Which Tempered Glass is Best between 11d/6D/9H/5D?

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I will tell you about the specialty of all tempered glass. After that you have to decide which tempered will be right for your phone. Because all tempered glass is good in its own place. But what kind of protection we need for our phone depends on which tempered glass will be the best. So that is why you have to understand one by one about all tempered glass. For that, you read the article completely.

Most Simple Transparent Tempered Glass

This tempered glass is very thin tempered glass. Mobile touch of this tempered glass runs very well. It is slightly smaller than the screen size of the phone in tempered glass size. This does not protect the phone from the edge. If your phone falls horizontally, this tempered glass will save your phone screen, but if dropped vertically, this tempered glass will not save your phone screen.

11d tempered glass

This tempered glass protects the phone more than normal tempered glass. Because this tempered glass is of the same size as your phone. This tempered size is almost the same as the size of your phone’s screen. So this tempered glass is much better than normal.

9d, 5d, 11d, 13d are all the same. Their quality is the same.

18d tempered glass

This tempered glass is strong. Is slightly thicker. Its tep or gum is strong. It does not descend quickly once it is applied. When you see it, its shine is more than normal. It does not break quickly.

Screen guard

The screen guard is not glass, it is paper. It can be banded. It is unbreakable. The bad thing about this tempered glass is that if your phone drops down after applying this tempered glass, it will not be able to save the screen of the phone. But still people apply it on their phones. Because one saves it from scratches and the other makes the phone’s touch very good. See if you apply any tempered glass, there is a slight difference in touch sensitivity, but in this tempered touch only works the same.

Buff guard

In buff guards, different guards for entire phones come in cutting pices. It is slightly straitchable from the normal guard.

UV glue tempered glass

This tempered glass is a little costly. Not everyone can apply these, because uv glue and uv leight are used to apply it. The risk of applying it is that while applying it many times, the glue speaker also goes into the mic, due to which the problem can come in the phone.

Hammer proff guard

It is very thin glass. It also protects the screen of the phone and does not break itself.