard has to be cleaned thoroughly with petrol. The section where there is more water is to be photographed so that if any major issue comes in the phone after cleaning, then the solution of that section problem can be taken out. After cleaning the motherboard, clean the camera jack with a brush. After cleaning the motherboard, keep the motherboard under a microscope and check each component and section thoroughly.

If there is water in any section, then it has to be cleaned again. There will be a shield on the IC, that shield has to be taken off with the help of TWIZER or with the help of smd, after unloading, around the IC has to be cleaned thoroughly with petrol and the HOT GUN is to do the lamination in the last, so that the motherboard Hot air has to be applied over the top, after applying the air, the motherboard has to be allowed to cool down. After 5 to 10 minutes the motherboard has to be checked with a multimeter whether it has SHORTING or not.

If there is no SHORTING in the phone, then now we will connect the mother board, display and battery together. This will keep the phone running in the correct condition again. How to check SHORTING inside the motherboard, first of all set the multimeter to continuity mode, after setting the plus wire to ground. And attach the -VE wire to the plus point of the battery connector To do.

If the value is coming from 300 to 500 then there is no SHORTING and if the value is coming near 800 to 900 then the phone is shorted. Now we have to attach the plus wire to the plus point of the battery connector and the minus wire to the ground of the motherboard. In this condition the value should be zero. If the value comes to zero when the wire is kept straight and the value comes from 300 to 400 when kept inverted, then SHORTING is not done.

THIS CONDITION YOUR MOTHER BOARD IS NOT SHORT. The motherboard has not been damaged by water. If this value is coming on both the sides then SHORTING has come in the motherboard. Even if the phone is running in this condition, it will get damaged in some time or it will start heating up and the battery backup will be reduced. SHORTING has to be taken out in this condition.

If the phone does not have SHORTING, then attach the mother board with the display and battery and pack it again. With this, the phone will continue to run in the correct condition, how to check SHORTING inside the motherboard. To check SHORTING, the first thing to do is to set the multimeter to continuity mode. After setting, put the plus wire to ground and attach the -VE wire to the plus point of the battery connector.

If there is excess water in the charging section, the charging jack has to be cleaned first. After that try to change the charging jack only. Because the charging jack gets damaged by water, if you clean the old charging jack, then there may be a problem in the future. The motherboard has to be cleaned thoroughly but the charging jack has to be changed.

If there is water on the display connector, how to fix it. If the phone is running after falling in water, but there is a problem with the display, then to fix this problem, the first thing to do is to clean the display connector thoroughly. Do not use THINNER here at all. Use only petrol or FELCON. After cleaning the connector with petrol

Paste is to be applied on the display connector, after applying the paste, with the help of iron, all the JECK have to be resold again. In the same way, there is a connector on the top of the display as well, that too has to be cleaned and resold. After resoldering, DISPLAY has to be connected and seen. The display problem will go away.

if the phone dies after falling in water, then how to fix it

To fix DEAD phone first we have to open the phone. After opening the whole phone has to be cleaned. After cleaning, check with multimeter whether the phone is full SHORT or HALF SHORT. If there is a beep on the plus and minus from the battery connector, then the phone will be full SHORT and if the value comes on both sides then it will be half SHORT. Full SHORT and Half SHORT have different solutions. We will learn about both the solutions in this blog. OK

If the phone is full SHORT, then in order to solve it, first we have to check the capacitors installed in parallel, if there is water on any capacitor, then remove that capacitor and do the SHORTING CHECK. If SHORTING does not come out then that capacitor has to be put back. You can remove the capacitor with iron or smd. If SHORTING does not come out by removing the capacitor, then the IC around which the water will be more, that IC will have to be checked. ,

You have to check the SHORTING by removing the IC. If the SHORTING goes out on this exit, then that IC has to be tried again by doing REBOLL first, if the SHORTING remains after applying REBALL then the IC has to be changed. Water goes under the IC due to falling in the water, most of the ICs go away by rebooting. If you do not know how to do IC REBALLING, then I will give its link below, you can learn IC REBALLING by reading this.

How iC Reballing is done in Mobile Phone?

How do we know which component or which IC is SHORT? 

This topic is very important, it has to be learned carefully. In this I will teach you that if the motherboard is SHORT then how will you know which component or which IC is SHORT because if you take each component or IC off and on from the motherboard, then in this way your whole day only. Waste will happen and you will not be able to repair it even after finding out.

Because sometimes we take all the ICs off and on but only one component is short. In this condition you have to reinstall the IC again and REBALL can not happen many times. The phone gets damaged. That’s why you take off the same component or the same IC which has the problem because when the phone is SHORT then all the components which are connected in parallel get shorted. In this condition we are not able to know which component or IC is actually SHORT.

To find out which component or which IC is SHORT, we will need SHORT KILLER. With SHORT KILLER we can EASLY find out which IC or component is SHORT. To find out from SHORT KILLER, the SHORT KILLER ampere has to be set at 20 amps.

And set the voltage to 3 volts. Which makes 20*3 = 60 WATT. Which is enough to heat any component or IC. After setting the voltage and ampere, attach the plus and minus side of the short killer to the plus and minus side of the battery connector. Do not keep it attached for a long time.

When you will attach the short killer key plus and minus wire to the plus and minus of the battery connector. Then the current of the ampere will go directly to the component which will be shot and will go to ground. The component that will be short will burn. The water will run out. Due to which the SHORTING will go out and by chance if any IC is shorted then that IC will get hot.

When it gets hot, you have to remove that IC and try REBALL first. If it goes after REBALL then it is fine otherwise that IC will have to be changed. In this way we can remove Half SHORTING or FULL SHORTING in any motherboard. Short killer is available in the market EASLY, if you want to buy short killer, then below I give you the link, you can buy SHORT KILLER by clicking on BUY NOW.

The short killer machine is an expensive machine which costs 5 to 6000. Many mechanics are not able to buy this machine, then I have thought of SOLUTION for that too, which I will share with you, after understanding that even if you can not take short killer, you can still remove the SHORTING of the motherboard, short killer your There is a good machine in place, but even if there is no short killer, we can still remove the SHORTING of the motherboard, how – let’s learn-

To make the short killer, we will need two batteries. Ampere is written on both the batteries, suppose ampere is written as 5AMP, meaning there is a battery of 5 amps, the voltage on both is written 3 VOLT, then the circuit of both the batteries has to be removed. And the -VE of both has to be added together. After connecting both those batteries will give only 3 VOLT in the output and the ampere will be added to both, becoming 3+3=6AMP. 6 * 3 =18 WATT .

In this way you can make a short killer of 18 watts. If you want to make a short killer with more power than this, you can add another battery, in this way you can remove the SHORTING of the mother board. One plus key has to be taken WIRE and one -VE key has to be taken, we have to attach this wire to the plus and minus of the battery connector

From this also the component or IC will be known which component or IC is SHORT. Now we have learned almost all the methods that from cleaning to half shorting and from half shorting to FULL shorting, if a phone comes to us then how can we fix that phone.