What is Tempered Glass and what is the difference between 11d/6D/9H/5D?

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Tempered glass is used to protect the smartphone’s screen. The display of any mobile is made of glass and when the phone falls down, the first display of the phone breaks, no matter how expensive the phone of any company is, if it falls down, its screen will be broken at some time or so. To protect the screen of the mobile, a glass is placed on top of the screen, that glass is called tempered glass.

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Types of tempered glass -discus about all of them one by one.

Tempered glass comes in many types such as 11d tempered glass, 5d tempered glass, 9h tempered glass, curved tempered glass, UV glued tempered glass, we will know all about tempered glass types one by one and what is the benefit of them. I hope that now you have come to know what is tempered glass for mobile.

What is 11d tempered glass

This is the best tempered glass to protect the mobile screen. This tempered glass gives us 100% transparency. It is completely clear and fully sensitive. It is a multilayer screen protector. This 11D tempered glass is 10 times stronger than normal tempered glass.

What is 6d tempered glass

6d tempered glass is similar to 11d temperd glass, just slightly thinner than 11d. Its touch sensitivity is less than 11d tempered glass. Earlier 6d used to come ab 11d. Their names are changed from time to time. And their quality also changes.

What is 9h tempered glass

Many people use tempered glass, but no one knows what 9h hardness is. 9h representative represents the moh scale of mineral hardness. If a company claims that their phone’s screen is made of 9h hardness, then it will mean that there will be no scratches on that phone’s screen.

But nowadays a tempered glass cannot be trusted, there is something written and it is only tempered normal.

What is 3d tempered glass

Initially, the tempered glass used to be called 3d tempered glass. But now there is no tempered glass named 3d. If you get it then it will be old stock.

How to cut tempered glass screen protector

The question that comes to the mind of a lot of people is, can we cut the tempered glass. So the answer is no. When tempered glass is formed then we cut with laser, but later we cannot cut it normally. If we try to cut it, the tempered glass will break, not cut.

So do not try to cut tempered glass. This will spoil your tempered glass.

What is 5d tempered glass

A good solution is to protect the 5d glass screen for phones whose screen is curved. This tempered screen is designed to protect the screen from the edge.

How to make tempered glass

A laser machine comes in to make tempered glass. Annealed glass is used for tempered glass. Tempered glass is made from the tempering process.

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