What is 11d Tempered Glass | 11d ,9d ,6d- 9H

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See friends, you must have bought a cheap phone and sometimes an expensive phone, then whenever you have bought a phone, you must have got tempered glass installed on it. When you go to a shop to get tempered glass installed, you are shown many types of tempered glasses there and there you get very confused because you do not know what is the meaning of tempered glass. Today I am going to help you to solve this problem.

Types of tempered glass

There you get to see 11d, 9d, or 6d tempered glass. Today I am going to teach you in this article what is the meaning of 11d, 9d, or 6d tempered glass? And being aware of this thing is very important for every smartphone user.

What is 11d tempered glass,

There you will get to see another thing that when you go to get the tempered glass installed, you will find 9h written on the top of the tempered glass. Friends 9h also means in which article I will teach you today.

what is the meaning of 9H  tempered glass

Friends, today in this article I am going to give information about the meaning of all types of tempered glass. If you really want to know what is meant by which tempered glass then you have to read this article completely which is going to be very interesting. So let’s get started.

mobile phone tempered glass durability

In today’s smartphones, you must have seen that out of all the expensive smartphones, you get to see very good screen protection glasses in most of the smartphones. Such as GORILLA GLASS 5, DRAGONTRAIL. Which is applied so that if your phone accidentally falls on the ground, then its display can be saved. But still all people definitely get tempered glass installed on their phone.

2 Types of Tempered Glass

Mostly two types of tempered glass are used for the screen protection of mobile phones. Which is of plastic and of glass. The plastic which is tempered glass, we call it screen guard or plastic film protector. And that which is of glass, we call it tempered glass.

tempered glass VS screen guard

You must have noticed that whenever you go to a shop and get tempered glass on your phone, there you get 9D, 6D, 11D tempered glass written on top of the tempered glass.

WHAT IS 9D, 9H, 11D

Some of you might think that 9H means Mohs Hardness. You know what Mohs Hardness means. Friends, all of you must have heard the name of Friedrich Mohs. Who discovered the hardness of material.

friedrich Mohs

2D Tempered Glass

He divided the hardness of the material into 10 parts. At the same time no Edge was used. At that time only 2D glasses used to come. Which were very sharp from the edge.

Friedrich Mohs

The glasses that were at that time had a mose level around 5 which meant that the top of those glasses did not get scratched by the key or someday job thing. But the tempered glass we get for today’s smartphones is tempered glass with edges, their mos level is 6 or even above 6.

What is the meaning of 9H

9H means hardness of pensil. Which means that even if you scratch the screen of any phone with 9H pensil, even then this screen will not be scratched.

What is the meaning of 9H

So friends 9H means that where 9H glass has been made, it has been seen by scratching with 9H pencil on top of tempered glass and there is no scratch read on that tempered glass, then it means to say that It has gone through the test of tempered glass 9H pencil. Friends, now we have come to know that what is the meaning of 9 in tempered glass, but still nowadays when you go to get tempered glass, there is a lot written on 9D, 6D, 5D, 11d, so what does all these mean? It happens?

To understand all this, first you have to understand that

What is 2d, 2.5d curved glass, 3d Tempered Glass

After understanding this, you will understand very easily that whatever the names of these tempered glasses are given such as 2d 3d 11d tempered glass, what do they mean. In all the smartphones that used to come earlier, 2D tempered glass was used. Which was in a rectangular shape.

2d tempered glass

The biggest problem with 2D tempered glasses was that they were very sharp at the edges. So to overcome this 2.5d curved glasses were removed in the market. The edges of which were not sharp.

2.5d  curved Tempered Glass

When 2.5d curved tempered glass came in the market studies, smartphone companies started launching phones in 2.5d curved tempered glass.

2d glass and 2.5 D glass

The 2D tempered glass was sharp at the edges while 2.5D tempered glass was curved at the edges which also looked very nice. After some time 3D glass started being used in smart phones. Such as Samsung S6 plus S10 plus S20 Plus S6 edge smart phones.

3d tempered glass edges

Because of which tempered glass companies had to make curved tempered glasses for these smartphones, which also look very amazing and good in appearance. So in this way the tempered glass companies will provide the same tempered glass as the smartphone company will make the display of their phone.

So that’s why all the tempered glass you get to see in the market like 5d 6d 11d are all 2.5d curved tempered glass.

types of tempered glass

That’s why the number of days these tempered glasses are named is a marketing strategy. Basically it is all 2.5d curved tempered glass. So that’s why you don’t have to be confused.

Should we use tempered glass in our smartphone?

Should we use tempered glass in our smartphone?

No matter how strong the display is in your phone, still you should definitely apply tempered glass over your phone. Because no matter how strong the phone’s display is, there are always scratches on it. And the display can also break if it falls down. Friends, many such phones come to me, which are very clear to see from above, but due to falling, the display of their phone gets spoiled. And friends, there is a lot of difference between the price of the phone’s display and the price of tempered glass. You can get the tempered glass changed many times, whereas you cannot get the phone’s display changed again and again, because it costs a lot. That’s why I would suggest to you that no matter how strong the display is in your phone, still you must keep tempered glass on your phone and also keep the cover on the phone because as much as your phone is saved due to tempered glass. The same is saved because of the cover.


I hope you have learned a lot about tempered glass. And after reading this article, all the confusion that may have been there in your mind will have gone away. Now you can go to the market to get the right tempered glass on your phone with full confidence and without any fear. Now no one can fool you. Friends, in today’s time, it is very important for every person to have technical knowledge. If you do not have technical knowledge then you are robbed in the market.

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