What is Share Market in english

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Share market

NSE and BSE are two big stock exchange companies in the share market. Where the stock transactions take place. The job of these companies is to take a stop from the sailor and give it to the buyer. Totall is 23 stock exchange company. But India has the highest trading in NSE and BSE.

  • Nse full form= National Stock Exchange
  • Bse full form= Bombay Stock Exchange
  • SEBI= security exchange board of India

There is a government rule for SEBI share market.

Just like there is RBI for banks, SEBI is for stock exchanges.

  • 5000 registered companies in Bse
  • In Nse =1600 registered companies

Market Capitalisation

  • Nse 1.4 trillion dollar
  • Bse 2 trillion dollar
  • Bse= 130 lakh karod
  • Nse = 90 lakh karod

Bse Bseindia.Com  sensex

Nse Nseindia.com nifty

What is IPO

IPO full form initial public offering

When a company becomes public in the market, then it takes out its IPO.

Why does a company take out its IPO?

When a company needs money to increase its business, then it gets its company listed in the share market and launches its shares, then the people who buy the share get the money and if the company If there is profit, then those who buy the shares also get profit.

When a company’s IPO is released, then the share price of that company is very low. The reason for this is that at that time we cannot share on our own free will. The quantity of the share is fixed and it is not final whether we will get the share or not.

Share market is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How to check balance sheet of a company?

Open google >write money control>Moneycontrol.Com

The name of the company whose balance sheet we want to know about has to be searched on this website. And you will get full details of some companies.

List of stock markits




Then click on financial >Then click on balence sheet>

Reserve and surplus = it should increase with time. If it increases, that’s good.

Equity share capital? It should work with time. If it is less then it is good.

Long term borrowings = It means how much loan is running on the company.

Total debt means that how much is the debt on the company. If it is, then the work should be done.

How is the profit loss statement of any company checked?

For that we have to click on P&L.

What is the meaning of share market in very simple language?

When a company needs money, it offers shares in the market. It’s called ipo. Means initial public offer

So we buy this IP through Up Stocks and we become a shareholder of the company.

How does the share price of a company go up and down?

If a company goes into profit then share price will increase and if a company goes into loss then share price will decrease.

Divident = When we buy shares of a company and we do not sell the shares, then if the company benefits, then the company will either give us extra money or else it may not give lions, now only anyone is called dividend.

The more shares of a company are sold, the more the rate of share price of that company will increase and the more people sell with that company, the less the price of that share will be.

Intraday trading


When should I buy and sell shares?

If a share is going in profit then it should not be sold. If a share is going in loss then it should be sold. If a lion is fixed in its place, neither it is decreasing nor it is increasing, then we should be patient and wait for it to grow. Suppose we have taken a share for some reason and that reason ends, then we should sell that share. So when we buy any share then we should be completely updated about that company that what is going on in this company at the moment.

What is Dividend?

Dividend date is a fixed amount or a fixed %. So if you buy a share on the basis of dividend, then it can be risky for you.


  • Market open 9am
  • Market close 5pm

How to sell stocks or shares

When you click on sell to sell shares. There you will be asked for a pin. There you have to generate your drink by entering your PAN card and date of birth, there you will get an OTP and you have to do it by entering the TP, after that you will get a pin there, then go to the bank and put it in the up stocks on that day and After that your verification will be done and after that you can sell any share and that too only at the time when the market is open.

If the current rate of a stock is going on, if we want to buy that share at the same current rate, then we can buy it at the same rate through the market option.

If the rate is currently running and you want to buy cheaper than that rate, then you can place a limit order.

If a stock is continuously going in loss then you can put Stop lose(auto sale) on that city. You can apply Stop lose(auto sale) separately and also on any purchased stock.

Share market lasts till 3:30pm. But the order placement lasts till 3:15 only.

When we put both the market order and the limit order together, it is called cover order.

If we put all the three orders together then like markit order, limit order and target price then we call it braket order. And in upstox we say oco order means one cancel’s order.

If you are facing any problem while sending shares in Up Stocks.

When you will sell the share, there you will get the option of NSC and BSC, you have to change them and see your problem will be solved.

To sell share, first of all you have to click on sale, after that you have to enter tiffin, if you do not have tiffin, then generate it, for that you have to enter the details of Aadhar card and PAN card and enter an OTP for that tiffin Will be made and the same tpin will be useful to you every time, with the help of tiffin, you can easily sell any share.