What are the Internal Parts of a Mobile Phone and How are they check during Mobile Repairing?

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What are the internal parts of a phone

Hello friends, today in this blog I am going to talk, what are the parts inside any smartphone and what are their functions? What is working?

First of all I will tell you the names of all the parts. Then one by one I will tell about the working of all those parts, which part is used for which purpose.

There are two types of parts in any smartphone.

First is Internal and second is External

Internal parts are those parts, to check which, we have to open the phone. Only by opening the phone, we can check those parts and repair them and the second is – External

We can see the external parts from outside. You can also check from outside. But they have to open the phone to get it repaired. These can be checked from outside.

Now let us see what parts come in internal and external.

Internal Parts:

You can check the external parts from outside. such as

Internal Parts of mobile phone


If the speaker gets damaged then you talk to someone, if you cannot hear the voice of the front, then the speaker of your phone is damaged. Or you can say that the receiver is damaged. In this condition you can talk only by handsfree. You will not be able to talk normally. Or you will not be able to hear the voice of the front without handsfree.

Speaker of mobile phone


If the ringer of your phone gets damaged then try playing songs in your phone. Songs will not sound. Or try handsfree when you call. There will be no sound of the front when handsfree. In this condition the ringer of your phone is damaged.

Ringer Of mobile phone

Back Camera:

If the back camera of your phone is bad, then take a photo from the camera and see. If the photo is not coming, then the back camera is damaged. Sometimes the camera keeps moving, but is not able to focus on any one place. In this condition also the camera is bad. In some conditions the camera is unable to blur the background. In this condition also the camera is bad.

Back Camera of mobile phone

Front Camera:

If the front camera is bad, then the photo will not come from the front camera. Application will open. But the photo will not be visible or you can try it by calling WhatsApp. The photo will not come at the time of WhatsApp calling. In this way you will know whether the front camera is bad or not, if the front camera is not coming, then first try resetting the phone. If it is written there cant connect camera. So it means the camera is damaged.

Front Camera Of mobile phone

If it is saying that the application is not opening. So try resetting the phone. This sometimes causes the camera to move. If still the front camera does not work then the camera is damaged. You’ll have to get it fixed. An article has also been made for how to fix the front camera.

Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Sensor Of mobile phone

If fingerprint sensor is bad then when we add new fingerprint. So there the error comes. The new fingerprint is not added or the fingerprint key option is not visible. You can also try resetting the phone to solve this. In some cases, it happens that resetting the phone causes fingerprints to go away. If the fingerprint does not work after resetting, then the fingerprint is damaged.

There is a difference between Reset and Restart.

Restart is called when we turn the phone off and on again and reset is called when we go to the settings and reset the whole phone. In this, all the data of the phone gets deleted. So don’t get confused between restart and reset. Try restarting first, if fingerprint doesn’t work, try resetting the phone.

Reset and Restart of mobile phone

Volume Button

If the on/off button is faulty, try holding the volume up and down button. Volume up will not come down. Volume up will not be down while playing songs. Or when you make a call, the volume up will not be down at that time. If this is happening. So the volume buttons are damaged. Sometimes the buttons do not work normally, they work by pressing hard. So even in this condition the buttons are bad. They have to be repaired or replaced.

Volume Button Of mobile phone

On-off Button

If the on/off button fails, then try charging the phone first in this condition. When you charge the phone, the charging will show. But the phone will not turn on when the power button is pressed. If the charging is showing and the phone is not turning on, then it means that the on off button is bad. Or the screen is not locking when the phone is on. So this also shows that the on off button is damaged. So in this condition the on off button has to be repaired. The on off button has to be changed.

On-off Button of mobile phone

Headphone Jeck

There are two ways to know if the headphone jack is bad. One, the headphone symbol will appear on the top of your phone. If the headphone mark comes without putting on headphones, then in this condition the headphone jack is bad. And if the sound of songs is not coming when headphones are put on, then the headphone jack is bad or the sound of the mic does not go away when headphones are put on.

Headphone Jeck of mobile phone

Even then the headphone jack is bad. Or if the headphone jack works by pressing hard, if the headphone or earphone does not work when you apply the earphone comfortably, then the headphone jack is bad. It is also called 3.5 mm jack.

Charging Jeck

If the charging jack is faulty then the phone will not charge while charging. Or the charging pin has to be pressed firmly. The charging cable has to be moved. Or there is charging but the charging does not increase or the phone gets hot when the charger is connected. Or the phone charges late. So in this condition the charging jack is bad.

Charging Jeck of mobile phone

All these can be checked from outside without opening the phone. For example, if the speaker is bad, then when you try to make a call, you will not hear the voice of the front. If the ringer is bad, you won’t hear the sound of the song when you play the song. If the volume button is bad then the sound will not be loud. If the on off button is faulty then the phone will not lock. Or won’t switch on, or won’t switch off.

If the front camera is bad, then when you open the front camera, the photo will not come. If the back camera is bad then the photo will not be taken with the back camera. If the fingerprint is bad then the lock will not open with the fingerprint. If the headphone jack is bad then the headphone jack from outside will not work. If the charging jack is faulty, charging will not work properly. If the mic is bad, the sound will not go to the front. So in this way you can check all these things yourself without opening the phone. We call all these parts as external parts.


internal parts such as

Speaker :

When we get someone’s call. At that time, the voice of the front is heard from the speaker. This device is called speaker. It is also called ear speaker and receiver.

Speaker Of mobile phone


When we listen to songs or listen to songs in any smartphone. Then from where the sound of songs comes, that device is called ringer, sometimes it is also called speaker. But it is rightly called a ringer because the ring rings in it.

Ringer Of mobile phone

Headphone Jeck :

It is also called 3.5mm jack. Which we call the headphone jack. In this, you can listen to songs, make calls by putting air phone, headphones.

Headphone Jeck Of mobile phone


When we call someone, our voice is heard from the mic to the other person. That device is called a mic. Meaning the device from which the voice goes to the front. That device is called a mic.

Mic Of mobile phone


The front and back cameras installed in the smartphone are called cams.


Resistance is of black color. It is engaged in series. It is installed to meet the current in the mother board. It is installed so that not much current can pass through. Meaning it keeps the current under control.

Resistance Of mobile phone


Capacitors are brown in colour. It is installed in parallel. These are installed so that the current does not pass much further. Because many times the current goes more than behind, then the phone gets damaged. That’s why they are put. That is to say that they are installed to protect the phone. So that it will burn itself when there is more current, but there is no harm to the phone.

Capacitor Of mobile phone


Diodes are of black colour. These are square. It is installed in parallel. These are imposed so that we can get the exact value further. It fixes the voltage. Most diodes are installed in the section of light. So that we can get only the value we need in the light.

Diodes  Of mobile phone


The full form of IC is Integrated Circuit. There are two types of ICs. One is IC, one is chip. The IC is the one whose legs are visible on the outside. And the chip is the one whose points are at the bottom. are not visible. It is mostly black in colour. Numbers are written on them. There is a dot on them. By which we know their direction. All phones have different IC. If the number of IC is same, then we can connect IC of one phone to other phone also.

IC Of mobile phone


The full form of CPU is Central Processing Unit. It is mounted in the motherboard. It is kind of a chip. The software on the phone. That happens in the CPU. If it goes bad then the phone won’t turn on. The graphics of the display do not come. And the phone does not take software.

CPU Of mobile phone


The full form of eMMC is “Embedded Multi-Media Card”. But some phones do not have the software installed. In this condition eMMC ICs have to be replaced, or they have to be programmed. This IC is called eMMC IC.

EMMC IC Of mobile phone

Battery Connector:

The connector used in the motherboard to attach the battery to the motherboard is called the battery connector. Through this the battery connects with the motherboard. It is different in all the phones.

Battery Connector Of mobile phone

Sim Tray:

The SIM tray is the one through which the SIM works in any smart phone. Or we can say that this device is the one in which we put the SIM. It is called SIM tray. These are different in all the phones. It has 6 points. One of which is ground. One is empty. The rest are useful. They have value. The rest we will learn about it in full detail later.

Sim Tray Of mobile phone

Memory Card Tray:

To increase the memory in the phone, a memory card has to be inserted. That’s why the memory card tray is installed. In this, we can increase the memory of the phone by inserting a memory card. Memory card is also called SD card. This can be checked from outside. But the phone has to be opened for repair.

Memory Card Tray Of mobile phone

It comes in internal parts. In today’s phones, the memory card tray is not visible from outside. That’s why they will be called internal parts only.

Internal Battery:

We can also call internal battery as non removable battery. These batteries are fixed in the phone. They cannot be taken out without opening the phone. To repair them, the phone has to be opened. In the earlier phones, like in Nokia phones, we could take out the battery without opening the phone.

Internal Battery Tray Of mobile phone

But in today’s smartphones, the battery does not run out. It is not fixed that it cannot come out. Can leave. But the phone has to be unlocked. That’s why they are called internal batteries.

Charging Port Flex:

See, there are two types of charging jacks. One is mounted inside the motherboard, and the other is mounted on top of the charging belt in some phones. This photo can be torn down, on top of it is the charging jack, mic, network section, speaker points, and more. In some phones, the headphone jack is also installed on the charging belt. It is also called Charging Flex.

Charging Port Flex Of mobile phone


See there are two types of ICs. There is one chip. There was one IC. Which is the chip. Its attachment points. He is down. are not visible. What are the attachment points of the IC which is from outside. He is like outside.

Chip IC Of mobile phone


PFO is a network IC. This brings network to the phone. The full form of PFO is Power Frequency Oscillator. =Antenna Switch + PFO

PFO Of mobile phone


By the way, there are many sensors in the phone. But which are the main sensors. They are fingerprint sensor and proximity sensor and light sensor. I will tell you about all these. Fingerprint sensor is what we use to lock the phone. or open the lock. The second is the proximity sensor. It’s near the top of the phone, near the speaker.

Sensor Of mobile phone

With this, when you make a call, after the call, when you take the phone to your ear. So the phone light turns off automatically. This is called proximity sensor. What happens with this is that when the light is turned off, the phone touches our skin and does not cut itself off. The third is the light sensor.

In this, the brightness of the phone keeps on decreasing automatically. After that comes the rotation sensor. In this, as soon as you rotate the phone. The screen of the phone will automatically rotate and you can use this sensor while playing the game.

Power Button:

The power button in any phone is used to turn on the phone. is set to turn off. And the phone is fitted to lock, unlock. If it gets damaged then the phone has to be opened. It comes in internal parts only. It cannot be repaired from outside.

Power Button Of mobile phone

These are of many types. Like the on-off key is also flexed. And some phones have an on off button on the top of the motherboard. So if the flex of the on off button gets damaged. So it has a different solution. And if the button goes bad. So it has a different solution. We will learn about that later in the course. How to repair both types of buttons.

Volume Button:

The volume buttons are also similar to the power buttons. These also come with internal parts. They also have flex. or buttons. Both have different solutions. We will also learn about this separately. It is used to increase or decrease the volume.

Volume Button Of mobile phone

NFC Flex Antenna:

NFC means, in both the phones which have NFC, we can attach one phone to another phone and transfer photos or files. Its full form is Near-field communication

NFC Flex Antenna Of mobile phone

Wireless Charging Pad:

Some phones have wireless charging facility. We can charge both of them without charging, just by placing the phone on top of the charging pad. It is mounted on the battery inside the phone. This is a flex type. Wireless charging stops if it is cut or damaged.

Wireless Charging Pad Of mobile phone


The WiFi IC is mounted on the mother board. With this IC, the function of Wi-Fi works in the phone. If this IC gets damaged then wifi will not turn on or wifi network will not come. Or the WiFi will not connect, then in all these condition the WiFi IC is bad. Then it has to be changed.

WIFI IC Of mobile phone

Charging IC:

Charging IC is used for charging. When the charging jack in the phone is correct. And still charging is not happening. So in this condition the charging IC is bad. And if the charging IC gets damaged, then there is also the problem of turning on some phones. Phones go dead.

Charging IC  Of mobile phone

So by changing the charging IC, the phone becomes ON again. So he has to find out how the phone got switched off. If the phone is turned off while charging, then by changing the charging IC, the phone gets restarted. Charging also goes on. And even if the phone is turned on, it happens.

Power IC:

Power ICs are used to power the phone. Whatever functions work throughout the phone, for each function, something or the other is mounted on the motherboard. To power all those things, a power IC is installed. The power IC powers all the smaller ICs throughout the phone. If it fails then the phone will not turn on.

Power IC Of mobile phone


A fuse is installed in the phone because if more voltage comes from behind. As the phone is charged and more current comes into the phone than the charger. So the fuses get damaged. Then the phone goes dead. So just by changing the fuse, the phone goes on again. So it is installed for the safety of the phone.

Fuse Of mobile phone

In some companies’ phones, a fuse is also installed in the section of the light. If more light comes on all of a sudden. Then the fuse blows. So by changing the fuse, the light turns on again. So basically the use in the phone is applied for the protection of the phone.


The coil is mounted in the light section of the motherboard. Someone is installed to control the light. If the coil gets damaged then the light in the phone does not turn on. COIL is made by rounding a lot of wire. The COIL of one phone can be applied to another phone. But they have value, if there will be more difference in value then the COIL of one phone does not work in another phone.

Coil Of mobile phone

Reballing IC BGA:

Reballing means rebuilding the IC. Means balls are made under the IC, to attach the IC. Which are shoulder key bols. Any IC from these sticks on top of the mother board. So when we take out the IC from the other phone. So the bols made under it get spoiled. So to make them again, reballing of IC is done. A separate article will be created for reballing. The link of which will be given to you. You can learn in detail about how reballing is done in it.

Reballing IC BGA Of mobile phone

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